Top 10 Israeli Brands We Should Boycott

When I think of the word humanity, I stop for a while and think again is there is any humanity left in this world? If left then what is this going on in Palestine. The Innocent individuals including kids, women and youngsters are brutally killed in attacks in Gaza and the world has become a silent spectator. No doubt Israel is a senseless and merciless nation that is ruining the peace and lives of people of Gaza. How painful it is to see someone dying in front of your eyes and you can not do any thing, all this happening in Gaza and it is extremely awful that none of the nation or the government is taking any action. Each and every day numerous people are killed and died in attacks and these horrible events are not ceasing. The people who can do something are silent but there are individuals that show concern with the people of Palestine in all over the world and want to save the state of Palestine. In order to raise their voice against Israel they selected the way (BDS); Boycott, divestment and sanctions. The campaign includes all the Israeli products and to pressurize Israeli economy. Here we have the list of Top 10 Israeli Brands We Should Boycott, so boycott these things, raise your voice against injustice and cruelty, show the people of Palestine that there is still humanity present in this world and make Israel extremely weak.


10. Estee Lauder

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott -

It is a manufacturer and marketer of famous makeup, fragrance, skincare, and hair care products. The Chairman of the Estee Lauder named Ronald Lauder has been a prominent supporter of Jewish and Israel. The products and affiliated companies associated with this group include Estee Lauder cosmetics, DKNY, MAC cosmetics, Bobbi Brown Essentials, Jane, Aveda, Stila Cosmetics etc. Lauder is also the present President of Jewish National Fund whose main purpose is to constitute Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.


9. Marks and Spencer

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - Marks and Spencer

It is a British multinational company that is specialized in the selling of home products, clothing, and luxury food products. It has been inevitably linked to Zionism since its beginning and aid in economical development of Israel. It has also received the high attribute jubilee award in 1998 by the Israeli Prime Minister. In 2000, according to a Jerusalem Report it supports Israel with $ 233 million through trade each year.



Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - TEVA

TEVA is an Israeli pharmaceutical company and is known as one of the world’s largest generic drug manufacturers. Its products are a big part of pharmaceutical industry and it presently employs almost 45,000 people in all over the world. It supplies more packs of medicines to NHS annually as compared to anyone else. According to estimation, on average, every second of every day ,more than 250 capsules or tablets manufactured by them are consumed by patients in all over the United Kingdom and indirectly strengthens the Israeli economy.


7. Danone

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - Danone

Danone opened its R&D facility in Israel in July 1998- the Danone institute and the same year on the behalf of Danone, Mr. Frank Riboud accepted the jubilee award by the Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu. It is a highest testimonial award by the Israeli state in honor of those organizations and individuals who have done extreme efforts to strengthen the Israeli economy through their trade relationships and investments. This French Company also possesses a twenty percent share of the second largest food company of Israel, the Strauss Group. Danone Israel supplies products to the whole Middle East and therefore strengthens the Israeli economy.


6. Hewlett Packard

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - HP

Hewlett Packard also renowned as HP, the maker of printers and computers and is hit in this list due to its involvement in Israeli biometric technology checkpoints and Israeli identification cards. It supplies the computer systems to Israel for its defense forces and also produces high technology equipment like a biometric permit system that commands the movement of the workers of Palestine through checkpoints in Gaza, the Basel system and the West Bank. Its equipment is also used by Israeli army and the prisons.


5. Intel

Intel we should boycott

Intel is an American multinational semiconductor chip maker company and is one of the biggest supporters of Israel. Intel Corporation operates plants at the site of old Palestinian villages of Iraq al-Manshiya and Faluja now named as Kiriyat Gat and has invested $2.7 billion to improve its these plants where chips are designed to make the computers lighter and faster. This technology company employs thousands of Israelis and has exports from Israel that consist of more than $1 billion per year. It is one of the oldest foreign supporters of Israel and established its first development center in 1974, outside of the United States in Haifa.


4. Motorola

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - Motorola

Motorola is a telecommunications company and since the establishment of Israel in 1948, this company has been included in aiding the state in carrying out its coercive tactics towards Palestinians. Motorola established Motorola Israel in 1964 and it supplies Israel with the military armaments it requires to maintain its occupation and hardships of the Palestinians, the military tools include aircraft bombs, guided missiles, advanced radar systems, metal detection gates and a cellular network for the establishments. Motorola has huge economic investment in Israel since 1948 and for this it has received the Jubilee Award.


3. Nestle

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - Nestle

It is a Swiss multinational food and Beverage Company whose headquarter is located in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle is the world’s largest food company measured by revenues. A good share of criticism and controversies surround the big brand name of this multinational company. Its products include breakfast cereals, dairy products, frozen food, baby food, snacks etc. It is one of the L’Oreal’s main shareholders. The problem with this brand is as it owns 53.8% shares of Osem which is a leading Israeli food manufacturer company and this company is directly involved in the manufacturing and distribution of food items in Israel and abroad. Nestle has nine factories in Israel that are built on stolen Palestine lands and through its selling products it flourishes the economy of Israel.


2. McDonald’s

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - McDonald’s

It is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world that serves almost 68 million customers every day in 119 countries beyond 35,000 outlets. This corporation has been targeted due to its prolonged association with the Jewish United Fund. The Jewish United Fund works to sustain American military, and provides political and economic support to Israel through its Israel Commission. In 2000, McDonald’s corporation was privileged during Jewish United Fund carnival celebration as a first level joint companion to the originator of Zionism. With all these evidences, it is providing merciless support to further stabilize the existence of illegitimate establishments of Israel and causing continuous oppression of the people of Palestine.


1. Coca Cola

Israeli Brands We Should Boycott - Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is the world’s largest soft drink manufacturer and it houses various carbonated drinks under its name including Kia Ora, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes, and Sunkist. Coca is widely renowned as a great supporter of Israel since 1966 and there are a huge number of events that obviously prove it. It is the third largest Beverages and Food Company of Israel. In 1997, Coca- Cola was also honored by the Government of Israel Economic Mission at the Israel Trade Award for its persistent support to Israel and for denying complying with the Arab League boycott of Israel.

The support of Coca Cola for Israel has helped it to overwhelm the people of Palestine and for this cause, this product should be extremely boycotted. I know that the people in different parts of the world are addicted of Soft drinks like Coca-Cola, sprite, and fanta but keep one thing in mind that shopping these products can kill the innocent people of Gaza, so boycott it and save many lives.

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