Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020

When it comes to entertainment; Bollywood is the top name. Bollywood aka B-town has been producing magnanimous films from past many years. A big credit surely goes to the actors and actresses of the industry. And it is the fact that people love to watch movies having beautiful and glamorous heroes and heroines in it. Nowadays makeup can make anyone beautiful. But there are still some people having natural beauty. I have also summed up a list of those actresses who have real natural beauty. By reading this list of top 10 most beautiful Bollywood actresses in 2020, you will come to know the latest trends, movies and people of the B-Town.




10. Sunny Leone

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 -

Nowadays, sunny leone has become a hot topic of Bollywood industry due to her frequent appearances. ‘Ek Paheeli Leela’ and ‘Mastizaade’ are two of her new films being released this year. Sunny Leone is not only talented but is beautiful enough to fit in this industry within no, she has really worked on her acting skills.


9. Huma Qureshi

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Huma Qureshi

Huma has been doing theaters and has been a model for quite a time period. After that she started doing films. She has been brand ambassador of some top brands and can often been seen on tv commercials. She has a huge fan following. She has received awars for ‘Gangs of wasyapur’, ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ and other movies. She is starred in a movie named ‘Badlapur’ this year.


8. Dia Mirza

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Dia Mirza

This pretty lady has been off the screen since two years. The reason is that she has turned herself into a successful producer. But she revealed her wish of being on the screen in an interview by saying that she would be doing a film in 2020. She is appearing in a film ‘Kayanaat’ which would be released in March, this year. This gorgeous figure recently got married to her business partner. We wish her a very best of luck in her life and surely want to see her in movies again.


7. Shraddha Kapoor

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha gained popularity after her blockbuster movie ‘Ashiqui 2’. And if you have not seen this film, you must watch it. She is new in the industry and she has been successful in tackling her professional life. Her father Shakti Kapoor is also a big name in the industry, but Shraddha has made her name entirely upon her acting abilities. She is looking gorgeous in ‘Aik Villan’. She has laso been into singing and has got a melodious voice. Appearing on the screen for ‘ABCD 2’ this year.


6. Ileana D’Cruz

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana is a pretty young lady and has got actual good looks. She is not seen frequently on the screen, but whenever she comes, every other thing fades out. She was looking much appealing in her latest film ‘Main Tera Hero’ and her looks were enough to allure the audience towards the film. She has no doubt done awesome acting in ‘Barfi’ as well. She is a glamorous diva of the Bollywood society. We expect more movies from her.


5. Sonam Kapoor

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Sonam Kapoor

Sonam is one of the most classy and glamorous actress in Bollywood. She has the best fashion sense in the whole industry and is purely a ‘fashionista’. Her movies are not always on the top of the charts, but her exquisiteness is surely on the top. She always looks pretty in her movies. Her latest film ‘Khobsoorat’ has made records in the industry and ‘Dolly ki Doli’ being released this year is a;so expected to make records. She is a self-made personality and needs no stylist. It can be said that other Bollywood actresses must get inspiration from her fashion statements.


4. Jacqueline Fernandez

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Jacqueline Fernandez

Starred against Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Roy’, this Sri Lankan actress and model is ready to dazzle the B-town with her glamour, attractiveness and elegance in 2020. She has also been the ‘Miss Sri Lanka’ back in 2006. She stands in the category of those Indian actresses who have got fresh skin with a beautiful skin tone (Let me tell you, this category has got only numbered actresses). She has recently got a Popular Choice Awards 2020 under the banner of best actress.


3. Alia Bhatt

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Alia Bhatt

This young lady has dazzled the B-town within no time. Her debut ‘Student of the Year’ was a big success. She is beautiful and her acting skills are modern and appraisable. In addition to this, her small age adds cherry on the top. Beauty runs in her family, as her father and sister who are also committed to Bollywood are one of their kind. She has also got fine dancing skills. In short she is a total package and it is expected that Alia will rock the industry with her talents this year as well.


