Top 10 Most Addictive Games on Android Play Store

With hundreds of new attractive games making their way to Play Store every day, it can be a real hassle to distinguish between the newbies, one hit wonders and the ones that really make you want to keep swiping your mobile’s screen the whole day. Regardless of whether you only play games during your free time or you actually make time to play games like GTA where you could spend the whole day and still not get enough of the gaming experience. There are games for everyone in the list below. So without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 most addictive Android games.


Don’t forget to leave your comments about whether you agree or disagree with our ranking and if you think we’ve missed something special off of the list. We will surely consider if it is worthy of inclusion further down the line.


  1. Temple Run 2

temple run

Taking a clear edge over other infinity runner games, Temple Run 2 uses motion sensors to provide an ultimately interactive user interface. The versatile endless track involving trains, tunnels, waterfalls, fire and other landscapes. The keeps the user interested at all times so it’s hard to let go off!

  1. 8 Ball Pool


Just like all other platforms, 8 Ball Pool has its loyal players on Android too. Cross-platform connectivity allows users to challenge a large pool of players from all over the world and also enjoy chatting while having a game of pool.


  1. Bubble Shoot


Based on one of the most classic gaming ideas, Bubble Shoot has gained popularity due to its simplicity. The user shoots balls to pop bubbles packed together on the top of the screen, same color bubbles pop off when you shoot them and the target is to survive until the bubbles fill the screen.

  1. Jet Pack Joyride

Jet Pack Joyride

This game offers a lot of funky costumes and jetpacks for the user to endlessly run through different environments until you get hit. There are various obstacles on the way that you have to dodge to survive.


  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the most favorite arcade racing game in the category. The free game gives you an impressive user-friendly and interactive view of driving while allowing you to choose between real-life cars that you’ve always just dreamt to drive. Good graphics make different racing tracks shine and tempt the user to keep driving in career mode that takes you through eight seasons and 180 events.


  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Being the most iconic game on the Play Store, majority android mobile users have definitely come across some version of Angry Birds and I doubt hardly anyone would’ve resisted getting addicted to this game. There are many series of this game but all involve an interactive slingshot that you can target to shoot green pigs and other items housed in forts. The uniqueness of this particular game is its simplicity!

  1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Although it seems like this game has been around for centuries, it remains just as addictive today as it was years ago when it was launched. The user keeps on swiping their finger to maneuver a sword across the touchscreen, cracking open various fruits that keep bouncing on the screen. The sleek graphics of splitting watermelons, bananas, peaches are bound to make you feel hungry as you play!

  1. Hopscotch Pakistan

HopScotch Pakistan

Unique due to its sleek design and easy interface, Hopscotch Pakistan is developed by Off-Road Studios. It presents city environments of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to provide an at-home feeling while you enjoy the most popular Pakistani street game ever. The user can unlock new levels to keep the mystery alive while the nostalgic feeling is sure to make you addicted in no time.


  1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

One of the most addictive infinity runner games, Subway Surfers has rightly taken over its competition like Temple Run. The game involves a boy running on the subway and railway tracks of various cartoony cities while being followed by a police officer trying to catch him. You have to dash through the tracks while avoiding trains and other obstacles and, at the same time, you can collect coins and other goods on the way. Earning enough coins lets you unlock new characters and power-ups. It’s great fast-paced fun!


  1. Candy Crush


I think it won’t be unfair to call Candy Crush more than a game, it’s like a cultural phenomenon. This game has taken the idea of addictive gaming to a psychotic level attracting millions of peoples’ imaginations. Furthermore, the developers often reshape the game for festive holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter. So there is really no reason to keep your hands off of this game.


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