Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes In 2020

Whether females are typical house wives or working women, athletes or chefs, surgeons or secretaries; beauty is something that has always been associated with females. As coolness is for boys, beauty is for girls. When it comes to beauty, lists are also constantly updated regarding the most beautiful females in every field. When we talk about the lists, then talking about the beauty of athletes also becomes essential; as sportswomen have always been enchanting people since decades. People might think that females are delicate but moving towards sports as a career ends up the delicacy, fragility and beauty of the females. This is absolutely wrong because history and even the past records prove that female sports person have maintained beauty along with the strength. So without wasting any time, let us have a look at the list of The Top 10 Hottest Female Athletes In 2020. Enjoy the list.


10. Blair O’Neal

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 -

She is a golfer by profession and is known for her beauty all over the world. She is associated with LPGA, European tour and futures tour. Moreover, she is also in modeling and many other sports illustrations. Well, best of luck with her career and future!




9. Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson

Martial arts fighter? Seriously? Yes of course! A pretty athlete from martial arts has recently been added to the ranking. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also tough and competitive. She is ranked at number 3 globally in the martial arts fighting sport. Moreover, her career is impressive because of her record by 6 submissive wins making it a record of 10-3.


8. Ana Ivanovic

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Ana Ivanovic

This tennis player has got some real beauty which can be termed as something ‘out of this world’.  She looks extremely stunning while playing. In 2008, she took down the French Open championship and got famous after this tournament. She is also in “limelight” in various magazines because of this beauty.


7. Lokelani McMichael

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Lokelani McMichael

The sport adopted by this young lady is one of the most daring girls with some extra beauty. McMichael is a racer and participated in the Iron man Triathlon. Read again. Yes..!! I also went into a state of shock after knowing this fact. She got the title of youngest lady to complete this race. Due to her killer looks, she appears randomly in some fashion magazines and men’s magazines also. In short, McMichael is a versatile lady and has got amazing talent in this small age.


6. Anastasia Ashley

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia is surfer by profession and is beautiful by looks. She is regarded as the most beautiful vegetarian. She has got a slim body, as it is also a demand of her profession. Her demand as a surfer on tours is increasing. She is one of the hottest and most beautiful athlete of 2020.


5. Gina Carano

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Gina Carano

Gina Carano is a fighter. She is tough by nature, but sleek and soft by looks. It is said that tough woman depicts an upper level of beauty. By looking at Carano, the previous statement is proved perfectly. She has made a record of 12-1-1. Even if you stand in front of her while she is in her fighting costume, you would feel inferior.


4. Bianca Cruz

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Bianca Cruz

And yes! We also have a softball athlete in this list. Although softball is not a sport of many countries, but still it is good to hear that one of the softball players is in such a list which ranks people according to their beauty. She plays for Arizona State and she is also into modeling because of her beauty.


3. Stephanie Rice

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Stephanie Rice

When we talk about beauty, how can we forget swimmers? Swimmers always have got beautiful physique and features. Stephanie Rice is also one of those attractive, beautiful and appreciated swimmers. Not only is she beautiful, but she has also won gold medals for her good sport abilities. Swimming world magazine- in 2008- stated her as the Swimmer of the Year.


2. Sophie Horn

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Sophie Horn

Golfers have also reached the victory stand this time. She is regarded as the most beautiful female in golf which is an honor in itself. Sophie Horn is a golfer and has got attractive features and glamorous personality. She has recently associated herself with LPGA. Moreover, she has hosted a number of shows and has made her mark as an author and a model.


1. Antonija Misura

Hottest Female Athletes In 2020 - Antonija Misura

Finally friends! Coming down to the top most beautiful female athlete and you heard it right. The athlete on number 1 in 2020 is none other than Antonijo Misura. She is a basketball player and also a student too. She has turned down many of the offers by the brand companies and fashion industry. She has refused modeling and brand endorsement options because she believes that these things lessen the focus from the sports and education.



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