Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Sports 2020

Sport is a form of competitive physical activity that improves or maintains physical capability and expertise while providing enjoyment to participants and in some cases to spectators. There are various sorts of sports that are played world widely and therefore there are different types of jobs available in sports industry. If you love sports but can not adopt this as a profession then you can stay in this field by choosing a sports related field. There are a wide range of fields that can be selected but if you are searching for a job that is profitable and also fulfill your love towards sports then here we have the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in sports 2020. All of these sports related jobs have their own charm and worth.


10. Sports Coach

Sports Coach

Coaching is extremely important in every thing and the same is true for sports. A coach is a person that is responsible for instructing, directing and training the operations of a sports team or of an individual. Sports coaches aid individuals to participate in sports and to achieve their goal. They may support sports team, professional players, community teams or school groups to improve their performance. They also identify the basic needs of players and therefore plan and implement specific training programs. They earn a median salary of $28,000, but the highly experienced coaches can even earn a seven figures salary.


9. Photojournalist


Photojournalism is a specific type of journalism that constructs images in order to tell a news story, whereas sports photography is a sort of photography that covers all sorts of sports and the person that is liable to do this is known as sports photojournalist. These people generally work for major wire agencies, newspapers or enthusiastic sports magazines. Sports photography is also used for advertising means as well as to promote a sport. Various sport organization appoint their own staff, it is one of the difficult jobs especially in Moto GP, Crickets, Formula One but it is one of the profitable job with an average salary of $29,000.


8. Broadcaster


The broadcasting of various sports events includes the coverage of sports on radio, as television program and on other broadcasting media. It commonly involves one or more sports commentators that describe the events as they happen. Sports broadcaster is one of the most recognized and best known occupations within the sports industry. Sports broadcasters work as play by play announcers or analysts for specific teams and sports networks. Their responsibilities include calling games, presenting news and interviewing guests. It is lucrative job with an average pay of $36,000, the most highly profile broadcasters can earn even salaries close to the pay of the athletes they cover.


7. Event Coordinator

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Sports 2020

One of the highest paying jobs in sports 2020 is of event coordinator with an average salary of $43,000. It is a highly responsible job and demand experienced and educated individuals with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills that can help them in problem solving and negotiation. This job provides the individuals the opportunity to join the best sporting events in the world. Event coordinators are responsible for security, seating, media and various others behind the scene requirements of sporting events.


6. Advertising Account Executive

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Sports 2020

Advertising account executives work within multi-service or advertising agencies, they act as a connection between the agency and the clients. In sports, it is an interesting and exciting job that needs natural communication skills, salesmanship and charisma and the numerous sport events offers some of the best opportunities in advertising, they earn a median salary of $45,000.


5. Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers are responsible for planning and directing the constitution of material that will enhance or maintain the public image of their client or employer. In sports these individuals promote and protect the image of athletes and teams and get a median pay of $58,000. These professionals prepare information for the media, identify main clients and determine the finest way to reach them, help clients to communicate efficiently with public, supervise the activities of staff and devise promotion programs and advertising and therefore are extremely important in sports industry.


4. Sports Agent

Sports Agent

A sports agent procures and mediates employment and approves contracts for an athlete. Sports agents are skilled and experienced individuals that help market athletes or products that are associated with that athlete in order to promote the career of the athlete.  These agents are accountable for communication with team mangers, coaches, owners and other individuals, they also often control public relation matters of their clients and earn an average salary of $65,000. Due to popularity and reputation of these works, there has been increase of consideration in the profession. The son of former Prime Minister Tony Blair also decided to be a football agent.


3. Sport Psychologist

Sport Psychologist

Sport Psychology is a field that deals with the study of psychological factors that how these factors affect the performance of the athletes and how participation in games affects physical and psychological factors. The professionals that are concerned with mental processes, behaviors, and well being of the individuals, organizations and teams involved in sports are known as sports psychologists and they earn an average salary of $69,000. Sports psychologists help their athletes to enhance their performance, make them cope with high pressure of competition, recover them from injuries, increase their motivation and make them able to enjoy sports fully as mental preparation is very important for top performance.


2. Sports Statistician

Sports Statistician

If you have good math skills and a great interest in sports than you might choose a career as a sports statistician with a median salary of $73,000. It is a growing profession as every primary professional sport offer job opportunities for statisticians. Sports statisticians collect information on sports performances by using math and computer skills to constitute formulas and computer programs with the help of which sports statistics is designed in new and creative ways. Their main aim is to provide intuition into the performance of the players and teams by giving statistical data that can be elucidated. These professionals should have excellent critical thinking, issue solving skills and good analytical abilities.


1. Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is a health care profession that is mainly related with the remedy of disabilities and impairment and the build up of mobility, functional capability, quality of life and movement possible through evaluation, examination, physical intervention and diagnosis. The physical therapy in sports is a specialized practice that emphasizes on prevention, assessment, rehabilitation, treatment, and improvement in performance of the players. They are highly trained and skilled personalities that use a multitude of treatment methods and research-based manual tests for the betterment of the players and therefore deserve the highest paying job in sports 2020.

They not only aid in preventing injuries but are also very specialized in evaluation of active and chronic injuries. Rehabilitation and treatment of various neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and the improvement in performance of the players are the major challenges for sports physical therapists. There are different organizations that employ full time physiotherapists for their teams. They are also very demanding in private practice and their average salary is $76,000.

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