Top 10 Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020

Cricket is one of the oldest and most played sports. With cricket come innumerable gossips. Who are the most dangerous players? Who scored the most runs? Who is the most handsome among others? These questions keep popping up. The rankings of players on the basis of runs, batting, balling, fielding and overall team rankings are all the result of cricket as an appreciated sport. This year World cup came with many new attractions and records. One major focus has been on the attractive and handsome players selected in their respective teams for World Cup. Looks of a sportsperson has always been a sensation for general public. The list focuses on The Top 10 Hottest Cricketers in World Cup 2020.


10. Ahmed Shehzad

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 -

This 23 year old right handed batsman has made a name for himself through his marvelous batting. He started his career in 2020 where he was selected in a match against South Africa held in UAE. This young cricketer of Pakistan has strong resemblance with the Indian heart throb Virat Kohli who is also a famous Indian cricketer. With his Mohawk haircut and his height he has become a beloved among girls. World cup 2020 was a huge opportunity for him to make his place in the world of cricket and he grabbed that opportunity by scoring a shared wicket of 160 runs thus proving to be one of the best upcoming batsmen.


9. Faf du Plessis

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Faf du Plessis

This South-African cricketer was born on 13th July, 1984 and uses “Faf” instead of his actual name Francois. He is 30 years old and is 5 ft. 11 in (1.80 m). He is the second cousin of the famous Namibian rugby player Marcel du Plessis. With his chocolate brown hair but his fabulous performances during the international and national cricket matches have made him one of the famous and adored cricketers of South Africa. In 2020 he was also appointed as the team captain because of his immense potential which he showed in the series against New Zealand. Faf du Plessis was incredible during the ICC 2020 world cup and in the match against Ireland he played at ease scoring sixes and crashing fours.


8. Mitchell Johnson

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Mitchell Johnson

With a reputation of a “giant killer”, Mitchell Johnson is the hottest cricketer in the ICC world cup of 2020. With his athletic body and a ravishing tattoo he is indeed a heart-throb. He is 33 years old and with his sexy 6 ft. 2 in height, Mitchell Johnson is a hunky dude. In 2009, he was granted the “Cricketer of the Year” by the International Crickets Council. Mitchell because of his looks ended up marrying one f the beautiful former model Jessica Bratich who is also a black belt.


7. Daniel Vettori

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Daniel Vettori

This left handed batsman and bowler is a fantastic player of New Zealand Cricket Team who made his debut when he was just 18 years old. He made a record of scoring 300 wickets and 3,000 runs and was the 8th player to make this record. Born in Auckland, he attended the Marian School and then St. Paul’s Collegiate School. He is one of the few cricketers who wear glasses during the matches. Commonly known as Dan and Harry Potter, Vettori suffered from some injuries because of which he had limited presences but he made an appearance in the ICC world cup this year and ascertained his abilities to play cricket.


6. Alastair Cook

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Alastair Cook

He made his debut in 2003; Alastair Cook was born in Gloucester. As a kid he was an intense musician and could play instruments at a young age. He used to play cricket in his summer holidays for the Essex Academy and they were the one to give him his first debutante. Alastair lost his only chance of leading his team in the ICC world cup 2020 as he was replaced his vice-captain of the team. Nevertheless he gave his best in the World cup.


5. Shane Watson

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Shane Watson

Shane Robert Watson who is born in June 17, 1981 is a right hand batsman and is passionate about his cricket which was obvious as he was ready to beat his body which turned out to be delicate for his passion. Despite having multiple fractures, calf problems and dislocated shoulder he was not ready to give up. This Australian cricketer was awarded the man of the series in the 2012 ICC world cup and has been awarded four consecutive four match awards. He is one of the highest paid cricketers of Australia. He has won several awards and has dashing looks and with his attitude he is loved by everyone throughout the world.


4. Brendon Mccullum

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Brendon Mccullum

Belonging from a family of cricketers Brendon Mccullum is a name that everyone is familiar with. In 2020 he was the first player of New Zealand to make 302 runs alone in a match against India. His score of triple hundred made him famous not only in New Zealand but all over the world. Until 2020 he was only a wicket keeper but though his hard work he proved himself and currently is the captain of all three international games he is playing in. this 33 year old cricketer is known for his looks and style and is known by his nickname Bazz.


3. Ab de Villiers

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Ab de Villiers

Ab de Villiers is considered to be the best batsman in the world in 2020 and is at number 2 at present, makes him the hottest cricketer in 2020. Son of a doctor, he has had a record of fast bowling in One Day Internationals. In this year ICC world cup Ab de Villiers showed his potential to the whole world by breaking Corey’s Andersons record against the match with West Indies.


2. Kevin Pietersen

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Kevin Pietersen

Pietersen was just 17 when he was played his debut cricket match. In his school days he used to play cricket as a hobby which he took as a profession later in his life. His yearly salary was calculated to be one million USD in 2012. Awarded several awards for his achievements Kevin Pietersen was claimed to be the Emerging Player of the year in 2005. He has a height of 6ft. 4 in and with his handsome personality he is the most awaited player in the field.


1. Shahid Afridi

Hottest Cricketers In World Cup 2020 - Shahid Afridi

This Pakistani cricketer is one of the world’s best cricketer Pakistani cricket has ever seen. He has proved to be life saver for his team in all the matches and the slants all over the country says it all for him. He is commonly known as Boom Boom Afridi because of his forceful batting style in the matches.

He holds a record of making a history of making the most sixes in the ODI cricket match. From a Pashtun background, Afridi has millions of fans all over the world. Afridi considers himself to be a better bowler than a batsman but is considered to be the best by his million fans.

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