Top 10 Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

As soon as the October sets in, Halloween fever gets a kick start. These days, stores are full of Halloween costumes. Everyone is busy thinking about what to wear. But if you look around you might notice that, the basic essence of Halloween might just have vanished. Traditionally it was believed that Halloween is the night when ghosts move from their realm into ours and do nasty stuff. In order to disguise from them humans wear ghost like costumes as a camouflage. So we have no idea when did the ghost turn into sultry sloppy weird people!! These days All Hallows Eve has become an excuse for people to use their odd wardrobe don’t in public.For those who agree, Halloween is the night of horror! And it should remain the same. So if you want to make your Halloween super fun you might want to decide the most frightening costume and scare the hell out of the bunnies and sultry witches standing in the corner! So here we have Top 10 Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020.


 10. The Wolf

Horror Halloween Costumes 2020 -

No not Jacob! The real big bad wolf that ate red riding hood’s grandma! This is the time to show off your chest hair boys. Many wolf costumes are available in market. Don’t go for the makeup with this look, find a near to real mask to complete the attire.


9. The Victim

The Victim hHalloween COSTUME 2020

If you are Mr. or Miss Goody-Two-Shoes and don’t want to show yourself as a scary evil creature, then you can flip to the other side. Instead of being the hunter you can become the hunted. Keep your clothes plain and attach a blood sucking monster on your back. So then you can become a victim and scream for help. Who knows your hero might come to save you!


8. Headless

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 -

What is more haunting than a scary face? Answer: Having no face at all. This look works for all genders and ages. Even the cutest kid with his head chopped off is scary. You don’t even need to try and make this costume at home. You can buy it pretty easily. Still if you want to be distinguishing you can customize your look with the proper makeup and maybe a little tweaking in the costume.


7. Grudge

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Grudge

If you don’t like being oppressed by the world, then unleash the grudge in you. Bring it to play by becoming the girl from the movie grudge. You might want to practice the broken bones walk and stair climbing by watching the movie. Take a black hair wig, put on a great deal of white face powder and wear white clothes. Now that the look is complete, carry it with the death like confidence and call random people just to freak them out by the painful mourn and sound of broken limbs and bones.


6. Conjuring

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 -  Conjuring

The year’s most impactful horror movie was conjuring. So why not use that in your costume. If you have watched the movie, you would remember the first scene and the doll in it. Well this year instead of being a muggy doll, try bringing out some screams. Boys can also opt for the chucky doll. All you need are some old clothes and a lot of white base and makeup. Let’s see that evil grin! Say no to slutty and yes to scary. Besides who knows, two braids might turn out to be the “inn thing”!


5. Vampire’s

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Vampire's

Please don’t think about shinny sparkly glass made awkward vampires whose sole purpose is to impress teenage girls. Think of Dracula and other scary, night invading blood sucking creatures which haunted our dreams in childhood. If you are a non-Edward Jacob person then this Halloween is an opportunity. Tell the world what real vampire is all about. Black capes and vampire costumes never outdated so you can get your costume without much botheration.


4. Scarecrow

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - care Crow

It turns out that not only crows but many humans also have a phobia of scare crows. This can work in your advantage. The look is quite simple and easy but is influential. You will need some big sacks, straws, a hat and some black paint and makeup. Paint your lips black and apply the same black all around your eyes.  Be cautious not to put it inside. Cut holes for eyes mouth and nose in the sack and cover your face with it. Stuff your hat with straws to look like a hay scarecrow. The look might be a little common, but if pulled off properly, then you might get the award for costume of the day.


3. Clown Costume

Clown Costume

Who in the world, associated clowns with children’s birthdays and fun? Clowns are the major reason people find too much happiness scary. If you know someone who is scared of clowns than its time to make them scream and run for their lives (but be careful! not to hurt anyone). There is a variety of clown gadgets and attires available but be wise enough to differentiate between a goofy birthday party clown and a spine chilling evil clown. The joker look is a little too common so you might want to think out of the box and find the villain in yourself.


2. Bride in Black

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Bride in Black

Bride in black is another gruesome idea. That dusty net veil, black dress, pale white skin and candle might not be the dream of every bride, but the thought is perfect for Halloween. If you haven’t still figured out what and who is bride in black, you might want to see Insidious part one and two. Though originally this idea is for men, but women can do it too. Dusty rusty bride costumes can be bought online as well as in any other store. Don’t forget to take a candle with you. The magic candles (which lit up again after you blow them of) can be used because they won’t burn your hands or get blown off by people and wind.


1. Zombies  Halloween Costumes

Horror Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 - Zombies  Halloween Costumes

Owing to World War Z we know that zombie apocalypse can happen anytime without warning. And it would be awesome if we can disguise from them. Many people are utterly scared of zombies and believe them to be real.

Zombie costumes are readily available in market. Or you can make your own costumes with some paint, old clothes and may be some help from tommy just to give the scratches. If you are really good or may be really bad with the makeup, you can pull of this look perfectly. Few friends can collaborate to take out a zombie mob running after the prom kings and queens.

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