Top 10 Hottest And Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020

When the word tech comes in mind, we often think of two things, a lot of men or naive geeky women. Well both the things were actually true some time ago. But in today’s century, you will fine a lot of women and pretty classy ones in the field of technology. These are the women, who are nerds, intelligent, creative and are also stylish, beautiful, glamorous and attractive. These women have completely changed the outlook of the web related fields by adding style and allure into it. Some of these pretty ladies are discussed in this list of top ten most beautiful and hottest women in tech. “Beauty with Brains” is the tag line best suited for such women, as beauty and brain are two big success factors in their lives. Here we prepared the list of Top 10 Hottest And Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020.


10. Amanda MacKay

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 -

This beauty queen has dazzled the world with her stunning looks. She is a model, TV host (hosted Pulse on G4techTV), writer writing tech and games columns in magazine Soak. Her success story does not end here. She also hosts a sports segment in Spike TV. She has got a divergent personality with an extraordinary sense of styling. Her dressing, hair styling, makeup, and attitude, all of them makes her hot nerd of the world.


9. Alisa Chumachenko

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Alisa Chumachenko

Alisa Chumachenko is CEO of Game Insight International. Game Insight International deals with the gaming on mobile. Her itelligence and talent, along with her beauty ofcourse, results in earning $50 million from one of their products known as “Paradise Island” in 2011. Since then the attractive lady has managed to attract alot of people towards her business. Her beauty acts as a cherry on the top along with her geek mind.


8. Morgan Webb

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Morgan Webb

Morgan Webb’s tech career started right after her graduation. At TechTv she worked as a web researcher and producer for the program “The Screen Savers”. She is a video blogger and her blogs are the proof of her intelligence. She gained enough popularity when she contributed video games to magazine FHM. Her alluring personality is depicted by the fact that her name was included in a poll “TechTv’s Sexiest Techie”.


7. Leila Janah

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Leila Janah

The work she is doing is as beautiful as herself. Leila Janah is an attractive young lady, working for the impoverished people all over the world. Samasource is the organization she founded as is currently the CEO. It connects all the poor people, who are needy and deserving, digitally. Folks do online jobs and earn bread for their homes. She has definitely got “beauty with hearts”. Her educational background and work career includes some big names like Harvard and Stanford. She has achieved some amazing Tech awards also. She is a convincong speaker and speaks in innovation and technology conferences.


6. Emma Barnett

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020  - Emma Barnett

Editor at “The DailyTelegraph” newspaper, Emma Barnett is an RJ and works as a reviewer in Sky News. Emma is a bona fide tech personell, making documentaries and serving as a commentator when it comes to tech and women’s political issues. Blonde hair, Fair complexion, attractive eyes and pouty lips complement eachother so much that her beauty becomes unescapable. She is award winner when it comes to digital journalism.


5. Marina Orlova

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Marina Orlova

Russia has already hidden pretty attractive faces and Marina Orlova is one of them. She is a hot celebrity on internet, hosting a YouTube program “HotForWords”. She also did modelling where she was appreciated because of her beauty and stunning poses. But her inside geek-ness provoked her and she started working for finance website by making online videos. She got her name in the list of “Hot Women of the Net” competition by G4 TV.


4. Jade Raymond

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Jade Raymond

A graduate from McGill University, Jade Raymond is one stylish lady who worked in Sony, produced online Assassins Creed and The Sims and is currently producing video games. At Ubisoft Toronto she runs a shop and is also a volunteer in an organization (non-profit) Love, which is meant to eradicate youth’s violence. Her smile is worth a million dollar. The way she carries herself is enchanting, making her an adorable woman around her circle.


3. Gina Bianchini

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Gina Bianchini

After working as investor relations and Director of business development at CKS group and financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, this gorgeous lady cofounded Ning with Marc Andreessen and has been the CEO of this site uptill 2010. Recently, she founded her own site MightyBell on the lines of Ning. Her website is a social site aiming to bring people together. She has got a style, different from other tech women. Her glamorous traits can be seen on the cover of some magazines.


2. Shira Lazar

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Shira Lazar

Not only is she glamorous and beautiful, but she is also a versatile woman who is an actress, writer, blogger, producer, cofounder, host and journalist. Her resume is full of creative works. She is cofounder of an online company Disrupt/Group, has been a video blogger at CBS News, host and producer of What’s Trending (blog and talk show featuring videos from YouTube). The list does not end here. She has done alot of work in the field of Tech and is still doing. What is different about her is that she manages herself in a classy and stylish way along with the boring and monotounous Tech life (as most of the Fashionistas see it this way).


1. Marissa Mayer

Most Beautiful Women In Tech 2020 - Marissa Mayer

This blonde woman has an inspiring and aspiring personality. She is the eight most successful and powerful busineswomen in America. She is presently CEO and president of Yahoo and had previously worked for Google (pioneer lady engineer). She did her masters from Stanford University in computer science. With so much dignified names attached to her profile, Marissa Mayer is definitely inspiring who aspires for larger than life goals.

The best part of her personality is that she carries beauty and success side by side so perfectly. She is both a symbol of beauty and success for every women working in any field. From head to toe, she is a role model.

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