2. Kareena Kapoor

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Kareena Kapoor

This beauty queen belongs to the ‘Kapoor’s family’ who have a history of acting. She gained beauty and acting skills in her genes. Her films, most of the times, come under the banner of ‘hit’. She is a versatile actress and has worked with big names of the industry. Her marriage with Saif Ali Khan help her gain more popularity. Her figure is a feature which everybody wants to copy. Her blockbusters include ‘3 Idiots’, ‘Jab We Met’, “Heroine’ and many more. She would be seen on the screen in ‘Main Gabbar’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan’ in 2020.


1. Deepika Padukone

Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses in 2020 - Deepika Padukone

Deepika has been ruling Bollywood from past two years. Her every single movie has hit the top charts and been a blockbuster. She started her career from ‘Om Shanti Om’ and since then she has won the hearts of the movie lovers through her glamour and beauty. Deepika has got some really fine and attractive features. Her eyes, lips, hair everything is near to perfection.Plus she has maintained herself so well and she can be called the pure beautiful diva of the B-town. ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Piku’ are her latest with the same charisma and allusion as others.



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  1. Priyanka chopra is the most beautiful actress of b’town….why is she not there in the list?????
    I m very annoyed

  2. Motherfucker! Jo sab say zyada kbobsurat hai so hai nahi where is Katrina? You blind fools!! Katrina is no1 in beauty agree or die

    1. Why to die? Everyone has there own choice. Kangana Ranaut is most beautiful lady of whole the universe. Aai baat samajh mein??? ???

  3. ha bhai sahee bat katrina kaha hai.yaha pe bhe corruption chaltee hai kia.jab bhe katrina ke jis se comparison hotee hai.comments.likes sab kuch ziada katrina milte hai.use list mein se clear harampayeee hai.

  4. katrina kaif most beautiful actoress of bollywood katrina should be no 1 acoress iam sick for katrinas beauty

  5. Fuck you all are you both where is katrina she is the best actress in all world and buetiful lol I love katrina katrina is n.1 forever no motherfucking birch deepika fuck you

  6. Kangana Ranaut’s lovely, pretty, cute and beautiful face is evergreen. Katrina, Deepika, Shraddha comes at second. Sunny leone and Bipasha Basu are also not less. But…Dont say Alia Bhatt. She’s has nothing.

  7. East or West , Kangana Ranaut is the Best….Among the whole Kangu always is in my chest. Agar koi kangana se compare karega toh dubke marega…

  8. Jaquellin Fernandez is the best of all. Katrina,Deepika,Kangana,Kareena,Priyanka,Alia all fail in front of Jaquellin .Please search and watch pics you all will agree or even die of her beauty.

    1. Sorry Princess Yusra!!! But I didn’t die by looking Jacqueline Fernandez’s pics and her beauty. Coz I die for Kangana Ranaut’s rare and unique beauty.

  9. Kangana! Kangana! and only Kangana…Her eyes looks perfect. Her smile…Haaye Haaye…Her curly hair looks like a pretty doll’s hair. Her whole face is pretty, charming, cute and innocent. Heyy Kangana! I love you. She is the most Khoobsurat actress of B-town. I am crazy for her.

  10. Kangana Ranaut is the QUEEN of a bollywood. Those who says that she’s not beautiful…it is not true that they do not like her…Actually they are jealous of her enchanting beauty and perfect figure…Samajh rahe ho naa meri baat????

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  11. Kangana Ranaut is a QUEEN of the Bollywood. Her Beauty…Haaye. She is a Queen of her beauty. Heyy Kangana…I love You Dear…

    1. Look guys deepika padukone has won many awards and got a chance fast and furios 7 too!!!! … But she dint go……. And katrina is beautiful but she do not act very good…. Only deepika does and kareena is never ever beautiful…. She has a square face which makes me feel vomit….. Ewwww

  12. And kangana ranaut did plastic surgery to look beautiful so she is not any queen. Aishwarya rai is damn beautiful and acts very good but now she is not acting…. Then sonam is so disgusting, she only has good figure… She is not at all beautiful. And i dont why they did not put beauties like pareeniti, sonakshi, priyanka instead they put these ugly looking ppl like Jacqueline, sonam kapoor, sunny leone, huma qureshi….. Any way my best choise is deepika cuz she is the light of the bollywood.

