Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In Australia

It’s a most romantic holiday of your married life and if you want to relax, kick back, play and make your honeymoon best with your newlywed then you need to decide the place that will provide you everything based on your joint personality. Australia is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. If you are planning a memorable and perfect honeymoon then no place could be better than Australia. World’s most beautiful islands, resorts, beaches and restaurants are found there. Every place in Australia will let you enjoy the luxury and feel pampered in your ‘once in a life time’ honeymoon. It is always suggested to check the weather conditions so that you may arrive when it’s sunny or dry and make sure that all the arrangements that you have made are right. Australia has though loads of wonderful places perfect for the two people in love still to help you more we have listed up the top 10 most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Australia so you may feel to have something extraordinary in a completely new start of a life together…you sure deserve this.


10. Cradle Mountain (Tasmania)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In Australia

Cradle Mountain with its wild natural beauty, warmth and rustic retreat is considered to be the magical romantic highland and a stunning honeymoon destination. Nestling high in Tasmania at the edge of Lake St. Clair National Park has an inspiration beauty that will stay long with you when you will leave this place. There are many recreation places there lakes, waterfalls, forests, rivers, abundant wildlife, bush lands, clean fresh air that makes you feel that you are in some fairy landscape. There are numerous boutique style lodges, beautiful cottages and luxury and comfortable resorts. In winters this place becomes a white wonderland. The best time to visit this place is between May and September.


9. Broome (Western Australia)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Broome (Western Australia)

At the doorstep of Indian Ocean, famous tropical oasis ‘Broome’ is located. It’s the southern gateway to Western Australia’s Kimberley region that is also one of the best Australia’s honeymoon destinations. It is totally a unique place where there is a sense of adventure and fun everywhere. The landscape is extremely beautiful and diverse. Rugged stone, permanent waterfalls, gorgeous rainforests and amazing tidal flats are really captivating. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by the stunning resorts and most romantic dining places at the cable beach. The place offers you the variety of ways to relax and enjoy your best trip ever.


8. Hayman Island (Whitsundays)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Hayman Island (Whitsundays)

Hayman Island is the private beautiful and magnificent island lying in Whitsundays Passage. It is a perfect romantic gateway for the honeymoon couples with a single resort. This 5-Star resort and Island is one of the world’s best resorts that offer you a wonderful and pampered honeymoon experience ever. The well decorated and appointed suite is exactly at the edge of a huge pool that provides a mesmerizing tropical view. Gardens and white sandy oceans are really worth enjoying. Sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, tennis, squash, water skiing, fishing and snorkeling are few of the many activities that resort offer to the active honeymoon couples. Excellent living apartments and elegant restaurants in Island provide you the best accommodation.


7. Bedarra Island (Queensland)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Bedarra Island (Queensland)

Bedarra is one of the stunning tropical island of Queensland that can provide the honeymoon couples an exclusive private holiday. This is a place where time is measured by the passage of sun. The place provides you the luxurious accommodation along with the mouth-watering cuisine. This is a place where you can escape and unwind with your newlywed. The sunlight dancing in your balcony through the water fall provides a totally hypnotic view. The most private villa you can find there is in East Bedarra Island retreat. Along with the Sunbathe on the white sandy beaches the island resorts offers you the range of watersports as well. The Lizard Island and Dunk Island are also nearby.


6. Noosa (Queensland)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Noosa (Queensland)

Noosa is one of the famous and premier honeymoon destinations in Australia. The main attraction of the Noosa is a Sebel Resort. It is an apartment hotel that provides a luxurious accommodation with well-furnished on or two bedrooms apartment with the personal service for which Noosa Resort is famous for. There is a small library for the guests and the good thing is that there is an internet access in your own apartment. The great food, pristine beaches, astounding beauty of nature and big shopping malls make it worth attracting for the newlyweds.


5. Marysville (Victoria)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Marysville (Victoria)

Marysville is surrounded by the beautiful sub-alpine country and is an awesome honeymoon gateway. Marysville is surrounded by the waterfalls and forests of mountain ash. Marysville Victoria is famous for having different colors in different seasons, russet in autumn, snowy white in winters, vibrant and colorful in spring and cool forest in summers. This country side is a heavenly place for newlyweds. The timber guests houses that are amazingly furnished and well decorated show the originality and elegance. There are places to browse art and craft, shops for the local goods, sweets shops, waterfalls, forests, candle lit gourmet dinners, long drive streets and many other worth seeing and enjoying places. So accommodate yourself in the luxurious appointed spa suites and enjoy the great trip.


4. Port Douglas (Queensland)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Port Douglas (Queensland)

Poet Douglas is a sea-side village of Queensland. There is lot to do and lot to see in this tropical village. Various boutiques, cafes and bars, a Sunday market in Anzac square of art and craft, Marina Mirage for designer’s clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry and Cuban cigars are really enjoyable and worth-seeing. There is a famous St. Mary’s timber church, the great Hills for the view of beach and the artistic Wildlife Habitat you can see. The place offers you the world class accommodation, the finest dining and amazing shopping options with your newlywed on a memorable honeymoon. Sea temple Hotel and Golf resort is the most famous resort of this Port that rests on the edge of the beach.


3. Lord Howe Island (New South Wales)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Lord Howe Island (New South Wales)

Lord Howe Island is one of world’s best secret keepers of Australia’s beauty. It is just 2 hours flight away from Sydney Australia and is located in Tasman Sea. This place has abundance of natural beauty in form of verdant forests, volcanic peaks, numerous white sand beaches, rare plants and birds, the luxurious and pampering resorts and best apartments. The Island has lot to see and enjoy, you can go for a trial bushwalking, hiking at the summit of Mt Gower that is 875m high, scuba diving with the world’s most unique species of fish, wind surfing on the coral reef, under water topography at the famous Balls Pyramid and much more. “Arajilla Retreat” Lord Howe’s best resort is recommended for the most luxurious and romantic holiday or honeymoon.


2. Gold Coast (Queensland)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - Gold Coast (Queensland)

Gold is the world’s most idyllic coastal locations for honeymoon. The light blue stunning ocean, the soothing climate, long strip of the sun drenched, squeaky clean white sand beach, world’s heritage rainforests, huge range of shopping places, numerous night life options, various watersports, hiking and championship golf courses are many things that the Gold Coast offer to its guests. It’s a great place for the outdoor adventures. Moreover the coast itself offers many of the interesting festivals and events weekly. The Coast offers huge range of resort accommodations for the honeymoon couples. It is advisory to plan the honeymoon to this coast in June to September to enjoy the majestic scene of humpback whales on their annual migration. Sea Temple Surfers’ Paradise is the best resort of the Queensland Gold Coast.


1. The Whitsundays (Queensland)

Honeymoon Destinations In Australia - The Whitsundays (Queensland)

Tranquility and relaxation are always aimed whenever you are planning for the most romantic gateway for your honeymoon. Whitsundays Island is truly a memorable honeymoon destination of Australia that is a famous place all over the world for its natural beauty in form of the sunsets over the crystal clear waters and the soothing and calm nights under the romantic moonlit and palm trees. Being one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations the Whitsundays offer the newlyweds with 74 Islands out of which only 7 or 8 are inhabited, these islands are sheltered by natural wonders of the world.

Hamilton, Daydream, Hayman, Long, South Molle and Brampton are the iconic and most beautiful Islands of Whitsundays. All the Islands are like One Island and one resort. They offer the newlyweds superb facilities and their choice activities. The best time to visit this place is your choice that whether you want to enjoy hot summer or warm winter or pleasant spring and autumn.

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