Top 10 Latest Health Care Innovations 2020

With every passing day, technology is taking leaps and bounds. The improvement and innovation in technology is fast-paced now- covering the time of decades of improvements in days. From egg powder (using it instead of egg) or Coin introduction (a single card storing all the business, credit or contact cards) to high tech systems like Google Glass, everything has innovated. So it would not be wrong if we talk about medical innovations as well. Field of medicine and health care is also pacing up with the changing trends. Let us view the top 10 latest Healthcare Innovations 2020.


10. Hybrid Operating Rooms

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 -

When we talk about medical innovations, operation rooms are also the ones that must be regularly innovated. Keeping this point in context, medical professionals have worked tirelessly to come up with a new operating system called hybrid operating rooms. This room is a hybrid of traditional operating room and advanced high technology, thus providing proper care and enhancing the skills of medical professionals. This innovation has led to reduced traumas, faster rehabilitation and advanced image guidance.


9. Cell Based Therapies

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Cell Based Therapies

Body cells can be used as a medium for the therapy of patients. Body’s own cells can be used and turned into the drug cells. Stem cells can be most commonly used for the therapy. This field needs to be explored and worked upon, but it definitely has the potential of growth and development in medicine.


8. Virtual Visits

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Virtual visits

It seems like a joke where a person’s blood pressure could be measured who is sitting miles away, with just a remote. Folks, it is not a joke but a reality. Now one can virtually visit a doctor using online mediums and doctors can easily measure heart rate, blood pressure and body activity using a remote. So, next time when you think of visiting a doctor just switch on your gadgets and have a virtual visit.


7. Genetics Profiles Of Every Individual

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Genetics Profiles of every individual

A genetic profile of every individual is a start of tech pro times. Such a profile of an individual would aid the medical professionals to look at the genetics of the patients and prescribe the medicines and treatment according to the profile. This would help in the provision of best possible treatment according to the patient’s genetic makeup.


6. 3D Printed Medical Material

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 -  3D Printed Medical Material

It is an era of 3-D technology. So why not 3-D in medical field? Working on this aspect led to an innovation of using 3-D printed material for further study. This method would be helpful in studying stem cells, skin, blood vessels, cartilage and bones, studying cancer, replacement of organs and patching broken heart.


5. Clinical Trials Using Microchips

Clinical Trials using Microchips

We have been listening for decades about the ethics of animal experiments. Whether they are ethical or unethical? Moral or immoral? Humane or inhumane? Right or wrong? Well, all debates can now be ended after a marvelous innovation of using microchips instead of humans or animals in clinical trials. This would give us the same results without affecting or harming animals. This is no doubt a beginning to a new era


4. Use Of Google Glass

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Use of Google Glass

Concept of Google Glass is not new to technology, but using Google Glass while operating is no doubt an innovation in itself. Few doctors have already performed a surgery using Google Glass and the trend is spreading. Using wearable technology better helps in the interaction of doctor and patients. This would also help in more effective performance of medical professionals, where one can use Google search apart from his own knowledge while performing surgeries or examining the patient.


3. Surgical Robots

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Surgical Robots

No one could have imagined a surgery without a doctor and a robot instead, a decade earlier. But today our minds do accept the fact that robots can perform any task. So can the surgical robots!!! Surgical robots are a new trend in medicine where robots can perform surgeries without medical professional assistance. Although research is still done on improving the methods, but still it is the first step in evolving medicine once and for all.


2. Optogenetics


Combining optics with genetics is yet another innovation in medicine. In this technique, a single neuron can be highlighted using light. It focuses on controlling the brain activity using light. This has far reaching benefits. It would help in understanding human brain in a better way. It would help in understanding our thoughts, behaviors and emotions in a more comprehensive manner. It can also aid in detecting the brain deformities or abnormalities earlier which may lead to Alzheimer or Parkinson disease. This is rather a new aspect in medicine and needs to be constantly worked upon. But once Optogenetics makes its mark, it would bring marvels in medicine.


1. Ingestible Sensors

Latest Health Care Innovations 2020 - Ingestible Sensors

Have you ever thought about a scenario where you just have to look at your iPhone screen for your health updates? Have you imagined that a small round sensor could be placed in your body by just digesting it like a tablet? And it would measure your body temperature, blood pressure, Heart rate, body activity, weight etc.? Well, now this is absolutely possible.

Thanks to the tech approach!!! This Ingestible sensor is basically a sensor that works by transmitting the information regarding a patient to the doctor. This would not only help in checking a simple blood pressure, but would detect various diseases at earlier stages thus increasing life expectancy. This technology would no doubt transform science and medicine in the near future.

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