Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In 2020

This world is beautiful and there is no doubt in it. Nature has blessed this world with tremendous beauty and we can see this beauty in the form of magnificent mountains, glorious landscapes, and mesmerizing scenes. Modern technology has enhanced the natural beauty by its artistry. As magnificent architecture and captivating vistas constitute perfect harmony. There are various countries in the world having different cities, some are extensive some are small, some are safe, some are dangerous, some are expensive to reside, some are economical, and most importantly some are ugly and some are extraordinary beautiful. Here we provide you the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in 2020 that are extremely awesome. This list will explore the beauty of these beautiful cities that make them distinct from others.


10. Sydney

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 -

Sydney is known as the jewel of Australia and there is no doubt in it. It is proud of having almost 100 beaches, a charming horizon, and the most iconic Opera House of the world. This city is an awesome place to enjoy and its beaches, harbor and waterfront inspire the visitors and draw their attention. The beauty of this city is further magnified by charming hills and captivating coastal paths.


9. Bruges

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 -

It is the capital of Belgium and is located on the north-west side of the country. Bruges is also sometimes deliberated as the Venice of the North and at one time it was also considered as the world’s chief commercial city. It is widely renowned for its medieval architecture, and its buildings are amazing attractions for the tourists. Bruges is a small city and is one of the world’s best preserved old fashioned cities. It is filled with adorned monuments which are encircled by canals and mesmerizing romantic pavements. It is situated at the center of the continent and is easily accessible by the visitors. The stunning blend of artistry and peaceful spots increase the charm of this city and the flawless impression by the canals make it one of the world’s most magical places to be visited.


8. Lisbon

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 8. Lisbon

This capital city of Portugal has tremendous natural and artistic beauty. With the passage of time, this city is getting more and more beautiful. Lisbon is located on successive hills that coincide at the Tagus Rive and located next to the sea, therefore captivating scenes can be viewed across the city. Magnificent beaches, attractive buildings, extensive parks, amazing architecture, complicated churches and cobbled streets constitute a beautiful scene. This scenic city has flawless beauty that can be seen at every turn of the city. There are different places in the city that offers breathtaking views and one of them is the Torre de Belem that should not be missed.


7. Rio De Janeiro

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 7. Rio De Janeiro

This beautiful city commonly known as Rio city is an amazing city of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is blessed with outstanding settings that make it one of the world’s most naturally beautiful cities. Anyone standing behind Corcovado statue or at the top of renowned Sugarloaf Mountain can have the complete view of the mesmerizing landscapes of the city. The beautiful amalgamate of green, tropical lavishness with the blue of stunning ocean and the luster of the sand at beaches make this really a marvelous city. It is also home to numerous impressive botanical gardens that add more charm to this city.


6. Amsterdam

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland

This glorious city is the capital of Netherlands, renowned for its embellished canal network, aesthetic heritage and small homes with gabled veneer. It is one of the attractive and peaceful cities of Holland and because of its elegance, admiring canals, captivating parks and relaxing charisma it is also admitted as the Venice of the North. There are beautiful monuments and buildings that constitute an aesthetic uniformity making this city one of the world’s most glamorous cities. There are appealing places of bridges, scenic paved streets, stunning crossing canals, and impressive snazzy construction.


5. Florence

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 5. Florence

This city is blessed with various attractions and therefore is widely renowned for aesthetic heritage in its museums and palaces collection. Florence is completely impressive city and when you look at this city from terrace or top, you will see perfect domes and towers, horizon, bridges, hills at the distance and the glorious Italian Cathedral existing at the middle of it. It is widely acknowledged for its culture, revitalization art, amazing architecture and magnificent monuments. It is an important fashion city of Italy and also a great tourist and industrial center. The city is also blessed with beautiful art galleries, museums and numerous other attractive places.


4. Rome

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 4. Rome

This city resides on the seven hills by the Tiber River is a hoard of monuments among some of the world’s most appealing squares and impressive architecture. This impressive city of Italy is known as one of the world’s oldest cities and there is no place like it in the world. Rome is widely known for its landmarks and individuals love to visit these landmarks, therefore its beautiful streets are often ignored. The Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain and Saint Peter’s Basilica are important attractions of the Rome. In spite of being old this city is astonishingly well preserved and has most exalted art and architecture in the world.


3. Cape Town

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 3. Cape Town

This charming city is situated at the Southern tip of Africa and is surrounded by magnificent and distinctive mountains. It has many glorious examples of Malay, Old Dutch and British architecture and also examples of ideal contemporary buildings. It was also titled the World Design Capital of 2020. Its unparalleled gardens add more charm to this city and therefore it is widely recognized as the most bio diverse city in the world.

It is a city with number of natural reserves, and sand beaches and here you can see Penguins, killer whales and white sharks in the same water. The distinct architecture and cultural consequences from Asia, Europe and Africa have softened together for a long period in this extremely gorgeous natural setting to constitute one of the world’s most charming and distinct cities.


2. Venice

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 -2. Venice

Venice; the city of water is the capital of Veneto Province and is located in north east Italy. This city is not only one of the world’s most beautiful cities but also deliberated as unique. This city is widely renowned for its canals that are designed on a group of 118 islands and the islands on which the city is constituted are interlinked by almost 400 bridges. Each building of this city expresses impressive artistry and their beauty is magnified when their reflections are shown in canals.

The magical scenery of this city is breathtaking and mesmerizing at first glance, giving you a feeling that you have entered a fairy land. There are appealing town squares, winding streets and canals, and glorious views that seem simply fabulous. As it is built completely on canals so, there is no bus exhaust, no traffic just lapping of water that you can hear.

There are also a number of must view attractions including the Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Doge’s Palace and many more.


1. Paris

Most Beautiful Cities In 2020 - 1. Paris

The most beautiful city in 2020 is Paris, it is indeed the most sophisticated, romantic and elegant city in all over the world as there are splendid boulevards, monumental squares, glorious monuments, captivating seine and bridges, and charming streets. It is a beautiful capital of France and is boasting of being the Pride of the French.

Paris is a real masterpiece of art, it represents a beautiful amalgamate of glorious architecture, captivating scenery and pleasant climate in the world. It is located among the attractive landscapes of the River Seine’s valley and is deliberated as a green city.

The magnificent gardens of the Versailles, amazing Eiffel Tower, the beauty of Seine River are simply breathtaking. This city is simply stunning and is also known as the city of light and offers a lot of things that you cannot ignore. It is a city like a peacock that struts with feathers in complete view and anyone cannot resist himself or herself to view it. As getting inspired by its beauty, it is considered as a model for residential squares in Europe.

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