Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In UK

UK is the most beautiful and favorite destination of the tourist from all over the world. Especially Europeans are attracted towards the place because they have common language and heritage. It is said that if you travel through UK you travel through time. There are many great attractions in UK such as brilliant museums, beautiful countryside, amazing theaters and bundle of historic cities and places. Form the castles to the highlands its all beauty and grace dispersed. There are number of places that are worth visiting in United Kingdom. I have tried to prepare the best list of top 10 most beautiful places to visit in UK for you but still if I have missed something you want do mention in the comments.


10. Snowdonia


Snowdonia is beautiful region in North Wales. It’s a famous national park on the 823 square miles of land. It is a first designated park of South Wales. The park covers the diverse landscape. It is a working area and has the population of 26,000 people. The mountains, below coast and valleys are stunning. Snowdon, the highest beauty of England and Wales lives here. The largest Wales Lake is also in Snowdonia. The area has its own history and local culture. The villages and picturesque valleys are really worth visiting.


9. Lake District

Lake District

Lake District is famous as a Lakeland lies in the North West region of England. It is the world’s most popular and beautiful holiday destination. This place has been inspiring people from the magnificent lakes, mountains and forests. The perfect wooded hills and shimmering water lakes is also an adventurous place to hike. Boat cruising and trail walks could have no better place than this. There are lovely villages and small towns also the one where William Words Worth lived. Lake District National Park is an exceptional place to visit with more than 14 million tourists every year.


8. Bristol


Bristol is famous as the ceremonial country and unitary authority area in South West England. It is British city with the enormous beauty of hilly vistas and number of historic places to visit and explore. The city provides you every type of cultural and entertainment opportunities. The people who are interested in ships could have their dreams fulfilled by having a great chance to sail in the world’s famous ships as Matthew and the Great Britain’s and world’s first ocean liner Brunel’s SS Great Britain. The Clifton suspension bridge is also don’t miss thing in the city.


7. York


Where River Foss meets River Ouse, lies the beautiful city of United Kingdom, York. This is a walled city with the abundance of heritage and worth visiting and attractive places for the tourists. This city is an appreciable work of architecture and vibrant culture. The biggest attraction of the city is York Minister. This is a Gothic cathedral that in unmatched in its art and craft. It the world’s most visited destination and a pedestrian zone as well so you may enjoy the tour with a transport. Don’t miss to see the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens. York castle Museum is also a place where you can see the history of past 400 years of the city.


6. Stonehenge


The world’s best and most famous visiting destination is Stonehenge. It’s a vital prehistoric location that has attracted the pilgrims, tourist and mystery seekers from all over the world from centuries. Stonehenge is situated near Amesbury, England in a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a wonderful blend of architecture and natural beauty and is the richest visited spot of Europe. It is famous for having some of the oldest finds and structures of Bronze and Neolithic Age. It has over 200 ancient monuments. You need to book the ticket in advance because it would be over populated whenever you will plan to visit the place. This place has the mysteries, theories and the histories associated with it.


5. Edinburg


The city full of history is Edinburg. If you visit this place be ready to experience some real history of UK. Edinburg Castle to the cobblestone streets all are here. Edinburg was started as the Old and New towns with number of the historic locations in between. Old town is famous for the street the Royal Mile because it connects the Palace of Holy Roodhouse with the Edinburg castle. New town isn’t actually new. It is most famous for its neoclassical architecture. Many colorful festivals are celebrated here. The events of art, music, comedy and theater are really worth attending for the tourists.


4. Cornwall


It is a peninsula with the small rocky cliffs that overlook the sea. Its white and golden sand beaches have been attracting the tourists from all over the world. Besides this the place offers you several outdoor activities, number of restaurants with the most delicious food ever and amazing views. The cottage clusters, beautiful villages and harbors, the fishing boats and much more provides the stunning beautiful views. The Eden project in Cornwall is also the worth seeing place where you can have all known how about the botanical researches in UK. This place is really charming and quaint.


3. Liverpool


Liverpool is often recognized as the city of music. It is the center of culture of the country and the most suitable place for theater fans, art lovers and history seekers. The city’s history is related to shipping that is import and export. The city’s most famous export is The Beatles (the English music band that was formed in Liverpool in 1960). You cannot visit Beatles Storyat Albert Dock with your friends and family but can relive the unforgettable history with them. Liverpool has played a very strong role in the establishment of the British Empire. Don’t forget to have a tour to the Walker Art Gallery and the famous Liverpool Cathedral.


2. Manchester

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In UK

The famous city of England, Manchester is located in south center of west England. It is the second largest city of England with the millions of tourists every year. Manchester United and Manchester City are the two football leagues of the city that are famous all over the world. This city bears the every color of life there is fun, history, fashion, shopping and a vibrant culture. Chinatown in Manchester is the best eye pleasing area of the city with the best architecture seen ever. Here the old 19th century architecture is still alive in the white and black buildings. It’s really the place for the making the amazing memorable experiences.


1. London


The world’s most fascinating city in my opinion is London. The city of England and the shining star of United Kingdom is really a city that has everything in it. The history, art galleries and museums, shopping malls, fantastic dining places, beautiful and ever green gardens and play lands for kids, the vibrant theaters and last but not the least Royalty. London has some of the world’s most beautiful and ironic attractions.

There is a long list of Don’t Miss places and things in London. London Tower’s Bridge, London’s Eye, Houses of Parliament, West Minister Abbey, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, British Museum, National Gallery and Bomber Command Memorial should not be missed during your tour to Britain. Whatever it may be, this city can accommodate anyone in anyway.

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