  13. Kangana sucks…. She did plastic surgery and made everyone like herand also she supports for SMOKING!!!!! that means she also smokes…. OMG….. DEEPIKA PADUKONE…. LONG LIVES DEEPIKA PADUKONE….. LONG LIVES.

    1. KANGANA!!! KANGANA!!!! KANGANA!!!! God bless upon U…U will B the top actress kicking all the rest of actresses. You’ll also live 100 & 20 years. or forever… Ur the Bestestttttt. We all love and support U… So your upcoming film releasing???? Your ‘Die hart’ fans like me are awaiting 4 ur films without having a rest. Why God made u. so much pretty that you made me restless???

    2. Kangana has an angelic beauty. I agree that. She is also my role model and Cigarretes cant destroy her lungs Coz; she is god gifted. Kangana Ki JAI HO!!! !!! Kangana is the Best…No.1… Dont compare other heroines with her. They are not even able to be compared with Kangna’s high level. Either in Beauty or Stardom. Bheje mein Zaraa ghusake rakhio… …

  14. Kangana…I love her very much. She is a no.1 diva of Bollywood. Ok, I agree that deepika padukone is a beautiful actress but she is not a perfectionist in in acting. Watch kangana’s gangster, woh lamhe and fashion… then you’ll come to know that why everyone are crazy about her…

  15. Kangana Ranaut has a natural beauty . Why u only believe in her plastic surgery??? If she hadn’t her natural beauty than surgery could do nothing. Watch her previous debut films before she did any surgeries…She looks perfect.

  16. My innocent eyes could only see KANGANA RANAUT in the whole glitzy bollywood. Evry actresses looks artificial beautiful b’coz of their so’called make-ups. But Kangana looks light and cute even without any make-up. Kyun……Sahi kaha naa Maine??????????

  17. Sonakshi Sinha…Awww she’s fat, Priyanka Chopra…Emmm she’s black, Kareena Kapoor…Oops her cylinder types facial structure, Alia Bhatt…Very tiny eyes, Katrina…Not good speaking… Kangana Ranaut… Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect…She’s the best of the best.

  18. Kangana Ranaut is No.1 Beautiful, gordeous, sizzling, dazzling, mind blowing, fantastic ,chumeshwari actress I have ever saw since my birth. She is innocent, polite and open-hearted too. She’s also a National award winner…

  19. Some of the Beautiful Bollywood Actresses: Kangana Ranaut, Deepika, Sunny leone, Jacqueline, Bipasha & Katrina. Some of the Worse & Ugly actresses of Bollywood: Mannara Chopra, Kalki Koechlin, Alia Bhatt etc. Although, Kangana Ranaut is my. favourite Dream Girl. Heyyy Kangu I wanna date U U Honey… …

  20. Kangana… She is my angel. Kangu Baby should be at top. You go on.taking cigarettes. B’coz you are a boon.from.a nature. You are so strong and special that cigarettes cant destroy ur lungs. Heyy Baby I often see ur pics every nights without sleeping. So that my eyes are getting red.

  21. Kangana Ranaut is a highest paid actress in a Bollywood; Kangana doesn’t shows oomphy attitudes; Kangana is single without any time-pass relationship. Kangana is far better than other so’called bollywood divas. She is a most desirable women. So, I love plus respect her.

  22. Actually I am a girl. But when I see Kangana Ranaut in Television…I go lesbian for her beauty. My eyes are gone red b’coz I look her pics whole over the nights. She has something special that no body has…So, Keep her in a No.1 position in the list…Please… …

  23. Kangana Ranaut is the Best. Woh hi sabse jyada khubsurat hai aur yehi haqeeqat hai. Katrina se bhi achchi figure hai…with my kangana.

