Top 10 Medical Technologies That Could Shape The Future

Medical field is advancing very fast and the advancements in science and technology have greatly changed our lives. In present era, there are various health complications that can be easily coped and these technologies have also improved our standards of living to a greater extent. The scientific researches, equipments and technological gadgets have made a lot of things possible for us, that in the past were considered a dream only. There are better facilities and better opportunities and all is possible because of advance technologies. Here we have the list of top 10 medical technologies that could shape the future and have optimistic effects on our lives.


10. Artificial Cell Mimicry

Artificial Cell Mimicry

A minimal cell or artificial cell is an engineered particle that imitates one or various functions of a biological cell. This term does not specify a particular physical entity, but it represents the idea that different structures or functions of biological cells can be strengthened or replaced with a synthetic object. Sometime, artificial cells are polymeric or biological membranes that encircle biological active materials. In this modern world it is possible to initiate the process of artificial cell mimicry. With the help of this process human cells and tissues are going to be developed in the laboratories. Experimental results on mice have shown that the chemical can be moved from the young ones to elderly individuals just like blood transfusions.


9. Sensors To Cure Diseases

Sensors To Cure Diseases

It is an interesting technology with the help of which tiny sensors are attached to the body of the patient to observe the anatomy and the alterations in circulation of blood instantly after taking in a drug. This method is also helpful to know how severe are the side effects of a medicine on the human body and how to find an alternate for it. There is also a multi sensor fusion decision system that uses neural networks to predict the presence of disease.


 8. HIV Virus Can Treat Genetic Disorders

HIV Virus Can Treat Genetic Disorders

Use of a lethal and dangerous virus to treat genetic disorders, may sounds dangerous. But Italian scientists have discovered a way to tackle gene therapy vectors that are derived from human immunodeficiency virus to cure two severe genetic diseases, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and metachromatic leukodystrophy. The DNA vector possesses a distinct property that is highly effective in introducing information into the specific DNA of the cell. HIV works by altering and infecting a cell of DNA, but according to researches it can similarly infect a malfunctioning cell with the genetic material it was missing and therefore can cure some genetic disorders.


7. Printed Bones

Printed Bones

Breaking bones are very painful and the cast you have to wear while the bone is healing naturally is very irritating. But it seems that period has gone and now with the help of 3D printers, researchers have developed a hybrid material that possesses the same properties, the same flexibility and strength like a real bone. This model can then be implanted at the place of the fracture while the real bone flourishes up and around it like a scaffold. Once the target is achieved, the model disintegrates. The material used for bone structure was combined with stem cells, and grows the natural bone much quicker as compared to normal. This technology is extremely feasible, any tissue even the full organs could be grown.


6. Cultivation Of Body Parts

Britain Growing Body Parts

It sounds incredible, but cultivation of body parts can be possible now. Scientists are struggling more and more for creating human organs in the laboratories. Soon it will be possible to cultivate complex organs like hearts and kidneys. The scientists are performing various researches in the laboratories and fetching the mediums with numerous scientific ways to achieve their goal. Ears, eyes, fingers can be grown now artificially in scientific laboratories and soon the scientists will be experimenting to cultivate the heart and the brain.


5. Anti Bleeding Gel

Anti Bleeding Gel

Usually, any advancement in medical field comes from years of researches of high budget. Sometimes it is an abrupt accident or sometime a small team of brave people will step forward with a truly creative discovery. That’s the case with Isaac Miller and Joe Landolina and their Veti- Gel, which is a cream like material that will immediately seal a wound and begins the clotting process. The anti bleeding gel constitutes a synthetic framework that masks the extracellular matrix, which is a natural substance that aids in the body grow together. If this product comes in marketing then it can save the lives of millions of individuals.


4. Paper Test Detects Pancreatic Cancer

Paper Test Detects Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer is a very lethal diseases and pancreatic cancer is a very deadly form a cancer that should be diagnosed earlier in order to get proper treatment. Have you ever heard about the paper test that helps in detecting pancreatic cancer?

A teenage optimist Jack Andraka has invented a promising test for pancreatic cancer. This test will definitely cause a major change in medical field. This paper test is both cheap and of good quality, and will definitely detect the cancer cells in pancreas. It will also repair the damaged body tissue and regulate the antibodies.


3. DNA Legos

DNA Legos

DNA acts like the instructor of life, telling cells what they have to do. They change the structure and the message also changes. DNA is also termed as the building blocks of life, Engineers at Harvard making this phrase more literal. They are utilizing DNA as building blocks and for this they use nano size Legos to build structures. DNA is generally coded with 4 different letters; A, T, G and C. When DNA combines, G links with C, and A links with T. So, they designed a DNA strand that included two of each letter in the form of pegs of a Lego brick. Compile them together and you can constitute anything. DNA Legos will regulate the cells and tissues and will also structure the new activities in the body. Soon, we will see this innovational technology entering in our lives.


2. Vaccinations Without Needles

Vaccinations Without Needles

Many individuals face needle phobia and therefore hesitate to get vaccinated and receive injection. Approximately 50% of children do not get vaccinated due to fear and pain of needles and the difficulties that heath individuals face while administrating inhaled versions. Due to this reason, there in increase in flu epidemic every year. Therefore professionals have developed a needle free method, with the help of this method vaccine is directly delivered to the human body. This technology is extremely beneficial for these individuals or for every one as with the help of this no one will have to bear the pain of needles. This technology will involve the use of a disc formed micro needle array that will act as a replacement for needles that are used in vaccine injections.


1. Electric Underwear

Electric Underwear

This technology sounds strange but it is not so, this technology can really save lives of thousands of individuals. This is really a relieving technology for bed ridden patients, when a patient is admitted in hospital and lie on hospital beds for days, weeks or even months, then they can develop bed sores. These bed sores are extremely miserable and add more pain to the life of patient who is battling with illness. The bed sores can be deadly, approximately 60,000 individual die from bed sores and resulting infections each year. These new under pants that provide an electric shock may be capable to prevent pressure sore in patients that are bed ridden. Pressure sores also known as bed sores are ulcers that develop when skin gets damaged due to staying in one position for a prolonged period of time. They develop in areas where the bone is close to skin, including back, ankles, hips and heels.

These bed sores can lead to life threatening conditions like gangrene or deadly infections. The electric under pant will heal the wounds and compress the skin. It is unbelievable but people will believe it when they will see its miraculous effects themselves.


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