Top 10 Most Beautiful And Popular Hollywood Actresses 2020

Hollywood is a place where beauty gets its threshold and benchmark. Many gorgeous faces have graced the big screen over the years. It is not just their acting but their looks which have raised them to success. Though the industry is filled with good-looking attractive faces, there are a few whose charm just doesn’t leave the mind. Some beauties stand out among the rest. So we have short listed some amazing actresses in our list of Top 10 Most Beautiful And Popular Hollywood Actresses 2020. The actresses on the list are not only top of their game in the industry but are a dream goal of every other woman.


10. Charlize


Theron Owing to her looks Charlize Theron was long type casted as a beautiful girl but she broke that trend by taking up an ugly role and winning an award for it. That is called dedication. Splendid statuesque figure and green eyes are her outstanding features.




9. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a remarkable actress with wide variety of roles in her bag. She is one of the most desirable women of the industry. She has two children. She was on the list of hottest babes and Sexiest Women.


8. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

It may be cliché but c’mon, we cannot come out of ‘Pretty Woman’ spell. So let’s call her pretty woman shall we? Her bright smile is her emblem. She is number one on the list of Power 100. She is pretty, she is glamorous, she knows acting and well she is popular and everything a girl would want to be and a man would want to have. The actress is now 47 years old.


7. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is deemed as one of the most adorned and symmetric faces in the industry. She made people fall in love with her in the television series Friends. Jennifer Aniston is the idol of another beauty Selena Gomez. The young starlet has been taking advice from Jennifer. However it is quite strange that the actress had a lot of failed series and roles in her resume at the beginning. But oh well she redeemed all those bad roles by her looks and remarkable roles.


6. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Bright smile, blonde hair and blue eyes- Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Her acting and beauty both are unblemished. Cameron Diaz is a former model. She has done mostly comic and girl-next door type of roles but yes she can do other roles too. Cameron Diaz is refusing project these days apparently because she is preparing to be a mother. Cameron is in the lists of Sexiest Stars and Most beautiful people. A little trivia – Cameron’s reputation precedes her, literally because she has a reputation of being late.


5. Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Well-known story about Emma Stone – she made a PowerPoint presentation to persuade her parents for Hollywood. Well she made PowerPoint sassy…!! She started with television and then got a break on the big screen with Superbad in 2007. Her husky voice and green eyes are the definition of pretty these days owing to her remarkable red carpet appearances. She also has red hair. She is on the list of 100 sexiest women in the world. Her real name is Emily but because Emily Stone already existed she started with Emma Stone. She is also on the list of men’s most desirable women. Recently Emma was in crisis because of her leaked email address and number. She cried for an hour because of it.


4. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

Mother a physics teacher, father a mechanical engineer, Err…!! And daughter Mila Kunis. Well this might sound little cliché but well science students don’t normally fall in the category of beautiful seductive humans. Mila has her husky voice and one green and one brown eye as her trademark. She recently had a baby with Ashton Kutcher. She started acting when she was 9 years old and now she is 31 years old. Recently Mila was caught by the media and spilled some really random facts about her such as the fact that she and Ashton both have kissed Natalie Portman. She speaks Russian to her baby and also the fact that she loves all veggie pizza.


3. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is the most alluring and desirable women in the Hollywood industry. She started her acting career at a very early age. Scarlett loves makeup and self grooming and that is pretty evident from the fact that she is flawless when it comes to looks. The best part is that she is not skinny but has that buxom curvy figure. She also happens to have her lips as her trademark. Her voice also adds to her seductiveness. She happens to have a twin brother. She was named as the sexiest women alive but she does not consider her body as the best thing and thinks that it is OK..!! Well a lot of people will beg to differ.


2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Love her or just love her more because there is no way you can hate her. This brave humanitarian has endearment for humans and we have affection for her. Angelina Jolie rose to popularity and fame with her role as Lara Croft. After that there was no turning back. She is an Oscar Winning Actress with the ability to do action films like no one else. She has graced the big screen many times. She is also a UN ambassador and has earned respect from her efforts to bring betterment to this world. Her latest film Maleficent earned her kid’s choice award and admiration from kids. Her name spells pretty because ‘Jolie’ means pretty. With that pout and those defined cheekbones, Angie is here to be the prettiest of them all for a long time.


1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Question..!! Should you be happy or sad if you get rejected for a role because you are too pretty? Answer..!! You follow the casting people without brushing your hair and washing your face and go get the role. This is what Jennifer Lawrence did when she was rejected for the role in Winter’s Bone. Jennifer has numerous accolades to prove her popularity. She is best known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games.

She has won an Oscar award for Best Actress and fell down while receiving it which just added to her popularity. She is funny she is gorgeous and has been quoted as best young actress of America. Recently her funny bone tickled and she was seen with a unibrow and a moustache on her face. Jennifer has also been searching for a house in New York. Her recent clicks caught her with a toned tummy and glamorous beauty as she is.



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