Top 10 Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020

As every New Year, 2020 is going to bring a blast with it. There is so much coming that it was nearly impossible to select top 10 most awaited Hollywood movies 2020. Except the listed ones and uncounted ones, there is a list that still needs to confirm its release date in 2020 and hence those are not put here. To name a few, the imitation game and The Raid-2 are among those. Also there are some of the movies that have already arrived in some places in 2020 only, for instance Hayao Miyazaki’s swansong the wind rises. Here is what Hollywood has to offer for the next year.


10. RoboCop

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 -

The much publicised remake is already in controversy. The reason being Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, which is still regarded as one of the best movies of 1980’s. The outstanding mixture of graphic violence, comedy and corporate satire was something that made it a great hit. Though, many are not expecting it to be better than the original, I am sure it’s goanna blow us off, as claimed by Paul. To be released on 12th February, 2020.


9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - Captain America - The winter soldier

One of the Marvel’s two awesome movies landing next year. It is already in news that the movie has a story connecting the two parts of Avengers, the next one is to come in 2020 and called as Avengers: Age of Ultron. Scarlet johannson is known to have a sizeable role as Black widow. To be released on 26 march, 2020.


8. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - X-Men - Days of future past

Bryan Singer is back in this one after the first class. As an interesting fact, we are going to have both James McAvoy and Patrick stewart playing professor-X here. No doubt Singer can handle complex story lines as evident from the usual suspects. The movie is going to be a real retreat. To be released on 23 May 2020.


7. How To Train Your Dragon 2

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - How to train your dragon 2

There have been some awesome animated movies that I have not included here and are going to be a must watch. To name a few, Mr Peabody and Sherman and Big hero six are some among them. But here is one of the most awaited of all. Not only this, Dean DeBlois has claimed to land the third part in 2020. With no intensions to break your suspense, the story here has moved five years from the last one and Hiccup finds himself to be a conflict among humans and dragons. To be released on 18 March, 2020.


6. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 -  Guardians of the Galaxy

Here is the second explosion by Marvel. However, as calculated it may not turn out as the best blast of 2020 animation. This is not the first time when Marvel is bring a new concept to people. So this is going to be a space based adventure. If you were waiting for some unusual comic book to appear as a movie, here is your wish getting granted. To be released on 1st August, 2020.


5. Disney’s Tomorrowland

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 -  Disney’s Tomorrowland

Now here is something we have a heard of a lot. Is it a star wars sequel or Buck Rogers remake or an adaption of EE Doc Smith novel? These were the rumours spread few years back on this one. However there is not much in the news about this. All we have is George Clooney is going to be an inventor, Hugh Laurie is the villain and Britt Robertson plays the heroin. The secrecy surrounding the movie has already gained people’s attention. To be released on 22 may, 2020.


4. Birdman

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - Birdman

Michael Keaton, the forgotten superhero is back again in the Alejandro Gonzalez’s new feature. Birdman is presented as a comedy with twists and turns that I surely must not be revealed here. Emma stone, Edward Norton, Andrea Riseborough, Zach Galafianakis, Naomi Watts and Amy Ryan are the co-stars.


3. Interstellar

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - Interstellar

The notorious film making of Christopher Nolan has led nothing in news about his new release till now. As per rumours, the story is of some scientists who are trying to save a starving planet in universe. Its about the discovery of wormhole. Mathew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck and John Lithgow is the cast. People have spotted the shooting locations as Canada and Iceland. To be released on 7 November, 2020.


2. Godzilla 

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - Godzilla

With 2010 release Monsters, we have seen what director Gareth Edwards could do with such a small budget. And now in 2020, its time to get blown by his second one on high graphics and big budget. Edward has planned to make this one in the Ishiro Honda’s dark, sombre mode. The leaked soundtrack and comic con trailer has already fuelled our excitement. To be released on 16th may, 2020.


1. Transcendence 

Most Awaited Hollywood Movies 2020 - Transcendence

Cinematographer Wally Pfister has been known to produce low budget classics like Momento with Christopher Nolan, but this is his debut as a director. And guess the cast! It’s Johnny Depp, being a computer software scientist whose consciousness is upload on the net and Rebecca Hall is playing his wife and a scientific colleague. The scientist are about to create a computer intelligence that is going to be superior. And a terrorist organization is doing its best to stop that. The premise alone has shaken our knees. No doubt the release of Transcendence could be the moment when Mr. Pfister turns out to be a brilliant storyteller.

By now, I am sure you have proven you extremely wrong if you were to say that 2020 was the best year of Hollywood movies till date. The 2020 is coming up with a great deal of amusement. So go out and get blown.

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