Top 10 Largest Airports In The World

Airports can be regarded as the most important establishment in the world of air travelling, industry and commerce. Over the past decade the airport industry has evolved amazingly and the airline companies are trying to be the toughest competitor in market to transport the largest number of passengers with the highest amount of profit. The airports have become a major piece in airlines business as millions of millions people pass through them every month of the year. The airports are striving to expand to the potential to meet the demands of its customers and different airlines. Airports are essential for the international security and economic development of the country. The airports undoubtedly are the wonders of engineering.Here we have listed the top 10 largest airports of the world. Remember, according to the list largest airport is the one with the greatest area and here the busyness and maximum number of passengers are not taken into the account.


Top 10 Largest Airports In The World


10. Beijing International Airport

This is main international airport serving Beijing. The airport is also listed as one of the busiest airports in the world. 557,167 aircrafts take-off and landings were registered on this airport in 2012. This airport is the main and important airport for Air China as the aircrafts flies to around more than 120 countries from this airport. It has three terminals. The 3rd terminal was made in 2008 for Olympic Games. It also acts as the main hub for Hainan and China Southern Airlines. It can easily accommodate the heavy traffic of aircrafts and passengers. The airport occupies the total area of 2330 ha.


9. Cairo International Airport

It is the Egypt’s busiest and largest airport. This airport is mainly used as the hub by EgyptAir (airline, the member of Star Alliance). It’s the 2nd largest airport of Africa. Currently the airport has 4 terminals and 5th is under construction to share the cargo traffic. More than 9 cargo airlines and 45 passengers airlines uses the airport. The airport has a fascinating appearance and is administrated by Air Navigation and Egyptian Holding Company for Airports. The airport occupies the total area of 2550 ha.


8. Chicago O´Hare

Chicago O’Hare international airport is the primary airport serving Chicago area. This airport is the main hub for United Airlines, American airlines and Houston-Bush. In 2005 it was the busiest airport of the world according to the passengers traffic and 2nd largest according to number of take offs and landings. This airport was voted as the “Best Airport in North America” for its services. The airport has four big passenger terminals, one international terminal and 182 gates. The runways of this airport were designed on multi arrival scheme with three or four parallel runways. The airport covers the area of 2160 ha.


7. New International Bangkok Airport

This airport is also famous as Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the international airports serving Bangkok. The airport was opened for the small domestic flights in 2006 but has become the main hub for Thai Airways International, Bangkok Airways and Orient Thai Airlines. It is the major air cargo hub with almost 96 Airlines. The airport is famous for the world’s tallest standing control tower. The airport was the first place where instagram photos were taken. The airport has the total area of 2980 ha.


6. Madrid Barajas

This is main international airport serving Madrid (Spain). Last year this airport was sixth busiest airport of Europe. In 2010 and 2011 almost 49 million passengers passed through this airport. The airport has 4 big terminals. The 4th terminal is the largest airport terminal in the world. This airport is main hub and maintenance base for Iberia. The airport has 4 runways in total. The airport can facilitate 70 million passengers at a time. The airport has the area of 3050 ha making it the 6th largest airport of the world.


5. Paris, Charles de Gaulle

The airport is also famous as Roissy Airport. It the biggest airport of France and one of the greatest aviation centers of the world. The airport was listed as the 2nd busiest airport of the world in 2012. The airport is primary hub for Air France. The airport covers the land area of almost 3200 ha. It has 3 terminals. Terminal 1 was oldest, terminal 2 was specifically for Air France and 3rd terminal was for low cost air lines. The artistic airport was designed on the idea of expanding.


4. Shanghai, Pudong International Airport

It is a primary international airport of Shanghai. It is main hub for China International Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. Currently the airport has 2 passenger’s terminals and 3rd terminal is planned to be constructed in 2020. It is vastly growing for both cargo and passenger traffic. It was the 3rd busiest airport of the world in 2010. The engineers have planned the additional runways for the airport to increases the passenger’s accommodation capacity to 80 million. The airport is controlled by the Shanghai Airlines Authority. The airport has total span of almost 3300 ha.


3. Dallas Fort Worth

This international airport is the largest airport of U.S State of Texas and is the main hub for American airlines. The airport is regarded as the fourth busiest airport of the world according to the aircrafts movement and ninth largest according to the passenger’s traffic. Now after further development according to the span and area the Dallas Fort Worth is the largest airport of the world. It is designed with the strategy of expansion in mind. It currently has 5 terminals and 175 gates but can accommodate atleast 15 terminals and 260 gates. This big airport has a record to have services to more than 205 destinations in a month.


2. Denver International Airport

This is the largest airport of United States of America. It’s almost equal in span to Dallas Fort Worth. It has the longest public use runway of America. Though it is listed as 15th busiest airport of the world according to passenger’s traffic in 2012 but has been titled as the “America’s Best Run Airport” for consecutive six years. It is the main hub for the small airlines and fourth main hub for United Airlines. This airport clearly depicts the hard work of engineers through its beauty. Automated baggage system and solar panel system has benefited the airport to large extent. The airport has 2 main terminals and 3 main field concourses. The airport is expanded on the total area of 140 square kilometers.


1. King Fahad International Airport

King Fahad International Airport is the largest airport known. The infrastructure of the airport was completed in 1990. It is the main hub for Sama Airlines and 3rd largest hub for Saudia Airlines. The airport utilizes the area of 77,600 hectares. The passenger’s terminal has six stories.

This airport was the first airport to introduce the duty-free stores. Cafeterias, banks, shops for passengers related goods all are located on arrival levels. The airport provides the facilities of currency exchange, multi-storied car parking, mosque, smoking room, hotel and royal terminal. The airport has two parallel runways. Airport has been listed as the Largest Airport of the world by Guinness Book of World records.

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