Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 – 2020

Football is the most followed sport all over the world which is equally popular among men and women. This is the reason footballers are liked and followed all over the world. When on one side, the girls tend to focus on male footballers, the female footballers seek the attention of men in every part of the world. Football itself is much liked by the audience and when this game is played by some fancy women, it just adds icing on the cake. Their skills are appreciated every time and their charm and glamor casts a spell on their followers. They are no less than any celebrity. This is the reason whenever a female soccer player appears in the ground, their followers try to take autographs and snap pictures with them. For any football fan we often hear saying: If she plays football, she is the perfect match for you. So we decided to make a list of Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 – 2020  around the world. Let us have a look


10. Heather Mitts

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 -

She is a retired American soccer player who was born in 1978. She played her professional football for the Women’s Professional Soccer League also known as FPL representing a number of teams. Her biggest achievement is three times Olympic Gold Medalist representing the national team of United States. In 2001, she was voted the sexiest player in WUSU on a website called playboy online. She was also voted “Hottest Female Athlete” by in 2004 and has appeared in a number of TV commercials as well.


9. Hope Solo

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Hope Solo

Hope Solo is another American goalkeeper who has been representing American soccer team consecutively for the past 14 years. Born in 1981, she has won two gold medals for her team. She is currently playing for the team named Seattle Reign. In 2011 she appeared in a famous television series called Dancing with the Stars. She has also appeared on the cover of different magazines the latest of which was for ESPN the Magazine in 2011. It’s her attractive personality that she has several followers around the globe.


8. Kaylyn Kyle

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 -  Kaylyn Kyle

Kaylyn is a Canadian player who plays for Houston Dash in the Women Soccer League. She has won a gold medal in the Pan American Games in 2011 and a bronze medal in the London Olympics. At the young age of 25 years, she is a consistent member of the Canadian national team and an ambassador of Right to Play. Her excellent looks and athletic figure help her get a spot in our list.


7. Lauren Sesselmann

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Lauren Sesselmann

She is another American born soccer player but represents Canada on international level. She is also the member of Canadian national team which won bronze medal in 2012 London Olympics. She has recently signed for the Houston Dash in NWSL. The major reason of her fame is her fitness and figure. This is the reason she is the trainer and host of a fitness program named Fit as A Pro.


6. Selina Wagner

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Selina Wagner

Selina is a German footballer who plays for VLF Wolfsburg in the German national league. In her international career, she has represented Germany several times at the under 20 level. She won Bundesliga, DFB Cup and Champions League with the Wolfsburg ladies team in 2012-13 season. Besides she was also a part of group appearing in the Playboy magazine in 2011 which make her the hottest female footballer in Germany.


5. Sydney Leroux

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 -  Sydney Leroux

She is a Canadian born American player who is currently representing Seattle Reign in women soccer league. Although she started her football in Canada and represented national team at several youth levels, she opted playing for US in 2008. She has appeared in several commercials and recently in 2020, she became the first female face of a sports drink company named Body Armor. Besides she also appeared in magazine named The Body Issue in 2020.


4. Nayeli Ranger

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Nayeli Ranger

Nayali is a Mexican international who was born on 28th February in 1992. At such small age she has found her spot in the national team and also made a couple of appearances in world cup 2011. She currently plays for Sky Blue FC in the women’s soccer league. She has managed to get attraction of a number of football fans with her charming personality and beautiful face. Even though she is yet to appear in any magazine cover, her fans expect to see her in a commercial very soon.


3. Milene Domingues

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Milene Domingues

Milene is currently a Brazilian model who also used to play football for Brazil. Some interesting facts about her are that she is the ex-wife of Brazilian star player Ronaldo and she holds the record of ball juggling when she kept the ball from touching the ground after making astonishing 55,198 touches. Another thing about her is that she is the most expensive female footballer in Spain with an approximate cost of 200,000 euros. Her bold looks and personality got her a place into the fashion industry after she ended her football career.


2. Laisa Andrioli

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020,  Laisa Andrioli

Laisa is another Brazilian footballer who is more known for her activities off the field than on the field. She is generally known for her bold and attractive figure and this was the reason she gained popularity at very small age. Even though there is not much information about her football career and current team, one thing is certainly for sure and that is her success in the modeling career. She can easily compete with any super model in the industry which gives her the 2nd spot in our list.


1. Alex Morgan

Hottest Female Soccer Players 2020 - Alex Morgan

When it comes to hottest female footballers, the very first name that comes to our mind is none other than Alex Morgan. She is another American soccer player who is known for her goal scoring abilities and her activities in the media. She has signed for a number of brands for her advertisement skills including Coca Cola and Nike. In 2012, she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in ESPN the Magazine in 2020. Besides she has also been involved in writing a number of novels and books especially for children.

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