Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots

Carrot is a multi purpose used vegetable, with which you can make salad, spicy food, sweet dish, juice and can also do garnishing. Its reddish orange color gives not only color to the foods but also gives taste of personnel choices. Its nutritious value is of important acknowledgement, it gives soothe attraction to eyes and also decorates your dining table. A part from all these daily uses, its value cannot be ignored in maintaining health. Make a habit of eating carrots in both raw and cooked form, its juice provides all the micro nutrient that are necessary for the repair and maintenance of body tissues. Here we have the list of top 10 Health benefits of Carrots, these benefits are amazing and are proved with research. Now a healthy lifestyle is not too far from you, just read it and make it a part of your routine diet to get all these dreamy benefits.


10. Healthy Drink

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots -

Carrot juice is a healthy drink, it contains all the essentials required for healthy and protective life that keeps you healthy and fit. Carrot juice is a good way to reduce weight, it contains vitamin B complex which aids in the metabolism of glucose, fat and protein. It is the low calorie drink, helps burns fat from body and keeps all the body organs intact. Natural sugar present in carrot is good for health and the Vitamins and minerals present are required for the healthy life. Carrots are a rich source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, C and E.


9. Increase Immunity

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots - Increase Immunity

Attaining health is impossible without getting strong immune system and strong immunity means strong defense mechanism against sickness. Defeating the sickness is the key of attaining healthy and tension free life. Carrot is a wonderful food that increases immunity and makes the person stronger by making your body able to fight against foreign body and also by helps in preventing bacterial and viral infection. Carrot has anti-inflammatory property and also improves the haemoglobin level. Vitamin A and beta carotenes regulate the immunity related cells of the body that results in easy recognition and phagocytosis of bacteria. Eating carrots decreases your vulnerability to get affected by medical issues, so give a blanket of immunity to you, your kids and your elderly parents.

8. Prevent Heart Diseases And Stroke

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots -

Ischemic heart disease is now days so common and it is second most common cause of death in so called developed world. We are going towards the edge of synthetic drop in functionality by ignoring the blessings of nature. Carrot is such a blessed vegetable given to us by nature as it contains potassium that fights against cholesterol and maintains blood pressure to the normal level. High potassium content of carrot make the level with the sodium prevents hypertension whereas the Vitamin E present in it increases oxygen level in blood and improves circulation to brain and prevents heart diseases. Potassium helps control the blood sugar and hence prevents diabetes , by doing so it decreases the risk for heart diseases, so reduce the burden of ischemic illnesses on you, your family and your society by taking carrot.


7. Health Of Liver And Digestive System

We are blesses with such a beautiful liver proactive agent in the form of carotene and we all know there is no better option to get carotene except carrots. Carrot reduces indigestible fibers from the body and also reduces fat and bile in liver. It is rich in fibres and causes fullness of stomach and helps relieve constipation. The Fibers present in it helps in the elimination of waste and regulate the bowel movements of digestive track. It helps the liver to remove toxic products from the body. Research has shown carrot reduces the complication in liver diseases by relieving constipation and preventing accumulation of toxic metabolites in the body. So it is not only good for normal liver but also give strength to the function of diseased liver.


6. Healthy Hair

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots - Healthy Hair

Hair are the crown of women, everyone wants to have healthy, shiny, stronger and heavy hair and to have such hair they want proper nourishment and care. Carrots contain vitamins which provide shine, strength and thickness to hair. Vitamin A present in carrots produces sebum and hence prevents dryness of scalp and hair fall. With time hair become greyish white due to the lack of a pigment name melanin. Carrot improves the quality of hairs by increasing the blood supply to the scalp and maintaining their pigment. Now take plenty of carrot and safe your hairs giving them a protective coat of vitamin E. vitamin E slows down the process of normal ageing of hair and its anti-oxidant property cannot be replaced by artificial, synthetic products, now utilize your winter by taking a lot of carrots.


5. Prevent Aging

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots -

Aging is a natural process, it can be beneficial but it can also be disastrous for health. It is the changes that occur in the human body and is associated with age and if the person stop caring about herself or himself it will results in early destruction of body parts (skin, muscle, vital organs, eyes, heart, brain, respiratory, digestive and reproductive system). Our body needs proper diet which contains nutrients and minerals that keep our body healthy and carrot contains such properties. It contains beta carotene which is an antioxidant and prevents cell degeneration, it makes the person healthy and younger looking. Vitamin C helps in collagen production, improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles,so do not worry about this natural ageing process. You can slow down it by natural remedies and products, eat well and stay younger.


4. Helps Prevent Cancer

Prevention is better than cure. Using preventive measures and early detection is the key of success in treating most of the cancers. In today’s era, we are facing the most threatened illnesses in the form of cancers. Carrot contains vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help prevent cancer, the Vitamin A in carrots keeps the lining of the body organs intact and checks the balance between cell formation and cell breakdown. Research proves that it fight against cancerous cell and makes the body strong enough to respond well in such a dangerous situation. Regular use of carrot juice decreases the instance of colon, prostate, bladder and breast cancer.


3. Healthy Eyes

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots - Healthy Eyes

Rabbit is used to eat carrot and it is traditional to say its eyes are so attractive due to these carrots. Now do you want such an attractive and glamorous eyes. A part from fun carrot improves eye sight and can help you in reducing your eye glasses number. Carrots prevent your eyes from many eye diseases by keeping your eye muscles healthy and providing strength to them. It keeps eye sight intact by provide healthy vision. Vitamin A is required for night vision, its deficiency can cause night blindness and carrots are the rich sources of vitamin A. In our face; eyes are most exposed part to sunlight and dirty environment, on the other hand it is most useful and delicate part of our body. So not paying attention and proper care to eyes is a big mistake which we are used to do. Now open your eyes through the window of brain and take carrot to reduce your negligence.


2. Pain killer

Pain mostly occurs due to muscle fatigue, joint disorders and stress. Carrot helps relief pain. Osteoporosis is a joint disorder which can be treated with carrots. Most of the people are so exhausted in their busy routine that they are unable to give proper rest to their muscles and joints. Long term use of carrot is beneficial for reducing burden on the muscle and joints of such people. Carrot cannot reduce your working hours but can help you in facing that working hours. Its anti-oxidant property removes micro waste products from the tiny vessels and muscles and restores their contracting power. Even it is helpful in pain like migraine and due to muscle stiffness in tension.


1. Healthy Skin

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots -  Healthy Skin

Hope you want a natural, beautiful and glowing skin in such a hectic routine. Add carrot in your diet to remove wrinkles and get smiley dimples. Carrot contains potassium that helps prevent dry skin and reduces blemishes and scars. When chopped carrot is applied over the external surface, it prevents scar formation, acne, revitalize and tone the skin and also provides moisture to skin by hydration.

It also helps prevent pigmentation by giving even complexion to the skin. Carrots contain substances which help the tissue to grow, act as an anti-oxidant, and prevent eczema dermatitis and rashes. It contains carotenes which use to treat sunburn. Carrot has the ability to detoxify your body and prevents acne, it can be used as a face mask to provide glow to the skin.

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  1. wow.. Its great to know about too many benefits of carrots. I was only known that it benefits to eye.I love juice, I think it is the best way for me to enjoy the full benefits of carrot.I also want to know whether carrot contain zinc mineral?? I have zinc deficiency. I will look for your response.

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