Top 10 Most Amazing Technologies In 2020

The thing that is responsible for advancing and changing this world is technology. Technologies possess some risk but positive technological discoveries guarantee contemporary solutions towards the most compelling world challenges, from means insufficiency to world environmental change, from superhuman potentials to uncompromising health complications. Technology means a lot for every one, we can improve our standards of life and can accelerate the ways that aid in giving us better life disciplines. Here we have the list of top 10 most amazing technologies in 2020, which are outstanding and will definitely give us a new way to look at our lives.


10. Smart Wind And Solar Power

Smart Wind And Solar Power

Solar and wind power are the future’s energy part, but this sort of energy is irregular and that is a big question in its expansion. But in this modern world things are going to be changed, artificial intelligence and Big Data are providing ultra accurate predictions that will make it possible to merge more renewable energy into the grid. These forecasts are helping industries to deal with the intermittency of wind and solar power that is its one of the biggest challenges. Using small amounts of solar and wind energy is extremely feasible for services. Newly established solar and wind energy systems can produce electricity at much cheaper rates than new nuclear power plants.




9. Ultraprivate Smartphones

Ultraprivate Smartphones

The advance and amazing technology has made it achievable for the scientists to evolve ultraprivate smartphones.  In present era, there are numerous users who are suspicious about permissions by certain applications to approach information within their device, or the individuals who desire privacy, these ultraprivate smartphones are best options for them. The Blackphone is a highly secured smartphone and its security factor has no uncertainty. It has safe and secure wifi connections, a safety center, erasure and data security in case of loss or other issue of the terminal. With these smartphones neither government nor advertisers will gather confidential details from your cell phones. The new models of this sort of phones will be launched soon and their features will be beyond your imaginations.


8. Nanowire Lithium-Ion Batteries

Nanowire Lithium-Ion Batteries

Batteries are extremely important in various aspects of modern life as they are stores of electrical charge. Lithium ion batteries offer good energy density but the larger surface area accompanied with nanowires and nanoparticles further enhances the power density of battery allowing rapid charging and current delivery. The nanowire Lithium-ion batteries are highly powerful and will be capable to charge numerous electronic devices without any issue. There is no need to recharge these batteries as they have capacity to work for years after years.


7. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

The Rift is a forthcoming truly immersive virtual reality headset designed particularly for video games and it will definitely change your thinking about gaming eternally. It is a thing that will make you enjoy basic reality goggles and mesmerizing virtual worlds. It has an impressive field of view, high resolution presentation, and extremely low abeyance head tracking. It offers a truly captivating experience that makes you to step inside your cherished game and analyze worlds in a new manner. This surprising technology is designed to maximize captivation, comfort, and perfection, unlimited fun, at a cost that everyone can afford.


6. Microscale 3-D Printing

Microscale 3-D Printing

With the help of inks that are made from various types of materials, when precisely applied, are helpful in printing various kinds of things. In 3-D printing there are multiple materials that are used to design objects like biological tissue with blood vessels. 3D printing excels in designing sophisticated detailed 3D structures, especially from inert components such as metal or plastic. In the past, researchers like Lewis and her team have invented a wide range of innovative inks that harden into materials with useful mechanical and electrical properties. These inks permit 3-D printing to go further and ingrain functionality.


5. Agricultural Drones

Agricultural Drones

The advent of agricultural drones is an amazing advancement in this modern world, according to many experts these drones could revolutionize the industry. These drones are small, less expensive and easy to use and agriculture could be the platform for the applications of commercial drone. Comparatively cheap drones with contemporary sensors and imaging efficiency are giving farms new forms to enhance yields and minimize crop damage. These are becoming an appliance like some other consumer device. Agricultural drones can provide farmers detailed views of the crop and therefore aid in resolving irrigation problem and providing opportunities for better crop management. A drone can inspect a crop on weekly basis, daily basis or even on hourly basis.


4. Body-Adapted Wearable Electronics

Body-Adapted Wearable Electronics

They are body suitable appliances that aid individuals to better interpret their physical and personal fitness. From Fitbit wristband to the Google Glass, wearable technology has provoked meaningful attention over the last year. Body-adapted wearable electronic devices help in maintaining fitness by auditing sleep patterns, heart rate, exercise and many more. These devices are embedded in clothes or can be worn on body and therefore providing individuals’ real time feed back regarding their health. These electronic devices are small, contain wide range of sensors and a feedback system. These devices camouflages with your body and therefore are socially agreeable, less expensive as the sort of sensors used are more common, offer wide range of functions that aid in maintaining good health. An example of this amazing technology is Lechal Haptic shoe soles, these soles help the blinds in searching their way to specific destination. This is possible due to vibration alerts in the sole, which are felt by the feet, making the blinds where to turn and which things they have to avoid.


3. Agile Robots

Agile Robots

Computer scientists have designed machines that have the dexterity and balance to move and run across rugged and irregular field, making them far more favorable in operating human environments. These are legged machines and can run and walk like humans. This astonishing innovation has made scientists capable to carry out more experiments to design robots that are strong like humans. These agile robots have extraordinary sense of balance and can stabilize themselves with easy and therefore can move easily and safely around human environments. Robots with exceptional sense of balance and ability to walk can be used in emergency rescue operations and they can play an important role in routine jobs like helping older or physical disabled individuals.


2. Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping

With tremendous efforts and hard work, a new map has designed that shows brain structures in much greater detail than ever before. This brain mapping provides neuroscientists a guide of the immense complexity of the brain. There is no doubt that the neuroscientists have made amazing progress in previous years towards understanding the brain working.

The basic purpose and achievement of brain mapping is to enhance the understanding of the association between the function and structure in the human brain. Scientists and researchers in this field try to gain knowledge about the physical processes that govern human sensation, cognition and attention awareness. Its consequences will be used in treatment of many psychiatric and psychological disorders. Our brain is comprised of billions of neurons, every individual have the capability to think and they do things because of their thoughts.

Here a question arises in mind that how do the tiny cells interpret in thoughts and actions and the initiative of brain activity map helps in seeking the answer of this question. With the help of this technology, researchers have exposed that patients can move a cursor of computer by thinking and wielding a robotic arm as if it were their own.


1. Genome Editing

Genome Editing

Genome editing is a sort of genetic engineering in which DNA is introduced, replaced, or detached from a genome with the help of molecular scissors or artificially engineered nucleases. It is frequently practiced in genetic analysis. It is a swift growing technology and is an encouraging new approach. The information of genes, evolution and hereditary methods has helped man a lot in developing a number of drugs. Treating the children and adults with gene therapy, extermination of hereditary diseases, and dealing with sex related problems has become much easier with this technology.

The ability to reshape proposed genes in primates is a beneficial mean in the study of human diseases.  The ability of creating primates with premeditated mutations could offer strong new ways to study complex and genetically enigmatic brain disorders. This amazing technology is extremely beneficial and the comprehensive knowledge of human genes has made this all possible.



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