Top 10 Highest Paid Models In 2020

Fashion industry has and always will be one of the blooming industries in the world. Fashion varies with time, and designers keep on working on the new trends and creative ideas every time. The importance of fashion industry has in turn led to the growth of yet another field; modeling. Designers hire beautiful and attractive models for displaying their innovative outfits in their fashion shows. The models in return enjoy the stardom and the significant payments and thus the cycle continues. The competition between the models regarding beauty, style and figure leads to the stratification of these models into more desired and less desired ones. The more desired ones therefore enjoy luxuries and more payments for their work. We therefore present to you the top 10 highest paid models in 2020.


10. Natalia Vodianova

Highest Paid Models In 2020 -

Earning per year: $4 Million

It is very shocking that Natalia has fallen from number three to number ten since last year and the yearly earning has been cut half. But for ordinary people, even $4 Million is jaw dropping. The Russian model has worked with eminent brands like Calvin Klein and Guerlain cosmetics and has been a designer at Etam. She really needs to find out how to regain her lost glory.


9. Hilary Rhoda

Highest Paid Models In 2020 - Hilary Rhoda is 9th

Earnings per year: $5 million.

Hilary Rhoda- last year on number 6- failed to manage the number this year and derailed three points. Although she managed to earn pretty much the same amount she earned last year, but still this is somewhat an alarming point for Rhoda herself. If she wants to remain in the top ten lists, she must work harder and must add some new and creative actions in her ramp walk.


8. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio hot 2020

Earnings per year: $5 million.

Affiliated with Victoria’s secret, H&M, and PINKO, Alessandra has earned a bit more than $5 million and made it to number 8. Beautiful and fashion personified- Alessandra has also launched her personal fashion brand in 2020 by the name of Ale. The launching of her own brand might prove fruitful in grabbing her some top positions next year in the categories of style and highest paid.


7. Liu Wen

Liu Wen hot 2020

Earnings per year: $7 million.

Yes! A Chinese model also managed to become one of the highest paid models. Her latest contracts with famous brands include H&M, Calvin Klein, Coach, Estee Lauder, Tory Burch, La Perla, Esprit, Lane Crawford and many of the Chinese brand contracts. She is also the first Chinese model who entered into the Victoria’s Secret fraternity. She is stylish and beautiful like a Chinese Geisha.


6. Miranda Kerr

Highest Paid Models In 2020 - Miranda Kerr

Earnings per year: $7 million.

Originally from Australia, Kerr is a beauty with brains. She has a dimpled smile and pretty eyes. She used to be a Victoria’s Secret Model, but even after the completion of that contract, she owns a lot of bank balance. She also endures a cosmetics brand named as Kora Organic and still has contracts with H&M, Reebok, Swarovski, Shopstyle and Mango.


5. Kate Upton

Highest Paid Models In 2020 - Kate Upton

Earning per year: $7 Million

Amber in “The Other Woman” has actually managed to be one of the highest paid models. Express clothing and Bobbi Brown bears the credit of making her rich. Her campaigns for Accessorize, David Yurman and Sam Edelman further added to her accounts. Well Kate has been among the toppers for the first time, so either her luck has awakened or her hard work has brought the fruit. Whatever it is, the gorgeous lady is not easy to catch up now.


4. Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Earnings per year: $7 million.

Originally from London, Kate Moss entered into fashion industry when she was just 14 years old. She is the only model of her time that is still into the fashion world and is still preferred by many designers as the show stopper. She is also one of the most controversial models; the reason being regarded to the extremely less weight. Her height is 5’8 which adds to her beauty. Her recent contracts include a contract with a jewelry brand run by David Yurman.


3. Adriana Lima

Highest Paid Models In 2020 - Adriana Lima

Earning per year: $8 Million

The senior most model in Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lima, has been paid highly by them since the start of the career. She is brand ambassador of Desigual’s brand and has been a prominent face for the brands like Veet cream, Maybelline and Amazonia water. Her looks are to die for and her figure makes her a classy woman. Her dedication and promising attitude towards work is one of the reasons of so much money in her wallet.


2. Doutzen Kroes

Highest Paid Models In 2020 -  Doutzen Kroes

Earnings per year: $8 million.

Kroes is a Dutch model and her beauty is evident from the fact that Loreal, A renowned cosmetic brand, recently signed a contract with her. Moreover, she works as a Victoria Secret Angel. Her other contracts include Calvin Klein, and H&M. As a result of the great fame that she enjoys, Kroes decided to open a line of her own which specializes in Cashmere Sweaters and this enterprise aims at introducing trendy and innovative sweater designs. Unlike other models, she decided to open a very different line of business which depicts her shrewdness and genius. We wish her best of luck for her new business. She is a happily married model with two kids, which clearly show that anyone can maintain her figure even after marriage.


1. Gisele Bundchen

Highest Paid Model In 2020  is Gisele Bundchen

Earnings per year: $47 million.

Born in Brazil, Bundchen is not only a model, but an actress, producer and a singer as well. Her versatility has resulted in a fame unfathomable, and a precedent unmatchable. Her popularity has also helped her in earning yet another important place of the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) Goodwill Ambassador. She is also happily married and has two children. She is also a shoe designer, as she designs shoes for a Brazilian shoemaker named Grendene.

Her contracts include Oral B, Pantene, Chanel, H&M. A noticeable thing about her is that she has been the highest paid model for the last eight years and her bank balance is increasing manifold with every passing year.

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