Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers 2020

Ever seen a TV commercial, drama or show without a beautiful lady??? No? Well how can you? It is said that women complete the world and wrestling is no exception to that. Wrestling is one of the most famous and cherished sport around the globe. It is not just drama but a whole dose of entertainment that keeps you charged the whole day, and may be a whole week (if you see your favorite wrestlers).

It is not just the display of strength, power and rivalry among men but also a place where divas can bring up the heat and show what they have got. It is not just the feud that is entertaining but like every show on the television, it is the presence of pretty women which makes people glued to the TV screens.

Here is a list of Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers 2020, but like we always say ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’, so it is not necessary that you agree to our rankings. These women, according to us, are gorgeous, have seductive looks and are extremely famous among the audience.


10. Lita

Top 10 Hottest Female wrestlers 2020,10. Lita

She is popular, she is gorgeous and her presence makes people go wa wa woo’. She is amongst the oldest names in women wrestling but you won’t certainly guess it by her looks! She is a WWE Diva and is also a lead vocalist for the band ‘The Luchagors’. Up her sleeves, she also has the credit of being the most famous diva in the history of the company.


9. Velvet Sky

Top 10 Hottest Female wrestlers 2020,. Velvet Sky

Velvet doesn’t need muscles or strength to win a wrestling match, her look is enough to declare her a winner. Her presence in the ring assures entertainment for the audience. Her original name is Jamie Szantyr and she also goes by the name Talia Madison. No matter how many names she changes, as long as her face remains the same gorgeous one, we are going to have her in our list! Presently she is part of TNA with the ring name Velvet Sky


8. Ashley

Top 10 Hottest Female wrestlers 2020, Ashley

Well known for her work and accomplishment in WWE, Ashley started off with a swim suite pageant. She is a model as well and has won titles like ‘Miss Hawaiian’ twice. She also appeared on the cover of ‘Playboy’. Other than this she also appeared on many other magazines and television shows. She is the winner of first Diva Championship Invitational.


7. Michelle McCool

Top 10 Hottest Female wrestlers 2020, Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool’s shelf, full of trophies, is enough to speak for her. She is a two times Diva’s Championship winner and also winner of WWE Women’s Championship. She is cool, cute and pretty and we are saying this even when we know that cute and wrestler doesn’t fit in the same box but we are compelled by her looks. The strange thing is that after being injured multiple times while wrestling including a nose injury, she still manages to maintain her looks!


6. Maria

Top 10 Hottest Female wrestlers 2020, Maria

Maria is a singer, song writer, actress, model, professional wrestler and what not??? She has been grasping the top positions in her forte and is very well known among the wrestling lover circles. But as this is a list based on beauty so she gets a 6th place which is a great thing because it is our list after all (humble we!!!). She also has a signature perfume line. She is also known as ‘Pink Ranger’ in the ring.


5 Christy Hemme

Hottest Female wrestlers, Christy Hemme

Wrestling, acting, singing, modeling, is there anything that this girl can’t do? Looking at her pictures, you won’t be able to deny the fact that she deserves a place in our list. She was part of a dance group named ‘The Purrfect Angelz’. She also came on the cover of ‘Playboy magazine. Hemme’s sister is also a model. This rock star girl also owns a Harley Davidson bike, which for your information is quite an expensive one!!!


4 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly hot female wrestler

Barbie Blank is actually a beautiful Barbie doll, blond hair and slim waist. It’s not just her body but also her face that has captured the attention of audience. This Blondie with her blue eyes is just the girl out of a perfect dream of a boy. Blank Barbie also came 82 on Maxim’s list of Hot 100. Kelly Kelly also won WWE Divas Championship after continuous attempts.


3 Victoria


Lisa Marie Varon, with a ring name of Victoria is a professional wrestler, fitness competitor and body builder. Not just that she is a beautiful face but also has a perfect body that has given her a place in our list (which is an honor!). She was also a part of National Cheerleading Association. At the beginning she took part in many fitness competitions later she met Chyna who encouraged her to take part in wrestling and become part of WWE. She has a lot of medals and trophies up her hands.


2. Melina


Melina is another pretty face in the wrestling sports. Her dark hair gives her an edge of being more attractive than her rivals or competitors. Melina is a super model and a wrestler as well. She started her career after winning a beauty pageant. Melina is a both English and Spanish speaking wrestler. She came in the news not just for her wrestling skills and drop dead gorgeous seductive looks, but also because of her feud with her fellow Candice Michelle. She has also worked in the films. She is the winner of WWE Divas Championship and Women Championship winner.


1. Trish Stratus

Hottest Female Wrestlers 2020

When it comes to female wrestlers, no one can match up the beauty, power and popularity of this Canadian wrestler. Her modeling career is a proof of her beauty and gorgeous looks. She is an accomplished wrestler, model and a fitness freak which we commonly call as fitness guru. She was working as a receptionist in a gym when she was offered modeling. She recently became part of WWE Hall of Fame and to add to her achievements, she is the youngest inductee to be part of WWE Hall of Fame. Though now she is retired from wrestling, we simply cannot ignore her in the list. Stratus has also been part of many charity programs and has been on the cover of many magazines. And to put a final stamp on our statement that Stratus truly deserves this position; Trish was given the title of ‘Babe of the Year’ in WWE.

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