Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities

Charity is a noble act as the human beings are made to serve each other and helping others is a very benevolent thing. In this world there are still philanthropic people who do good deeds for serving the individuals and one of the most considerable things is charity. Some people donate money willingly for the welfare of the people or for some other good thing but they are unaware of some horrific facts of charity that hinders its main aim of helping. The donator can not even think that its charity donation can be misused, can be used by terrorists or will directly go in the pockets of greedy charity founders. Here we have top 10 horrific facts about charities, these facts are not for discouraging anyone but to make people aware that they must look at the whole strategy before giving any charity.


10. Trademark Bullying

Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities -

Trademark bullying is an issue as people use trademarks to expand the market shares of their businesses without having commendable claims and charities love those trademarks too. Some organizations do charity just to advertise their trademark and they have nothing to do for the good will of people.


9. Companies Partnerships

Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities - Companies Partnerships

The small companies are easily threatened as compared to the larger ones and so the charities are not so strident when big organizations are using their trademarks and few millions are coming inside their pockets. Few years back KFC started a joint campaign “Buckets for a Cure” with Komen to increase awareness about breast cancer with the help of fast food and fried chicken while obesity is a factor that contributes cancer and is a consequence of fast food consumption. Another suspicious partnership is of Coca Cola corporate in environmental conservation.


8. Degrees of discrimination

Charity should be based on good will irrespective of the personal believes and grudges regarding any thing. There are some generous organizations that still refuse the participation of the people due to their erotic orientation and this degree of bigotry vary from people to people as some catholic adoption donations refused to place the kids with homosexual couples to the Salvation Army and stated that the gay parents should be hanged to death.


7. Dictators

Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities, Dictators

One of the very horrible facts about charity is that there are few charity organizations’ administration that sweetens themselves with false generosity in order to gain the trust of the people or to appear good to the media. It is depressing to know that some charities are so impatient to take the cash instead of the corruption or violation of the human rights is frequently done by the donors. They are just keen to their charity and are not concerned with the torturing, killing and violation of human rights.


6. Hair Donation

Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities, Hair Donation

It is very hard and bold act to cut down your healthy and well maintained hair for a noble cause. The shaving of one’s head or cutting down some hair really need a lot of courage but this thought that their worthy hair will be used by the sufferers of some miserable diseases make them highly encouraged. The things might not go in the way the people want, the biggest wig making charity named as Locks of Love receives approximately 104,000 donations of hair each year but out of these only 20% hair that is of good quality is processed to make 2,080 wigs and the remaining 80% of the donations go waste as they are simply too wet, too gray and too musty to be processed.


5. Salaries of CEOs

Salaries of CEOs

In our mind the CEOs of the charity are very noble like Mother Teresa type pampering children and enabling volunteers but this image breaks when we come to know about the six digits figures salary of CEOs. It is possible to pay such amount if the organization has enough funding as charity is not an easy task to do and there are also bills to be paid. But some of the CEOs demand of raising the budgets irrespective of the fact that there is not enough funding for their projects.


4. Voluntary work

Top 10 Horrible Facts About Charities

With the help of charity Navigator it was found in 2011, that approximately twenty seven percent of the population of United States worked voluntarily for various causes and due to this the charity world saved $ 171 million that can be used for various other good purposes including housing, clothing and medical facilities. Voluntarily work is best than all as the outcomes can be more astonishing than we think. After any natural disaster people work voluntarily to help the victims and their strength might be incredible but this all is in vain if the volunteer is unskilled, unprepared and does not know what exactly to do, according to disaster experts the people who can help the most are actually the locals themselves.


3. Terrorist Funding

Terrorist Activities

Terrorism is the most threatening issue of this present world endangering the life of millions of the people and the charities are one of the largest financers for terrorism and their organizations. Some charities are caused for some good purposes but they become a source of evil work as there are some organizations that work nobly but have connections with some terrorist organizations and the funding gained for the accomplishment of some project or other thing is automatically used for some devastating act like assassination of people and destruction of buildings and the projects for which the money was donated are seem to be incomplete forever.


2. Animal’s bloodshed

Animal’s bloodshed

There are different charity programs that are organized for getting funds for animals and people blindly give donations by trusting that these charities are for saving their beloved critters and not for their killing but this is not true in case of some large animal well-being charities. PETA; the animal rights organizations of America is an extremely explicit charity that is against animal abuse and cruelty.

There are various celebrities that give full support to PETA for their crusade against animal brutality but the very bizarre fact about PETA is it killed around 96 percent of the animals that turned in to their main offices and therefore killing 2,124 animals out of 2,216. It is the strongest opponent against animal’s abuse since the 1980s but in the duration of 11 years it has killed approximately 30,000 animals under their concern. Another very disheartening fact is it is not only the PETA who do this cruel thing the other animal prevention organizations do the same like the RSPCA that killed almost 3,400 healthy animals in 2011 and still they claim they are for animal welfare, what a disgusting thing.


1. Corruption


Corruption is a very serious and common issue in current period of time and it is frequently dominating our society, none of the things in our society are out of the range of this weird thing. It influences even the noble cases like charity, people do charity for the welfare of mankind or for some good purpose, with the help of which some hungry individuals may get food for eat, some poor child may get clothes to wear or some needy intelligent study can get a chance to study but still the corruption does not keep it as fair as it should be.

People wish to expose this negative aspect of charity in front of the world as according to some resources the charity founders, counselors and operators of almost fifty large charities assigned only less than four percent of that charitable amount for appropriate charitable activities while the remaining went in their pockets.

The charities are taken by cheating not only the donors but also the individuals for whom actually the charity is specified. There are numerous fund raising programs and shows that are organized but the truth is clear from these facts as in case of getting charity for dying kids named as Kids wish network, almost $ 127.8 million were collected out of which just 2.5% spent on actual cause while the remaining $ 109.8 million went into the charity founders and solicitor’s pockets. There are so many others examples of these unfair means and corruptions are also available exploring the evil facts of charity and realizing the people is there is any humanity left?

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