Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever

Miss Universe is a global beauty pageant which is the best and worldwide celebration of beauty and responsibility of women. This is the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant ever. Presently Donald Trump is the head of Miss Universe Organization.It’s not only the beauty that is important to win this competition but also culture, mannerism and knowledge (though in 21st century, all they can think about is the physique and physical beauty but originally the interview was considered immensely important).This pageant is held every year and the winner is given a year contract by the organization. Miss Universe travels around the globe spreading awareness on different issues like poverty, health and most importantly HIV/AIDS.

The winner gets to enjoy a luxurious apartment, immense fame and respect and a beautiful jewel studded tiara which she can wear in all important events. Here is a list of top 10 most beautiful Miss Universe winners of all times. These women are hugely talented and are gifted when it comes to stunning beauty. Obviously there are chances that you might have your own favorite.


10. Sushmita Sen

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever, 10th Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is one of the most gorgeous and classy ladies in Bollywood. She is known for her expensive style. Sushmita Sen is the first ever Miss Universe India. She has judged many beauty pageants and also holds the right to send delegates to the Miss Universe pageant.


9. Lara Dutta

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

This dusky beauty grossed the highest marks in the interview. Her exceptional spoken skills and good looks led her to success. After winning the pageant she went into film industry and became a Bollywood diva. She also became UNFPA Goodwill ambassador.


8. Angela Visser

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever

Angela Visser is the first Miss Universe winner from Netherlands. She could not win the Miss World pageant but in the Miss Universe pageant she was considered an all-time favorite of judges. She appeared in various television programs and films.


7. Sylvia Hitchcock

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Sylvia Hitchcock, the girl who grew up in a chicken farm, turned out to be one of the most beautiful women to ever win the Miss Universe pageant. She also tried her luck in modeling but then left it and returned to Miami and worked in a television channel.


6. Irene Saez

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

We wish we had politicians who would also be beauty pageant winner, but we are stuck with Firdous Ashiq Awan! Irene is a former Miss Universe, politician and a model as well. This blonde beauty received a gold chain from former president of Venezuela. She has been married thrice and also has a son from her second husband.


5. Amelia Vega

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Amelia Vega is one of the youngest winners of Miss Universe. She got her title at the age of 18 (and when I was 18 I was just thinking about how to ask my parents for a new cell phone *Disappointment*)!!! Amelia is also a model and a musician. She is the favorite winner of Donald Trump and is also on the cover of the only book published by Miss Universe Organization.


4. Natalie Glebova

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Natalie Glebova is a blue eyed Russian beauty. She won the beauty pageant in 2005. During her reign she traveled extensively working in various HIV/AIDS campaigns and other causes like fighting poverty and drug dealing. In her era she had to face few problems because of her homeland issues. She was banned and criticized for entering into and event with her sash and tiara, though later the mayor apologized. She also could not attend Miss Universe Indonesia.


3. Dayana Mendoza

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Dayana Sabrina is a model and a 2008 Miss Universe winner. She is the first Venezuelan Miss Universe. Dayana’s life has its share of surprises in it. She was kidnapped once and this experience taught her to be calm in times of extreme pressure. She also visited Guantanamo Bay, about which she wrote that they were very hospitable and it was a great experience *OMG*. But later she explained her stance. She also posed nude for a jewelry photo-shoot, which was backed by the Miss Universe Organization and saved her from penalty. During her reign she travelled around the world giving orientation about the HIV/AIDS and humanitarian issues.


2. Jennifer Hawkins

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Who knew that this scarcely populated land will give us such a beauty? Jennifer Hawkins is a television presenter, model and most importantly Miss Universe Winner. She is also Miss Universe Australia Winner. Hawkins is a college drop-out (so if you don’t have any interest in studies, don’t worry you can always become a model *cheers*). The moment she stepped in the pageant she became everyone’s favorite. Though she is beautiful and talented, but let me tell you a secret, these beauty queens can also make mistakes. In 2004, Hawkins tripped on hem of her dress and it fell on the floor. Still after this mishap, Jennifer Hawkins is Australia’s sweetheart and favorite television celebrity. Hawkins was called ‘the most beautiful Miss Universe seen in many, many years’ by the co-owner of the pageant.


1. Oxana Fedorova

Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners

Normally we think that women who go into police department are usually not so pretty (because I am too humble to say ugly). But shake off this thought because a Russian girl, who got an honor’s degree from police academy, became the Miss Universe in 2002. Oxana Fedorova is a television actress, hostess and also UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Fedorova has an amazingly toned and smart physique which made her a winner in swimsuit and evening gown competitions in Miss Universe pageant held in Rico in 2002(*beep* too much information in a single sentence).

She also has a doll designed after her. Because of her immense popularity and gorgeously appealing looks Oxana has a lot of endorsement deals up her sleeves.She also won a peace award for her outstanding charity work. And if after looking at her picture you want to know her style secret then, we have a good news, she also has a book named ‘The Formula of Style’, grab one and become a beauty queen yourself.

One thought on “Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Ever

  1. You have listed #8 as Angela Visser of the Netherlands. I agree, very deserving of her rank. However, you have a photograph of Jennifer Hawkins instead of a picture of Angela Visser.

    Then when you get to Jennnifer Hawkins of Australia ranked as #2, I agree with that ranking as well. But the picture that you used looks very little like Miss Hawkins.

    I don’t agree with your picks of #10 Sushmita Sen, #6 Irene Saez, #5 Amelia Vega, or #1 Oxana Fedorova. What about the first black woman to wear the crown, Janelle Commissiong, Miss Universe 1977 of Trinidade and Tobago? STUNNING! Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997, of the USA? Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009, of Venezuela? Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, of the USA? Wendy Fitzwilliams, Miss Universe 1998, of Trinidade and Tobago? Mona Grudt, Miss Universe 1990, of Norway? And Justine Pasek, Miss Universe 2002 of Panama?

    It’s true that the Russian beauty Oxana Fedorova was stunningly beautiful the night she won the Miss Universe crown. However, she failed miserably as a representative of the Miss Universe orgnization. She refused to do the things that were asked of her, and so she lost her crown and title. She threw away an opportunity that millions of women would cherish.

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