  24. Kangana Ranaut is the best. B’coz she has did such a films that other ordinary actresses couldn’t even imagine. Such as; Queen, Tanu weds manu returns, woh lamhe and revolver rani etc. B’Coz she is a self-dependent actress…not a shadowy heroine of ‘Heros’.

  25. Mr. Manraj I disagree that Katrina is a most beautiful…Bcoz KANGANA RANAUT is far better than Kaif. Katrina has nothing, I m just puzzled that what she has??? Kangana has a super power to win Katrina and so on…


  27. All kangana fansss…. She acts very awesome… But she smokes…. So i dont like her… Her smoking habit may effect her beauty and her minf… So kangana fans… Do u agree with me

  28. I loveeeeeeeeee deepika padukone. A lot…. I wish i had a body like her… Ong i wish i was her…….. But i am beautiful….. So who all support deepika

  29. Mister lawyer……. God never ever made kangana beautiful….. She made it by herself doing the surgery….. She suuuuuuuuuuucksssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Miss. Sirina!!! What’s your problem haa??? Kangana Ranaut is more Beautiful than Deepika Padukone. Have you ever seen deepika without make up??? Ewww……She looks terrible, horrible and dusky. But see kangana…even before surgery how pretty she is…Wow…See her childhood pics. She has a natural beauty too. And dont criticise about her Smoking habit. It’s all about her personal matter…Either she takes cigarretes or not…You dont have any right to interfare her personal life. See her talency…Have you ever saw Deepika Padukone at her home??? Who knows, she also may take Cigarattes personally…Lots Of Love to my Dearest person in the world KANGANA RANAUT.

  31. Yes Johny! I agree you that Kangana Ranaut is most beautiful and your dangerous reply. Katrina Kaif is never ever beautiful; she is very ugly…I dont like her. Deepika padukone is somehow beautiful but less than kangana. I also loudly say that, ‘KANGANA RANAUT IS A NO.1 DIVA OF BOLLYWOOD, I SALUTE HER BEAUTY, TALENCY AND RESPECT HER TOO’…


  33. Miss. Sirina!!! I hate DEEPIKA PADUKONE. And let me explain you that KANGANA RANAUT has won 3 National Awards, many debut awards for Gangster and iifa awards and so on… Deepika has got only filmfare awards. Millions of peoples loves Kangana. Who are you to hate Kangana…….Disgusting 🙁

  34. And also…Only getting awards does not matters. But the talent matters. No other ugly actresses can win my love kangana OK………………..Loving Kangana…A pure Indian Beauty…ummmmmmmuah to her…..

  35. Ms. Sirina!!! Dont ever mind but KANGANA RANAUT is Uncountable times more Beautiful than U.. Did U Understand???????? :* I wanna kiss kangana once my life.

  36. Ebery one hv their own thoughts… So i choose deepika…. And u guys like kangana….. Sum ppl like alia or jacqueline…… Like that there might be many ppl liking other actresses so please dont argue with others that who they like is no at all beautifull and mine is only the great choice…. I know even i hv fighted like that so i am ready to change

  37. Thanks Sirina……Your thought is nice. Everyone has their own choice. I like it. But who ia this jessica??? Who gave her right to say that kangana’s face is like grandmother….I think jessica herself is like a old bitch grandmother. I love kangana and I hate peoples like jessica……Miss. Jessica!!! Have you ever compared your face with Kangana??? I m sure that you look like a dirty monkey and kangana looks like a fairy…Did you understand girl??? Love U kangana…..

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  40. Heyyy Jessica…or Messica Watever…Teri kehne se kuchh bhi nahi hoga haan….Ek baar apni shakal toh dikha….Can you act like Kangana???….No……Is your face better than Kangana?????…..No, Never….Are you able to even compare ur face with Kangana????….No, never ever……Toh kis baat ki ‘Proudness’ hai tujhe??? Respect every actresses. Kangana ko stupid bagera bolnewala khud maha chutiya hai. I like and respect Kangana Ranaut as well as I respect every actresses of Bollywood…………………………

