Top 10 Most Beautiful Things In The World

The world is full of exceptionally beautiful and extra-ordinary things. There are countless number of things including statues, monuments, cities, underwater creatures and birds. They are miraculously unique and enthralling that it often surpasses the human mind. There is jewelry with mesmerizing beauty, oceans and trees with very few people aware of them. Some are a gift of nature other are the creations of men. Some of them are such a beauty that it is bliss to look at. Majority of our people are unaware of the beauty which nature has bestowed our world. Here are listed the top 10 most beautiful things in the world.


10. Citroen DS

Most Beautiful Things In The World -

Designed by an Italian designer Flaminio Bertoni this car is considered to be the most beautiful car of the century. With its advanced technology and streamlined construction it has also been considered to be the best car by 20 well-known car designers. This car is displayed in the museum Haynes Motors of Somerset. Citroen DS was the third most prominent car in the “Car of the Century” competition in 1999.


9. Alpamayo Mountain

Most Beautiful Things In The World - Alpamayo Mountain

This mountain is a perfect pyramid shape which makes it different from its neighboring mountains. Its overwhelming beauty attracts climbers and mountaineers from all over the world. Part of the Cordillera mountain range this mountain is 5947m high with its snow caped cone peak. Alpamayo Mountain was declared one of the “most beautiful mountains in the world” and leaves its tourists and visitors in awe of it.


8. Blue Jacaranda

Most Beautiful Things In The World - Blue Jacaranda

Blue Jacaranda also known as Blue Trumpet Tree has beautiful purple flowers on it and thus comes in the category of the most beautiful things in the world. In Mexico and Zimbabwe the blooming of this tree is a sign of spring and is also considered as a fortune. It is one of the attractive species in plants with trumpet shaped flowers on it. The violet colored flowers have an amazingly unique fragrance and it is a pleasure to stand under this tree. Because of its long lasting flowers this tree remains beautiful throughout.


7. The Resplendent Quetzal

Most Beautiful Things In The World - The Resplendent Quetzal

Found in Central America the Resplendent Quetzal is the most beautiful bird of the American continent. Their vibrant colors make them exceptionally captivating especially their elongated tail with appealing and bright colors which grows up to 3ft during their mating season. Male birds are more colorful and attractive than the females. Female birds on the other hand do not have the train of tail which is the beauty of the bird. These birds are found in the tropical forests of Costa Rica and Guatemala and are called the “rare jewel bird of the world” in some cultures of America.


6. Mona Lisa

Most Beautiful Things In The World - Mona Lisa

The charismatic painting of Mona Lisa by Leaonardo Da Vinci definitely comes in the list of the most beautiful things of the world. This painting is the most admired, visited and has earned a lot of conjecture ever since. This painting has changed its places several times including palaces and museums. It is now in the museum of Louvre, Paris and is protected in a bullet proof glass to avoid any further accidents.


5. Taj Mahal

Most Beautiful Things In The World - Taj Mahal

The praise and beauty of Taj Mahal can never be overrated. Built for his beloved wife Mumtaz by Shah Jahan this building is famous for its magnificent and alluring architecture. Its interior is as beautiful as its exterior with semi-precious stones embedded and calligraphy of Quranic verses all over inside creates a splendor aura. Covered in white marble this building glow with life and looks absolutely spectacular at dawn and sunset. It has been built with extraordinary skill and technique and thus comes in the 8th wonders of life.


4. Trevi Fountain

Most Beautiful Things In The World -  Trevi Fountain

A very famous tourist attraction, the Fontana di Trevi or Trevi fountain is the most beautiful monument of Italy, Rome. Very few places have beautiful fountains and Rome is one of them. Not only it has the most breathtaking view but also it is the largest fountain of Rome. It occupies massive space and is 25 meters high and 20 meters wide. The fountain is famous for its beautiful architecture as well and has several statues on it depicting the myths of gods. There is also a tradition of tossing a coin in the fountain which will bring you back to the city.


3. The Mandarin Fish

Most Beautiful Things In The World -The Mandarin Fish

With a combination of red, blue, orange and red this fish comes in the top three of the most beautiful things in the world. It is a small fish with the most bright and vibrant colors in the ocean. Because of its distinctive beauty this fish is quite popular among aquarists as it is very rare and hard to find. It is often known as the beauty of Pacific because of its sophisticated designs on its body and looks more like a painting. This fish feeds on Harpcaticoida and can be kept as domestic pets at home. But because of their feeding habits they survive rarely at home. The dorsal spine of the male is more extended than the female ones. They do not grow more than 6 inches and are found between the East China Sea and Northern Australia.


2. The Heart Of The Kingdom Ruby

The Heart Of The Kingdom Ruby

Along with being one of the most beautiful things in the world this necklace comes in the top 5 of the most expensive jewelry. This heart shaped ruby on a diamond necklace costs about $14 million. Designed by the House of Garrand this jewel has no equal and is of one of a kind. This enchanting crimson colored heart is surrounded by 150 diamonds and weighs about 40.63 carat. This piece of jewel is made with such finesse that it would steal anyone’s heart. With the shining diamonds as a complementary around it, this necklace could be gazed at for hours and is a wish of every woman. This necklace is displayed in California at Garrad’s Jewellery story in Beverly Hills.


1. The Regent Diamond

Most Beautiful Things In The World -The Regent Diamond

This 410 carat diamond was the largest diamond ever to be found in India. It is a square shaped white colored diamond with implausible worth. It was known as the Pitt Diamond when first bought by the British Prime Minister William Pitt. This diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the world and has been a part of French royalty for many years.

Though this alluring diamond is a size of a plum the estimate value of this diamond is £48,000,000. With a slight tinge of blue in it, the diamond looks even more dazzling. The Regent diamond is now set in the Louvre, Paris and thousands of people come to get a look at this beautiful thing.

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