Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries In 2020

There are different countries in this world with different specifications and characteristics. Some are contemporary, some are under developed, some are ugly and some are beautiful. Beauty is the thing that appeals everyone, and when it is in our surrounding we cannot resist ourselves to compliment it. Natural beauty is superior to all beauties but some of the world’s most gorgeous countries are an amazing blend of natural beauty and appealing architecture. It is difficult to list some of the most beautiful countries of the world as there are numerous countries with breathtaking scenery, glorious mountains, appealing environment and mesmerizing architecture. But here is the list of top 10 most beautiful countries in 2020 that have really appealing features that make them distinct and captivating from others. These countries have massive natural beauty and are also world’s favorite tourist destinations.


10. Indonesia

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 -

It is a country comprises of number of volcanic islands and also contains various ethnic groups that speak numerous different languages. Indonesia is widely acknowledged for its volcanoes, attractive beaches and forest providing shelter to tigers, Komodo dragons and elephants. It has countless splendors from the white sandy beaches, natural landscapes, magnificent temples, underwater paradises to captivating heritage features. This country seems not to have the world’s best developed cities but have extremely amazing beaches of Bali Island making it a fabulous country.


9. New Zealand

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - 9. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country comprises of two main islands, both identified by its glaciations and volcanoes. It has loads of natural beauty, with great scenery even in its biggest cities. New Zealand’s spectacular scenery meets or exceeds the expectations of visitors. Its attractive mountains, mysterious rivers and lakes, wide plains, native forests, thermal wonderlands, extensive farmlands, rolling green hills, captivating fjords, glorious coastlines with mesmerizing sandy beaches make this country an extremely beautiful place on earth.


8. Australia

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - 8. Australia

It is blessed with some of the world’s most diverse and distinct natural environments, with spectacular landscapes, distinct wildlife, national parks and World Heritage sites. In Australia you can view ancient rainforests at the edge of contemporary cities. Australia is a country full of natural treasures and appealing natural charm that offers individuals an unforgettable experience. It has charming beaches, beautiful forests and stunning mountains that make it shine. It is a perfect place to travel, enjoy and exploration as it is large and spacious with tremendous beauty.


7. Japan

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - 7. Japan

The country of Japan is abundantly blessed with natural beauty and has magnificent mountains, glorious seas, attractive rivers, charming lakes and lush trees that explore distinct beauty in every season. In winter, there is appealing snow fall, in summer it is hot, in spring, there are blooming flowers and in autumn, trees turns yellow and red that show fabulous autumn color. Japan is an island nation with big cities, majestic palaces, mountainous national parks and numerous temples and shrines. It is recognized as one of the world’s most developed countries and is widely known for its traditions, arts, performing arts, impressive architecture and eleven World Heritage sites. This awesome country offers amazing blend of stunning nature and cultural architecture and therefore is unique and outstanding.


6. Switzerland

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - 6. Switzerland

Switzerland is an awesome country of the world, it is a union of French, Italian and German cultures but possesses a firm identification of its own. This landlocked country is extremely acknowledged for its charming cities and appealing scenery. It is regarded as a piece of heaven on earth due to its tremendous natural beauty. This scenic country has magnificent mountains, charming lakes, impressive Swiss villages and some of the world’s most kind and polite individuals. It is also an interesting place for arts, museums, music, and historical monuments. It offers marvelous spring with stunning snow fall capped mountains and appealing fresh greeneries.


5. USA

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - USA

The Chinese meaning of USA means that it is a beautiful country, and this name completely represents the country as no doubt it is beautiful. From the beauty of New York City to jaw drooping Yosemite, it is difficult to ignore any thing that America offers. America is blessed with half of the world’s most beautiful canyons that provide spectacular views, its Painted desert is also a beauteous thing. It also has the world’s most stunning wetlands, greatest geothermal site, attractive waterfalls, and impressive mountains that are extremely incredible. This country has civilized development, has numerous natural and contemporary beauties in various places. United States of America has not only astonishing natural scenery but also inspiring concrete building cities.


4. France

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - France

France is full of attractive places and their beauty can mesmerize anyone. The conspicuous places not only satisfy the passion of a tourist, but also constitute an ambition to live in it. This country has the world’s most beautiful city named Paris. Paris is the city of light and romance and is a home to outclass museums, glorious monuments and numerous others attractions. It has also the world’s most famous tourist destination, Eiffel Tower. It has also one of the world’s most innovative cities named Lyon and is acknowledged for cuisine, cinema, tourism and football. France is a legendary and romantic country that is widely renowned for its stylish fashion trend, rich history, amazing art and language. It has also a number of beautiful gardens, mesmerizing landscapes, and many much more.


3. South Africa

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - South Africa

South Africa is a distinct tourist destination and no one can deny this fact. It is a charming country that has numbers of things to do and to see and therefore it is a perfect destination to relax and escape reality. This country contains amazing natural beauty but its urban areas are also stupendous. Its city Cape Town is acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful cities as it has tremendous natural setting and impressive architecture. It has three most gorgeous coastal drives of the world. Here you can enjoy an amazing variety of marine life and it is the world’s best destination to see whales from shore and to swim with majestic white sharks. It is also proud of having some of the world’s finest national parks. Unsurpassed mountains, beautiful wildlife, stunning waterfalls and whales, impressive antiquity and architecture, world’s most charming spring, great sunrises with elephants and giraffes in front, one of the most attractive cities of world named Cape Town and tremendous natural treasure make this country a really beautiful place on earth.


2. Scotland

Most Beautiful Countries In 2020 - Scotland

This beautiful country is a part of the UK and comprises the northern third of the island of Great Britain. It is an amazing country that fascinates individuals from all over the world to wonder at the magical beauty and mountainous countryside. Its mesmerizing wild beaches, stunning deep lochs, arresting scenarios, natural luxury, jagged castles, are unable to ignore. Scotland has an outstanding blend of scenic nature, cultural and traditional values, and heartwarming individuals and all these things make it like a magical place that is seen in dreams. It is an awesome country so that no one would like to get out of it.


1. Italy

The most beautiful country in 2020 is Italy

The most beautiful country in 2020 is Italy, it is a country blessed with impressive cultural treasures, attractive cities and magnificent scenery. There is such a huge concentration of beauty that no country in this world offers as much beauty.

It is a beautiful tourist attraction in the world and possesses amazing landscape, Dolomite Alps that are the most glorious mountains on earth, Amalfi Coast has beautiful landscape and termed as the world’s third most appealing coastal drive, Venice, Rome, Florence the world’s most stunning cities, Positano the world’s prettiest town, impressive island of Sicily containing most beautiful coasts of the world, most attractive wildflowers of the world in spring, stunning lakes, world’s most amazing churches, examples of greatest art works on earth and much more. The most appealing things of Italy are its small attractive town and in this country everyone can experience a unique view and extreme enjoyment.

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