  41. Jessica Dadi G…..ko meri taraf se pranam. Jessica Dadi G….Aap toh meri sabse favourite grand ma….Aap 80 years old ho chuki ho. Jessica Grand ma……Kaha kangana…The one & only beauty queen aur kahan aap…80 years old poorest grandma of the level. Aapki aukaat kya hai meri kangana darling ko tease karne wali…badhi aayi……… :'(

  42. Even Big.B Amitabh Bachchan once told he feels proud of himself because the industry where he is standing, there’s Kangana Ranaut. Deepika Padukone also felt jealous of Kangana for her OMG performance in Queen movie. Kangana is the powerhouse of Bollywood. So that she is one of the highest paid actress of the Bollywood. I am a die-hart fan of Kangana Ranaut. I feel proud for India, because where I born is a land of a birthplace of a dream beauty Kangana Ranaut.

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  46. Sunny Leone’s VAGINA is more beautiful than Katrina Kaif’s silly face. Katrina Kaif is the MOST WORST ACTRESS OF THE BOLLYWOOD OF ALL TIME. Woh saali kuti Kaminee Katrina Kaif toh waise bhi Ranbir Kapoor ki ‘BITCH’ hai. Katrina Kaif’s face is same like a ‘MONKEY IN THE TOILET’ got it…….Katrina ne deepika padukone se Ranbir kapoor ko china hai…..Katrina’s whole face is vomiting tablet….HA HA HA HA….

  47. I also dont like Katrina Kaif very much. She is the bitch of Ranbir Kapoor. Ha Ha Ha……. 🙂 ……. Kalki Koechlin is 1000000000000 times beautiful than Katrina Kaif….Katrina Kaif Ka Sakal dekhke toh mujhe hamesha….GORILLA ki yaad aati hai… Kya Karoon O Katrina fans…….Main hoon aadat se majhboor…………

  48. Silky Hair is the most common. Every Celebrities and even ordinary girls had mostly silky hair………But look at Kangana Ranaut she has a Curly Hair which is very rare, unique and Stylish.
    And also look below to my next article::


    * Kangana Ranaut
    * Jacqueline Fernandez
    * Sunny Leone
    * Deepika Padukone
    * Bipasha Basu

  49. See mine list::


    * Kangana Ranaut
    * Sunny Leone
    * Bipasha Basu
    * Jacqueline Fernandez
    * Deepika Padukone


    * Katrina Kaif
    * Alia Bhatt
    * Kareena Kapoor
    * Mannara Chopra
    * Sonam Kapoor


    K= Krazy Maker
    A= Awesome
    N= Nice
    G= Gift of God
    A= All time Dazzling
    N= Noteworthy
    A= Affectionate


    R= Revolver Rani Of The Hearts
    A= Amazing Queen
    N= Noteworthy performer of All Time
    A= Adah Wali
    U= Uff !!! Teri Adah
    T= Talented like a Goddess Of Talency

  52. Katrina Fans!!! Do U want 2 know her full form. Dont Worry I’ll show U…

    K= Kutti Kamini Cheez
    A= Aloo
    T= Tamatar jaisi sakal
    R= Red Buffalo jaisi akal
    I= Ina mina dika
    N= Naughty Bitch
    A= Animal of Bollywood

  53. K= Kaminee
    A= Anda
    I= Ik thi Chutiya
    F= Faltu ki Heroine

    So, Guys it’s all about my hatred actress katrina kaif. I m more beautiful than her……

  54. Anushka Sharma is the most beautiful bollywood actress of the bollywood, In my opinion……I like her Band.Baja.Baraat.

  55. I like Anushka Sharma…..But somehow I like Kangana Ranaut. U know evry actresses has their own qualities. Let me also make a list

    Qualities of this actresses::

    * Deepika Padukone- Dimple, Hair
    * Kangana Ranaut- Smile, Talency
    * Alia Bhatt- Cuteness, Babli girl
    * Katrina Kaif- Beauty, Glamour
    * Shraddha Kapoor- Pretty Face, Good Voice
    * Bipasha Basu- Perfect Eyes and Fit Body
    * Sunny Leone- Magical Face, Sex desirable body figure
    * Anushka Sharma- Height, Beautiful face
    * Jacqueline Fernandez- Perfect Face and Body
    * Vidhya Balan- Lovely Face
    * Sonam Kapoor- Sense of Style, Fashion Icon
    * Priyanka Chopra- A face like a beautiful barbie doll and awesome multi talency
    * Kareena Kapoor- White Beauty

