Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In USA 2020

Education is very important in grooming not only one’s personality but also one’s mind. To get education is the basic right of every one and to utilize this education is the dream of many. Selection of career is a really hard task to do as people get confuse that which path to be selected, they want to select a field that is demanding and worthy. After getting an extensive education, it is the dream of every individual to get a highest paying job and with the help of which they can further achieve their goals or enjoy the life. Here we have the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA 2020, in which a tremendous amount of money is paid to employees and their skills are positively utilized.


10. Marketing Manager

Highest Paying Jobs In USA 2020 -

Marketing management is a field of business that emphasizes on the practical implementation of different marketing techniques and the management of the marketing activities and resources of the firm. In today’s modern period selling is the main thing and these are the marketing managers who are responsible for affecting the timing, level and composition of customer demands. They work in a huge range of industries and are very skilled because they convey their industries message to the public and therefore get a handsome salary and one of the highest paying jobs.


9. Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant

Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant - HIGHEST PAYING JOB USA

Enterprise resource planning consultants also known as ERP consultants earn a median pay of $103,000 with a growth job rate of 21.9%. ERP consultants are specialized in enterprise resource planning systems which are used by finance and HR teams to organize their data. They give suggestions to companies that which system will be best for business needs as it is the basic requirement of any business to get access to information regarding its internal operations and resources so that with the help of them they can make key strategic decisions. They show their role by automating the systems of entire organization and therefore deserve a high earning job.


8. Management Consultant     

Management Consultant   - HIGHEST PAYING JOB USA

Another highest paying job in USA in 2020 is of management consultant as management consultants in US earn an average pay of $110,000 annually with an interesting job growth rate of 21.9%. This job has its own charm as management consultant helps the organizations to improve their performance, they analyze the existing problems and develop new plans and methods for improvement. By utilizing their business skills they offer objective advice, specialist skills and expertise in which the organization may be deficient.


7. Software Development Manager

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 - Software Development Manager

The present period is modern period with various advance techniques and technologies and this world is now days managed and governed with the help of software systems that are designed by various software development companies. This field is very demanding and the software development manager has to face several responsibilities as software development is not an easy task and its management is also a hard task to do but they enjoy a healthy job growth rate of 18.1% and receive an average pay of $123,000 annually in the USA.


6. Actuary

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 -  Actuary

An actuary is known as a business professional who is concerned with the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty.  Actuaries provide evaluations of financial security systems by focusing on their mathematics, their complexity and their mechanisms. This job has sensitive nature and demands an actuary to utilize all his knowledge and experience but this job is very rewarding as they get an average pay of $126,000 with a job growth rate of 26.7%.


5. Pediatrician

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 -  Pediatrician

A pediatrician is generally a primary care physician who is specialized in medical care of children, infants and adolescents and the word pediatric means healer of children. This field is very important in our lives because in present days there are a number of diseases that are common in children and they need extra care if they get sick and these are the pediatricians who take care of them. They earn an average of $152,000 annually and the job growth rate of this field is 24.4%. These noble personalities not only diagnose and treat the diseases and injuries of kids but also perform routine checkups and immunizations program from the birth of child till their teenage.


4. Family Physicians

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 -   Family Physicians

Family physician also named as family practitioner or family doctor is a doctor who is a medical practitioner and his life is devoted to provide extensive health care for individuals of all ages. They are extremely trained in various areas of medicine and can give treatment to their patients through their lifetime. Every time any one receives injury or get sick, the family physicians definitely come to rescue them. This profession is best to serve humanity and also has big earnings as the family physicians can earn an extensive amount of $172,000 annually and their top pay is $236,000.


3. Attorney at Law

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 - Attorney at Law

Attorney at law is the official name for a lawyer in certain administrations and in the United States of America, an attorney at law is a practitioner who practices in a court of law and is legally licensed to defend actions and prosecute in courts in order to defend their clients. It is a risky but one of the highest paying jobs in the USA in 2020. There are numerous issues that are resolved in courts and lawyers are paid heavily for them. Lawyers get an average salary of $175,000 annually with a top pay of $260,000 to settle professional and personal conflicts, comply with legalities and to help organizations in securing their patents.


2. Petroleum Geologists and Engineers

Highest Paying Jobs USA 2020 - Petroleum Geologists and Engineers

Petroleum Geologists and Engineers get an impressive salary of $183,000 annually in United Sates of America with a top pay of $289,000. Their job growth rate is also very good and they work extremely hard to identify various oil extraction marks in the world.

The petroleum engineers are concerned with the activities associated with production of hydrocarbons, which can be either natural gas or crude oil, while discovering the next great oil reservoir is the goal of petroleum geologists. Petroleum geologists focus on supplying of a static explanation of the hydrocarbon reservoir rock, while petroleum engineers targets the reparable volume of this resource by using various means. They are capable of handling high precision work under high pressure conditions.


1. General Surgeon

Highest Paying Job USA 2020 - General Surgeon

The highest paying job in USA 2020 is of general surgeon. Doctor is a very noble profession and it demands extensive studies and comprehensive skills but the field that requires extraordinary skills is of surgery. A surgeon need to be competitive and present minded with sharp reflexes as it is the requirement of this profession. A surgeon has to do extensive surgeries in order to save the life of individuals and for this he has to undergo rigorous training. Indeed it is a very pathetic but very noble profession and in  this highest paying job general surgeons are not only confined to traumatic units but also do many other surgeries like excision of tumor, gall bladder removal etc.They also visit patients and suggest surgical recommendations that are helpful in improving individual’s health.

Extensive surgeries, handling equipment can be frustrating but nothing is more delighting than saving and serving the humanity. So, this profession is worthy and the surgeons are paid highly for their exclusive work, their median pay is $288,000 annually whereas the top pay can reach up to $396,000 and there are tremendous job available for surgeons.

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