Top 10 Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

A very renowned saying is Health is Wealth and nothing seems good without health. If you are healthy then you are a lucky one but if you are healthy along with happy then you are the luckiest person in the world. These two things are the greatest blessings of life, a healthy mind and body with a calm and happy soul is a perfect thing for which everyone wishes to have. Our environment, lifestyle and diet have great impact on our health and happiness. There are some cities in the world where the people are extremely energetic, fit and healthy, eat healthy diet and regularly visits gym or do exercises. So, here is the list of top 10 happiest and healthiest cities in America, which ate truly ideal destinations where people enjoy both health and happiness. Their secrets of healthy and happy life may improve your health and happiness.


10. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

- Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

In order to find the true essence of happiness, Sioux Falls is a perfect place. It is a healthy city and happy city and has gained the prestige due to highest levels of self reported health. It is recognized as being the all around healthiest city among 100 cities that were based on the self rating of the health of residents by themselves. It was found that the people are extremely good in assessing their health and they feel great. This city also achieved high marks in unemployment, low crime and access to health insurance. The amazing Falls Park that extends over 123 acres is an outstanding place to enjoy.


9. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii - Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

It is an ultimate happy place where the people live longest lives. The world Honolulu means place of shelter or alternatively calm port in the Hawaiian and it seems true. Its residents feel a sense of belonging and respect and therefore enjoy this thing and feel happy. It is like a heaven on earth, with waterfalls, rainbows and pleasant island breezes year-round. Here the women get less ill and have lowest combined rates of depression, cancer, asthma, insomnia, migraines and allergies.


8. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin- Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

Madison is the capital of the state Wisconsin and is laid out on a collar surrounded by two marvelous lakes and therefore renowned for its flawless natural beauty. But it does not hold a spot in this list because of its good look, the low crime rates and easily available, affordable healthy foods make it a healthy and happy city. In this city safety is the priority of the people and they take it very seriously. Both the city and the police are very energetic here, residents freely go outsides and they are very concerned about what is happening in the state.


7. San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California - Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

It is a charming big city that has all the usual urban offerings. San Francisco has almost unlimited cultural offerings, and it also has great mental and physical health scores too. The vibrant arts of city, recreational and entertainment offerings nourish the soul very efficiently and therefore these things make people happier and indirectly make them healthier. According to research study attending cultural occasions may reduce blood pressure and keep people away from anxiety and depression. The constantly changing cultural scene makes the people energetic and feeds their soul. It is also a famous tourist destination that is renowned for its fog, cool summers, steep rolling hills, architecture and amazing landmarks.


6. Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota - Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

Fargo is the largest city of the state and is a cultural educational, industrial and health care center. This city has powerful sense of community and that is shown in top scores for repeatedly attending religious services that are made up for it. Here the peoples believe that a generous heart is a happy heart and it is seen here. The more faith you have, the happier you are. Its winters are long, cold and snowy. It has many recreational places, tall building, museums and theaters but the Northern Plains Botanic Garden is an outstanding place that motivates mental reflection, artistic expression and rejuvenation.


5. San Diego, California

San Diego, California - Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

The residents of San Diego are the most active as compared to other country’s residents. San Diego has the highest percentage of the individual that work out regularly. The people of this city are not only active but also now how to keep them fit and happy. Healthy food also plays an important role in its overall healthy lifestyle and it might be a best choice for your healthy life relocation. Here the people do bicycling or involve themselves in sports. There are also many attractive beaches along seventy miles of coastline and many deserts, mountains or canyon hiking trails to enjoy and entertain.


4. Anaheim, California

IFHappiest And Healthiest Cities In America

This is the city where the fitness facilities are easily accessible and the individuals maintain healthy weights. It offers easy access to some of the great fitness gyms, gardens, mountains and parks and the people keep them trim, fit and happy. Anaheim is a great tourist attraction, it is not only the home to Disneyland but also to two professional sports venues and a massive convention center. Its Disneyland is considered as the happiest place on the earth. There are various appealing gardens and fountains and walking from one building to another is sufficient to make people happy.


3. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota

Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

This healthy and happy city has attained its position by getting highest scores for heart health. The residents of this city terms it as a scenic hub of happiness due to its numerous bike paths, parks, lakes and many more, which are all designed impressively. According to city planners, they have spent many years in designing this city a place that supports great heart health. The beautiful chain of lakes, extensive park systems for enjoyment and the organized recreational events contribute a lot in health and happiness of the residents. The people take advantage of these things and keep them physically fit and active. The residents understand that the food is medicine for the heart and therefore it has some highest numbers of farmers markets that provide an abundance of fresh food. According to researches, healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to lower the risk of heart diseases.


2. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah- Happiest And Healthiest Cities In America

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and ranks number one in cancer survival. Cancer is a miserable and deadly disease but this city is very lucky as it has minimal cancer rates, along with the best survival rates for cancer among 100 cities. The residents of this city are both clean living and much younger as compared to the individuals in other places of the United States. One major reason of the great survival and low cancer rates is that the dominant religion does not approve smoking or drinking.

In addition, the residents try to maintain their weight in healthy ranges that also decreases the risk of cancer. This city has numerous attractions and is also close to numerous summer resorts and world class ski, these resorts attract millions of visitors each year. It is also widely recognized as a bicycle friendly city. There is a Japanese style healing garden at Huntsman Cancer institute that is a great happiness hub.


1. San Jose, California

The city that is on the top of the list of top 10 happiest and healthiest cities in America is San Jose. It is the third largest city of California and the largest city within Silicon Valley, it is also termed as the Capital of Silicon Valley. A wide variety of organic foods is available in this city, including within supermarkets and mainstream restaurants and its residents are best in eating organic products.

Many of its residents also cultivate, fresh fruits and vegetable and the great Mediterranean climate play an important role in their growth. This city has also some outstanding outdoor attractions, having 18 community gardens that spread on approximately 22 acres of land.The Alum Rock Park is an awesome place for picnics, biking, hiking and exploring. This city is also committed to make healthy food available to everyone, right where they reside. The products the gardeners raise add a refined global flavor to an affluent food culture.

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