  56. I wish…..May Ranbir Kapoor again fall in deep and passionate love with Deepika Padukone…Marry her…and have twins childs same like them…….I pray god that may Ranbir leave Katrina and katrina return to Salman Khan….or whom ever she likes……But please god combine Ranbir and Deepika’s romantic pair again………Ranveer Singh doesn’t suits for Deepika as her husband……..But though I like him…….

  57. Honestly….Aai Sapath….Maa Kasam…..God promise…….Once I had cut my hands with a gillete blade. And I put my bloods drops into KANGANA RANAUT’S forehead as a ‘Sindoor’. See……how passionately I have fallen in love with her. I cant live without Kangana….My mother has always saw a pleasant dream to get me married with Kangana Ranaut. ……..But I also know that she can never be mine…..but i m always of her….I know Love is not ony to get….But also to sacrifice……Anyway…….Love U Kangu….and evry one who loves her….if anyone dislikes her it’s more better for me…..Kam se Kam….I’ll never get jealous….Sorry….I am lil’ emotional. Once again I love Kangana……I am going to cut my hand twice again ….This time i’ll write you a blood letter of my feelings for U…….Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmuahhhhh…I am your no.1 fan…..

  58. My feelings for some bollywood actresses who should be on a top 10 lists::

    KANGANA RANAUT- {Kabhi Kabhi Mere dil mein khayal aata hai, Ke jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai sirf mere liye}

    DEEPIKA PADUKONE- {Main shayar toh nahin magat ae haseen, jab se dekha tujhko mujhko shayari aa gayi}

    Anushka Sharma- {Sochenge tumhe pyaar karke sahi….yeh dil bekarar karke Sahi….}

    Kajol- {Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam pyaae hota hai deewana sanam….ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum teri baahon mein mar jaayein hum}

    JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ- {Dream girl…O Dream Girl}

    SHRADDHA KAPOOR- {Lo aaj mein kehta hoon….I love U….}

    SUNNY LEONE- {Zaraa si dil mein de jagaa tu zaraa sa apne le banaa….mein chahu tujhko meri jaan bepanah….fida hoon tujhpe….meri jaan bepanah…}

    KATRINA KAIF- {Bhootni Ke….Bhootni Ke….Arey Bhootni Ke…..Bhootni Ke}

    ALIA BHATT- { Na koi Beauty hai…..Na koi Figure hai…..Na koi Charm hai….Na koi talency hai….Teri Carrier ka kya????…..Tu toh pehle se hi sabse flop hai}


  59. My Feelings 4 KANGANA RANAUT= {Kudrat ne banaya hoga fursat se tujhe mere yaar}
    {Kitna Pyaara tujhe rab ne banaya, Kitna Sona tujhe rab ne banaya, jee kre dekhta rahu}
    {Tera Chehra dekh kar Kudrat bhi hairaan hai….}

    My all feelings are only 4 Kangana…..I love her more than my girlfriend…..Even when I will be dying i will close my eyes by looking Kangana’s Beautiful Photo…..Love U kangana….Ummmuah…..

  60. Kangana……..Yeh Dil tumpe aa gaya hai Babu……Yeh dil tumpe aa gaya……If I was a boy, I would surely hug you tightly, feel your sexy smell and kisss you……..But I am a blady girl……But no problem……I used to, I do and I’ll always die for you my love. Ok Girlfriend na sahi………U are my dearest sister, role model as well as honest and polite. Thats why most of the peoples loves you more than other ‘monkey heroines’

