Top 10 Honey Producing Countries 2020

No doubt, the production of honey is a result of endless efforts and dedication of honey-bees. For appreciating their tireless efforts in producing even the half spoon of honey, the world celebrates National Honey Month every year during the month of September. It is now a proven fact that honey is a great ingredient to be used in various medicines and even if you eat one spoon of honey every day, you would remain healthy and fit. From a health point of view, every nation struggles in planting its own honey producing plants, but not all of them get success. Only the countries, whose agriculture and horticulture departments are well versed and equipped with advanced techniques, are able to produce honey in great quantity. Let us see Top 10 Honey Producing Countries 2020 

10. China

Honey Producing Countries

China is said to be a country producing honey with ancient natural procedures only. This makes us believe that Chinese honey is a great source of health and can be used as an antibiotic in different medicines.


9. United States of America

The honey cropping is one of the major occupations of the people living in different parts of USA. Over 100 honey types with distinctive tastes and benefits are being produced in this country. Both high and low quality of honey can be found here, so the other nations demand the quality depending upon how much they want to pay for a specific order. Different natural and artificial organically beneficial honey production units are operating in USA with over 400 classifications of the bees being used.


8. Turkey

Top 10 Honey Producing Countries

Economists say that Turkey is currently producing over 50 percent of the total honey being used in different developed and under-developed countries. Even its suppliers are known to export honey to the third world countries and thus this nation is earning huge profit from this business. About 43,000 natural and artificial honey producing plants are currently operating in different parts of Turkey, which are increasing this country’s level of dominance by producing about 73,926 ton honey every year.


7. Ukraine

The people of Ukraine are great honey exporters. They make use of best and distinctive honeybees to produce tons of honey naturally. Lucky to know that Ukraine has not a single artificial honey production units, which means it only enjoys natural resources and its honey producers thus win various gold medals at World Beekeeping Congress Apimondia every year.


6. Mexico

Whether it is a matter of tasting honey in Maxican cuisines or knowing about its rich health values, Mexico is the country to be prominent. Here the citizens cultivate different orange, savory and other types of flowers which the bees love to suck and produce honey with. This is why, the Mexican honey is sweeter and healthier than many other countries of the world.


5. Russia

Top 10 Honey Producing Countries 2020

Cultivation and production of honey is a part of Russian culture. Here the people not only have made honey production their profession for the purpose of importing but also use its different types and tastes for self-use. They love using honey in tea, coffee, breads and pancakes. An estimated annual production of honey in Russia is 63,000 million.


4. India

India is another better ranked country for producing honey. Its ancient honey production units and natural sources are operating since 1,000 B.C. Currently, India honey suppliers and producers are working on the plans of producing sustainable honeybee types which can survive in any season and are capable enough to produce honey throughout the year. For this purpose, beekeeping is what many of its honey production units managers and suppliers are doing nowadays.


3. Argentina

Argentina’s people believe that honey production is one of the strongest and best economical boosters of the country. The honey being imported and exported from this country comes from the high quality natural resources. This country takes advantage of the high prices of honey in the global markets and makes sure that its product quality is not compromised so that its honey demand on an international level can be increased day by day. Here the honey producing plants are using only natural bee-keeping methods to fulfill the requirements of honey with an exceeded value of 90,000.


2. Ethiopia

Top 10 Honey Producing Countries in 2020

Are you looking for honey of multi-flowered tastes? If so the Ethiopia is the country where you can find it. Ethiopia produces honey with both natural and artificial methods. It is currently a country which is known for its 29,000 beeswax types in the world. Ethiopia has implemented various strategies and technologies to make sure that the quality of honey is not compromised especially when it has to be exported to different parts of the world.


1. Spain

Spain is one of the countries which enjoy huge honey producing sources. Exporting and importing honey is an occupation of many people in this country. It is said that Spain has the highest amount of honey suppliers in the world with a total net production of about 57,0000. Honey of Spain is famous for its sweetest and richest taste as well as it is beneficent from a health point of view.

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