Top 10 Most Attractive Cities You Must Visit

Our earth is very beautiful and its beauty is beyond comparison. This gigantic planet is blessed with amazing landscapes, magnificent seas, vast oceans, glorious mountains and scenic views. Each and every corner of this earth contains some unique wonders that are extremely outstanding. With the advance technologies the natural beauty of the earth has been enhanced so much as the gigantic buildings, innovative style roads, glorious bridges, iconic structures add more charm to the place around. Museums, parks, shopping malls, five-star hotels, Royal palaces are so flawlessly designed that human eye can not resist itself to see them again and again. This world is so big with numerous countries that have enormous cities and therefore a numbers of places to visit, but it is not possible to visit each and every city but here we have the list of Top 10 Most Attractive Cities You Must Visit, to see the hidden and seen wonders of nature and man creativity.


10. Jaipur

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities You Must Visit

Jaipur was named after its emperor Jai Singh and is the capital and largest city of the state Rajasthan of India. This city is renowned as the pink city and contains various historical monuments. The Hawa Mahal, the Lake Palace and the Nahargarh Palace are very famous sites of this city.


9. Amsterdam

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  - Amsterdam

It is one of the most beautiful and renowned cities of Netherlands. It is a charming city that offers the tourists a wonderful balance between modern architecture and historical monuments. It is a well-organized city that has spacious parks and city squares along with beautiful landscapes. The most spectacular feature of this city is its unique canal system that is known as canal ring. It has also many appealing and beautiful places to visit.


8. San Francisco

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  - San Francisco

One of the most renowned cities of United States is San Francisco.It is ranked as the world’s 44th top most tourist destination and was the United State’s six most visited place in 2011. This city is very much famous for its cool summer, steep rolling hills, fog and eclectic mix of architecture. Its important landmark includes the Golden Gate Bridge which is the most iconic structure and is a symbol of achievement and success for the individuals of United States. Coit Tower, Cable cars, China town district and former prison on Alcatraz Island are its renowned features. There are attractive buildings and steep mountains that are enough to attain the attention of every visitor.


7. Lahore

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  - Lahore

Lahore is a beautiful, second largest city of the Pakistan and is the capital of Pakistani Province of Punjab. It is an important historical centre of South Asia and also termed as the “Mughal City of Gardens” because of the presence of historical gardens in and around the city that remember the great Mughal period. It is said by the Pakistani people who  has not seen Lahore, has seen nothing.

It is an important religion hub as it is a home to numerous mosques, temples and shrines like Data Darbar. The spectacular places of Lahore include Shahi Qila, Jehangir’s Mausoleum, Shalimar Garden and Badshahi Mosque while the other wonderful places to visit include Minar e Pakistan, Wagha Border and the Taxali Gate. The people of this city are so much lively and enjoy every festival fully, Lahore is also renowned for delicious foods as the Food Street in Lahore is a famous place to visit.


6. New York City

New York

It is an iconic city of America and the United State’s most populous city that attracts millions of tourists from all around the world both for its high skyscrapers and fascinating beaches. The Statue of Liberty is the very prominent feature of America and is a symbol of freedom and friendship. Niagara Falls is another very renowned and beautiful tourist attraction of the city with more than 25 million visitors each year. This city possesses a very modern and impressive architecture. The other major attractions include Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Washington Square Park, and Times Square, it is therefore a remarkable city of the world.


5. Sydney

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  - Sydney

Sydney is the most populous city of Australia and is the state capital of New South Wales. It is one of the country’s most glorious cities and has a superlative balance between the man-made and natural tourist destinations. It is dynamic cultural hub with many renowned and fine galleries, museums and arts spaces including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of New South Whales and the White Rabbit Gallery. Sydney opera house is the most beautiful city’s building and is in fact the face of the city. It is a city that has numerous parks and many great monuments, as well as is a world-renowned harbour and over than seventy scenic braches.


4. Berlin

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  - Berlin

It is the Capital and largest city of Germany and about one-third of its area is composed of forests, gardens, parks, lakes and rivers making it a wonderful place to enjoy and live. It is a world city of politics, science, media, culture and host of 147 foreign embassies. Here people enjoy an extremely high quality of living and it is home to reputed universities, research institutes, museums, orchestras and celebrities. Its historical legacy and urban setting have made it a renowned destination for International film productions.

Berlin is famous for its night-life, diverse architecture, festivals and contemporary arts. In Berlin you can enjoy an incredible array of sights that reflects the charm and the great history of the city. The very important and historical land mark of the city is the Brandenburg gate that is also imprinted on the coins of German currency. The Museum Island and Berlin church are also spectacular places of Berlin and the TV tower also offers sky view of the city.


3. London


London is one of the world’s biggest cities and possibly one of the largest too. It is the capital of England and is located at the bank of River Thames having a glorious view and fascinating beaches. The Buckingham Palace, Big Ben tower, St. Pauls cathedral etc are some of the very noticeable monuments of the city. It is a leading and prominent global city with strengths in the education, arts, fashion, transport and tourism. The London eye is a colossal Ferris wheel also known as the Millennium Wheel which is the most famous paid tourist destination in UK and has made various appearances in famous culture. The tower of London, National history museum, British museum and Tate modern are some of the London’s attractions that should be visited. It also contains a number of parks to enjoy and relax including James’s Park, Greenwich Park, Green Park and Hyde Park.


2. Rome

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  -  Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and is renowned as one of the world’s oldest cities that is also referred as “The Eternal City”. This city with a history span of 2,500 years ago is a prominent center of religion and is home to Roman Catholic. It is one of the world’s and Europe’s most successful city brands, in terms of assets and reputation. Colosseum is one of the symbols of Rome that is among the world’s seven wonders, it is the largest amphitheatre ever constructed in the Roman Empire and is a major tourist destination.

The other important monuments of ancient Rome include the Domus Aurea, the Roman Forum, Ara Pacis, the Pyramid of Cestius, etc. Another city named as Vatican city, is also enclosed in Rome. The unlimited immensity of its artistic and archaeological treasures, the charisma of its exclusive traditions, the majesty of its glorious villas and the beauty of its scenic views make Rome an interesting city to visit.


1. Paris

Top 10 Most Attractive Cities  -  Paris

This amazing city is the Capital of France and is renowned as one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Being the earth’s most romantic place, Paris holds the title of the “City of Love”, it is also the Europe’s first city that started lighting and therefore also termed as the “City of Light”. Prolonged political and cultural developments have made Paris a place of varieties of theatres, monuments, museums and architectural styles. The face of the Paris is majestic Eiffel tower that is a favorite tourist destination of million of people’s from all over the world.

It is a city that has attracted various artists from all around the world in order to gain inspiration from impressive galleries and artistic resources which are the works of the history’s most skilled and famous painters and has earned the tile of the “City of Art”. It has a lot of masterpieces including the Arc De Triomphe and the Louvre which are the iconic buildings. In spite of various museums and various painting Paris has also many others attraction including castles and various parks. It is a unique combination of beautiful scenery, magnificent architecture and pleasing climate and therefore an amazing city that should be visited.

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