Top 10 Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women

Going through pregnancy is one of the important phases in a women’s life. Even if you have poor eating habits you have to shun every junk food and be a healthy eater. You have to eat four times a day and as each trimester passes you have to eat six to seven times a day. A person is growing inside you and will take calcium and all the energy it needs for growing from your body. You have to quit drinking and smoking as it is unhealthy for your baby’s growth and health. Some women feel nausea and sleepy all the time and eating can be a burden but your baby will be a motivator for you to get up and grab all the green healthy vegetables and fruits. There is no doubt that the medicines, your doctor will prescribe you, will provide you and your baby with the nutrients you require but healthy food is twice as much necessary as the vitamins are. Here are the top 10 healthiest foods for pregnant women.


10. Water

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women -

In order to keep a healthy pregnancy the intake of water should be maintained up to 8 ounces. Water helps clear out all the toxins from the body also and helps build new cells of your baby and keeps you active.  The nutrients you take through food are delivered to your baby through water. So keeping yourself hydrated in the early trimesters is important as well as in the last trimester as dehydration might lead to pre-term labor.


9. Green Leafy Vegetables

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Green Leafy Vegetables

Each of the green vegetables and colorful fruits provide you with different kinds of vitamins essential for your baby and for your body. Vitamin A, K and C are found majorly in vegetables and fruits which are good for the baby’s bones and eyesight. Green Leafy vegetables include Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, salad leaves, Kale, cabbage etc. All of these are rich in Vitamin C which helps in the repairing of your tissues and prevent birth defects in children.


8. Lentils and whole grains

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women -  Lentils and whole grains

Studies have shown that folic acid is extremely important for the growth of baby’s brain that is why women are prescribed folic acid tablets in the first trimester. Why not take folic acid direct from its original source? Lentils are rich in Vitamin B called folic acid. It helps in preventing spina bifida, a spinal disease in children. Along with lentils whole grains are rich in nutrients and fibers especially in Vitamin E. You can eat oatmeal, Barley etc. to get Vitamin E.


7. Meat

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Meat

Meat is rich in iron which is the basic necessity for your baby. Iron is necessary for pregnant women as it increases red blood cells and keeps you from being anemic. So it is Important to keep a track of your diet to see if the intake of iron is enough for your body. You can take iron from meat and all poultry including fish.


6. Nuts

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Nuts

Along with vitamin E and B nuts have a whole lot of minerals in it like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and selenium all very important for your fetus. So you can always eat it with your salads and get all the minerals your body needs.


5. Avocado

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Avocado

The natural source of folic acid which studies have shown is necessary and healthy for the fetus in the first trimester is Avocado. Along with nutrients and Vitamin E they also have massive benefits which include keeping the blood pressure low.


4. Salmon

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women -  Salmon

Fish have mercury and thus should be eaten with care and instructions but the intake should be kept during pregnancy. Studies have shown that eating salmon increases antioxidants in both the mother and baby. But the intake of salmon should not be more than 2-3 ounces per week.


3. Papaya

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Papaya

Fruits keep you healthy, hydrated and active during pregnancy. Every fruit has its own benefits and papaya will keep you from heartburn which every women experience during her pregnancy. It is rich in potassium, calcium ad fiber. But it should be kept in mind that unripe papaya is not good for pregnant women as it can induce pains. One of the major benefits of papaya is that it prevents heart burn, constipation and indigestion, all very common problems in pregnancy. A number of women have their minds fill with doubt about this fruit. They all know the disadvantages except the benefits which are especially for pregnant women as all these gastric problems and digestive issues occur mostly among pregnant women. Along with papaya all other fruits should be eaten as well.


2. Dairy Products

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Dairy Products

Dairy products are a major source of calcium and studies have shown that the intake of calcium on daily basis should be 1000 mg especially for pregnant women who have to lactate as well afterwards. The best source of calcium is the dairy products which include milk, cheese and yogurt. Calcium helps the heart to beat normally as it doesn’t let the blood clot. You can always have flavored yogurt, nibble on a cheese now and then and have milk in any form. Dairy products are mostly favorite amongst women and are easy to eat during pregnancy with all the nausea feeling. Calcium helps in making your bones stronger as the baby inside you is sucking all the calcium it can. At least 4 glasses of milk daily along with yogurt is recommended by doctors to the women who are expecting.


1. Eggs

Healthiest Foods For Pregnant Women - Eggs

Proteins should be an essential intake for pregnant women. Along with proteins eggs also contain minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, D B2 and iodine. It is incredible how you can just get 90 calories out of an egg. Each cell of your baby is made of protein and eggs play an important role in formation of your baby’s cells. Egg also contains choline which has proved to be best for your baby’s brain development. Also the major benefit of them is that they are easy to prepare and digest. Healthy women with no cholesterol problems can consume more than 1 egg a day. Intake of zinc is also vital and some of us are unaware of the fact that eggs also contain zinc and selenium.

Thus eggs have numerous benefits and contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients all important for pregnant women. It should be kept in mind that eggs should never be consumed raw especially in pregnancy as it may lead to premature labor, diarrhea and vomiting.

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