Top 10 Most Beautiful Creatures Of God

Nature and beauty are integral part of our lives. If we have a closer look at God’s world we will surely declare it to be so beautiful that we could hardly admit its existence.  The God’s beautiful creatures surely leave a profound effect on our senses. The perception of beautiful creatures is delight in for us and them as well. Most often, I think that we find God’s creatures beautiful not because of their delicacy or colors, but because these creatures strike us upon observing them. Every creature of God, in fact every creation make us realize that experiencing nature is really valuable. There are countless amazingly beautiful creatures on the earth so compiling the list below was very difficult but we have tried to list up the best for you. So here are top 10 most beautiful creatures of God at your scroll down button:


10. Radiated Tortoise

Most Beautiful Creatures -

These tortoises are said to be the most beautiful tortoise of the world. Though they have the same shape as other species of tortoise have but the high-domed carapace of this tortoise is brilliantly marked with yellow lines on a black background. The lines radiate from center of each plate of carapace. The stars look more beautiful because are more finely detailed and bright. The males have relatively longer tail than female tortoise. They are mostly found in the Island of Madagascar in extreme southern and southwestern parts. Their estimated life is almost 40-50 years. God has made this creature really sensitive by providing the vessels and nerves on the carapace so that can feel the touch. This creature shows how artistic God’s nature could be.


9. The Rainbow Lorikeet

Most Beautiful Creatures - 9. The Rainbow Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is also famous as Australian parrot because it is found mostly in the eastern seaboard of Australia. This parrot has gorgeous colors and considered to be the most beautiful parrot in all the other species of parrots. They live in the coastal woodlands and rainforests where nectar, pollen and fruit of various plants are what they eat. They rarely come to the ground and spend most of their time high up in the canopies eating and feeding their young ones. These Beautiful creatures of God have a very friendly nature.


8. Chameleon

Most Beautiful Creatures - 8. Chameleon

Chameleon is one of the most beautiful creatures of God in the world. This majestic creature exhibits all the colors that nature is supposed to have. Madagascar has almost all the world’s species of chameleon in one place. It has a textured and scaly body with the camouflage capability that helps them to blend seamlessly with the surrounding. If you live in some bushy area then you may be lucky enough to see them, provided you look hard enough. The male chameleons are more colorful and attractive than female chameleons. They are considered as the threatened species because they cause destruction wherever they go but this list would not have been completed if chameleon wasn’t its part.


7. Blue Morpho Butterfly

Most Beautiful Creatures - 7. Blue Morpho Butterfly

Butterflies, the marvelous creatures of God are most familiar to humans because of their beautiful colors and their visit to flowers. Blue Morpho butterfly is the wonderfully the world’s biggest butterfly. This butterfly has the wing span up to 8 inches. Blue is considered to be the favorite color all over the world so this perfectly features this butterfly. The Blue Morpho butterfly has the glossiest and mesmerizing appearance. The bright blue wings with the black edges reflecting off the microscopic scales on the underside of the wings give it more beautiful look. The Blue Morpho is found in central South America and Mexico.


6. Axis Deer

Most Beautiful Creatures - 6. Axis Deer

Axis Deer is considered to be the most beautiful specie of deer in the world. The striking reddish brown coats are marked by white spots that enhance its beauty and they keep it through entire live. They were not so known few years back because they were found in places where there was dry scrub vegetation. But it had attracted the tourist so much that they introduced this specie all around the world. They are wary type of creatures that are very difficult to collect among all the exotic creatures.  Axis shed their antlers annually. This animal is small but extremely graceful.


5. Zebra

Most Beautiful Creatures - 5. Zebra

Zebra is a unique African animal that belongs to the horse family. The zebras are identified by their unique black and white lines.  The feature of zebra unknown to many people is that every zebra has different pattern of lines like every human being has a distinct finger prints. This beautiful creature of God is an inspiration for many people. Since so long fashion industry and photographic studios are being decorated by the beauty of zebras. Undoubtedly the beauty of this wild beast is appreciable. Zebras mostly live in grasslands, coastal hills, mountains, woodlands and thorny scrub lands.


4. Mandarinfish

Most Beautiful Creatures - 4. Mandarinfish

Famous as Mandarin Dragonet truly depicts the creativity of God. It is the most beautiful and attractive coloration and pattern than any other fish in the world. They belong to the family of dragonets. The body is completely scale less and is mostly bright blue or green in color. The body is decorated with the orange wavy lines with extreme delicacy. It is the most fascinating creature you could ever see. It has a red tail and blue edges. Mostly they are found in coral reefs of Australia. They are usually in pair or in the group. This picky eater is very small and hidden. This is absolutely the most beautiful marine creature that could be found in our oceans.


3. Akhal-Teke

Most Beautiful Creatures - 3. Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke is born to face the challenges of the desert. It is the most beautiful horse in the world. This lively animal is the only breed that is famous to shine like gold due to natural metallic bloom of its coat. This horse is so unusual and quite fine. They have made their way so easily to the media outlets as a signature of grace and beauty. You won’t believe this is the most striking animal in the world that I came across. They came from the place of toughest people, Kara-Kum Desert in Turkmenia. And now they have been used as the most expensive and graceful carriage in Turkey. They are also being used in sports because they run so fast. If you have a look at the web pictures of this animal you would rather consider them to be edited but originally that is not the case. This breathtaking animal is famous as a supermodel of horses. They are stunning and most beautiful creatures of God.


2. Peacock

Most Beautiful Creatures - 2. Peacock

The most colorful and beautiful bird in the world is Peacock. It the national bird of India. The beauty of Peacock is multiplied with 100 when it spread its amazing, graceful and bright wings. They are of various attractive colors black, white, grey, purple, magenta, orange and blue.  They are so mesmerizing that if you would have a sudden look at them you can’t help to say: Wow! God is so creative. Their iridescent tails are used for courtship displays and other mating rituals. Females are called as peahens and both together are famous as peafowls. Their feather’s colors and features are even copied as the prints on the clothes in all the countries and they are also used in decorating the homes.  They are indeed the prettiest creatures of God.


1. Blue Whale


Blue Whale - The Most Beautiful Creature Of God
Blue Whale – The Most Beautiful Creature Of God

Blue whale is the most beautiful and enormous sized creature of God and deserves to be at the top of the list. It is absolutely breathtaking. The length is almost 120 feet and weighs over 180 metric tons. The coloration ranges from blue to light blue and has a very smooth and shiny skin. There is a beautiful mottling on the skin that can be seen if you get close enough. The sound of this terrific animal is like a thunder. When it’s body glide through water it appears that if it’s never going end.

The coast of Southern California is famous to have the largest concentration of Blue Whales in the world. The close encounter to the blue whale in fact just watching it would be an experience that could never be forgotten. Unfortunately their existence is endangered because of being hunted. We should try save this beautiful and majestic creature of God.

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