  61. I dont like Alia Bhatt…She is never ever Beautiful……U know why; Because she has very small eyes like of chineese pumpkins. She has unshaped fay eyebrows…..Ewwwwwww…..Her nose are like a pigs….Her lips are also very small and paethetic…..Her whole top to bottom is very simple and ordinary. She shows very oomphy attitudes….her movies are also very dull. I just hate everythings about her, Coz I love Sunny Leone……..who is uncountable times more Beautiful and Cute than Alia….Kalia…..Whatever……….I like her father Mahesh Bhatt but I really dont like her stupid baby-like face who seems like a baby awaiting for a milk. My fav is Sunny Leone. Once U can compare Sunny Leone’s high voltage pics with Alia’s Low altitude pics. Then U will come 2 know……that why I sayinv like these all…….. Sunny Leone- 🙂 Alia Bhatt- 🙁 Alia’s face is like a monkey which makes me laugh and Sunny’s face is like a fairy which inspires me to do anything new in my life….Love U Sexy Sunny….LOL….Ummmmuahhbbbbh 2 U….

  62. I dont like Alia Bhatt…She is never ever Beautiful……U know why; Because she has very small eyes like of chineese pumpkins. She has unshaped fat eyebrows…..Ewwwwwww…..Her nose are like a pigs….Her lips are also very small and paethetic…..Her whole top to bottom is very simple and ordinary. She shows very oomphy attitudes….her movies are also very dull. I just hate everythings about her, Coz I love Sunny Leone……..who is uncountable times more Beautiful and Cute than Alia….Kalia…..Whatever……….I like her father Mahesh Bhatt but I really dont like her stupid baby-like face who seems like a baby awaiting for a milk. My fav is Sunny Leone. Once U can compare Sunny Leone’s high voltage pics with Alia’s Low altitude pics. Then U will come 2 know……that why I sayinv like these all…….. Sunny Leone- 🙂 Alia Bhatt- 🙁 Alia’s face is like a monkey which makes me laugh and Sunny’s face is like a fairy which inspires me to do anything new in my life….Love U Sexy Sunny….LOL….Ummmmuahhbbbbh 2 U….

  63. Kareena Kapoor’s disgusting face makes me always depressed…..Why is she in the list???!………..Offo………….I have a severe fever for looking her. Why everyone says her BEBO???? I say her BANDAR……… HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. HA…….But I dont say which actress is my favourite here. Coz’ If i say….Kareena’s foolish fans will start accursing my darling actress. So it’s jus a secret…..Go on guessing on…………

  64. Heyy Guys….Please listen to my short love story. Once when my chest was being operated……The doctors eventually become faint of seeing my abnormal heart….Do you know how it happened Coz’ In my heart there was written a name of my love KANGANA RANAUT permanently………..So I just wanna dedicate few lines song to Miss. Ranaut…..Dil Chir ke dekh tera hi naam hoga……….Kangana dont ever get married with anyone…..Otherwise your sick lover like me will die from a jealousy and reach to the hell. Heyyy Kangana…..Jus…..Be My Love…….

  65. My newwww list
    1) deepika padukone
    2) kangana
    3) katrina
    4) priyanka
    5) alia
    6) vidya balan
    7) bipasha
    8) nargis fakhri
    9) kareena
    10) sonam kapoor

    I like kangana… But she jst came to bollywood so… I think she should be second and deepika is an all time sparker

  66. Hey u idiot nusella or something…. I told i am sorry and u want f*** me…… So bad… Go to helll and die…. Let god not bleesss u for any thing….. And pls leave kangana.. One day u r also gonna say like that to her and she will only kill u

  67. Shut up u marendra modi….. Wat a very stupid luv story…. Without even knowing kangana… U r deciding to marry her… Wat if she has a very stupid heart and mind…. And doesn’t match….. Yucks.. I hate faces like kangana

  68. Deepika = cute dimples and very best acting
    Kangana = stupid hair, very dull face without makeup because of her smoking
    Kareena = square shaped face, very sharp features
    Katrina = cute… Very silent
    Priyanka = awesome body and not a good face shape
    Alia bhatt= cute but very short
    Anushka= very big smile, she is good in acting
    Sonam = very nice figire, superb acting

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