Top 10 Incredible Modified People

Humans are beautiful creations of nature and obviously they are perfect in the way they are. Many of the individuals are interested in having tattoos on their body and they like the changes in their physical bodies and love remodeling in them, this is totally against the nature but still in this world there are few people that do not like consistency in their looks. These people enjoy the experience of being rebellious but the pain experienced by the compression of needle or by the bruises on the flesh in order to decorate themselves is extremely ridiculous. Here is the list of top 10 incredibly modified people, who have dedicated their lives to look extremely different not only through the art works but also through other means of piercing that can not be enjoyed by normal individuals.


10. Bear Big Ears

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - Bear Big Ears

Elephants are renowned for their long ears, but Daryl Belmares has extremely enlarged ear lobes. These ear lobes are very big that they can be wrapped around his face. Daryl Belmares has definitely made a Guinness Book of World Record for his astounding ear lobes that can even astonish the elephants. He is a widely renowned and professional body piercing specialist and tattoo designer. His profession is very sacred for him and disputes that the role of piercer is same to that of religious specialist in other perceptions.


9. The Enigma

Top 10 Incredible Modified People -

The Enigma originally named as Paul Lawrence is a sideshow performer, musician and actor who has experienced comprehensive body modification, involving ear remodeling, horn implantation, diversified body stabs and a whole body tattoo of jigsaw puzzle. His procedure of tattooing was started on 20th of December, 1992 under the needle of Katzen the Tiger Lady. Up till now more than 200 tattoo artists has worked on his body and even 23 artists had worked on him at a time. He has performed numerous tricks with blades, fire, electricity and power tools. He has shown his appearance in various TV shows including The X Files and Penn & Teller Bullshit. One of his dangerous stage shows is named as The Kiss of Death where he performs life threatening stunts.


8. The Zombie Boy

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - The Zombie Boy

Rick Genest is a Canadian actor, artist and fashion model and is also renowned as Zombie Boy because of the several skeletal tattoos that cover his various body parts. He left his home at the age of t6 years and then he met with a Montreal artist Frank Lewis who helped him in fulfilling his zombie vision and after six years he became the Zombie Boy. He has spent more than $4,000 Canadian dollars for tattoos on his body. At first look, the tattoos look similar like skeleton, but a complete look shows a disintegrating and infected body. Having himself tattooed is a very weird experiment but the Zombie Boy is not afraid of death or parasites but the life is not normal after having inks on their living canvas to portray life after death.


7. The Hawaiian Mutant

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - The Hawaiian Mutant

Kala Kaiwi that looks mutated is a person from Hawaii who has done all the piercing himself. Over 75 percent of his body is camouflaged with tattoos and the remaining body is camouflaged with piercing. He has very thrilling body modifications and has added spikes of steel on his head in order to add more to his modification. The stainless steel spikes are of his own brand that he drilled himself in the head and then tightened up.  He has a split tongue, various silicon implants in his face, seventy odd piercings, stretched nostrils and earlobes that are extremely incredible physical modifications.


6. Etienne Dumont

Top 10 Incredible Modified People -  Etienne Dumont

If you want to see a living and walking canvas with all sorts of color then Mr. Etienne Dumont is a perfect example. He is one of the incredibly modified peoples and he loves to be in this way. The tattooing gives him an intense source of pleasure and is not spiritual for him. All of his body is covered with tattoos, he has extensive rings in each ear, silicon implants in the form of horns on his foreheads and Plexiglas piercings through his nose and lips. He exhibits himself as the living piece of art and had exhibition of his own photography in the Krisal gallery in Geneva in 2009. The first tattoo was made on his body in 1974.


5. The Zebra Man

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - The Zebra Man

Horace Ridler was a professional monster and sideshow entertainer, he is actually a tattooed man manifesting himself as The Zebra Man or The Great Omi. He was very confident and had tattooed on his body from head to toe in the form of black and white stripes like Zebra. He also used black nail paint and lipstick for highlighting his tattoos. He took some steps for improving his sideshow career in the time period between 1927 and 1934, and contacted George Burchett for tattooing his whole body. Over 150 hours of tattooing was done on his body by Burchett and he got zebra like appearance. He was always intended to stay out of the crowd and was died in 1969.


4. The Illustrated Lady

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - The Illustrated Lady

The most tattooed women in the world is Julia Gnuse who was born in 1959, and is commonly renowned as The Illustrated Lady. She also holds the Guinness book of World record for being the most tattooed women, as almost 95 percent of her body is covered with tattoos including face. There is some medical reason behind her tattooing as in her mid 30s, she suffered from a condition porphyria, in which there were scars and blisters on her skin whenever she goes into sunlight. She performed tattooing to cover her tattoos as she was advised by her doctors. She had some body art that matched with colors of her scars but this medical solution curved into an obsession with passage of time and now she is proud of having such obsession.


3. The Lizardman

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - The Lizardman

Erik Sprague also named as The Lizardman is a sideshow and freak show performer. He is widely renowned for his body alteration that includes whole body tattoo of green scales, sharpened teeth, subdermal implants, bifurcated tongue and freshly, green-inked lips. This resident of Texas has much similarity with reptiles and he was very much captivating with reptiles. He is a contemporary freak show performer who has performed many typical sideshow acts like the human blockhead, sword swallowing, fire eating and breathing, and the bed of nails. He is extremely involved in numerous in the body modification community and has also shown his appearance in various private and public events. It took almost 700 hours for designing tattoos on his body.


2. Lucky Diamond Rich

Top 10 Incredible Modified People - Lucky Diamond Rich

He is the most tattooed person in the world and has tattoos that cover his complete body, including the inner side of his eyelids, ears, mouth and foreskin. As of 2006, he also holds the Guinness World Record of being 100 percent tattooed. Lucky Diamond Rich is a street entertainer, performance artist and international arts festival entertainer whose deeds include swallowing of sword and juggling of a number of items while on a unicycle. This incredibly modified person has shown his patience by bearing tattooing procedure for over forty days and is a major step towards his achievement. Even his original teeth are replaced by shinning diamonds. He has also tattooed some white over his already black tattoos and also added color to it.


1. Stalking Cat

Top 10 Incredible Modified People -  Stalking Cat

Dennis Avner also named as Catman or Stalking Cat was a person who was renowned for his comprehensive body modifications, which were planned to show resemblance with female tiger. Catman held the Guinness World Record of having the most permanent alterations to look like an animal and he underwent almost 14 surgical procedures to achieve his goal.

He is one of the most incredibly modified people, he has various piercings, comprehensive tattoos, colorings, sharpening of teeth and most importantly surgeries to get an appearance like a cat. All these features make him resemble like a cat. He was a competent computer programmer and was found dead at home in November, 2012.

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