Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020

Beauty is always appealing whether it is in individuals or in the surrounding. Our world is full of flawless beauty and this beauty is either man made or natural. There is nothing good than traveling and enjoying the beauty of beautiful places during vacations. Everyone wants to enjoy and relax with their friends and family by taking a break from the hectic routine. Visiting the beautiful attractions will make individuals forget their worries and miseries and the breathtaking beauty will give them an immense source of pleasure and happiness that is priceless. So, here we have the list of top 10 most beautiful tourist attractions in 2020 that are superb and their beauty is unparalleled.


10. The Great Wall Of China, China

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions 2020 -

The Great Wall of China is a sequence of barricades made of brick, stone, wood, milled earth, and other materials and extends approximately 5,500 miles from east and west of China. This great wall is beautifully designed, and elegantly wraps up and down across deserts, meadows, mountains and plateaus. It was constructed by the inhabitants for safety purposes over 2000 years ago and its old architecture is very impressive making it a beautiful attraction. It is known as one of the world’s most emblematic artificial structures and attracts thousands of visitors, every year.


9. Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Turkey

Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Turkey

It is a historic mosque located in Istanbul of Turkey and is widely known as the Blue Mosque due to the blue tiles that beautifully embellish the walls of its interior. It was designed from 1609 to 1616 and is a stunning masterpiece of art. Like various others mosques, it also encloses a madrasah, a tomb of the founder and a clinic. The cascading arch, six slim and gracious minarets of this mosque dominate the horizon of Istanbul. It is an active mosque and a splendid tourist attraction, so you should plan your visit and follow the rules in order to visit this beautiful and historical mosque.


8. Sapa – Vietnam

Sapa – Vietnam

Sapa is a spectacular, mountainous town located in the northern Vietnam. It is a beautiful and glorious place in the northwest area of Vietnam where tourism is flourishing. This town seems to be a low valley of tumbling rice terraces, with mountains beautifully surrounding them from all sides. It is a fascinating tourist destination, it is proud of its weather and here visitors can enjoy four seasons in a single day; chilly autumn at early morning, spring after sunrise, summer at afternoon and cool winter at night. The nearby hills allow the visitors to have great views of this stunning hill town.


7. Taj Mahal – India

Taj Mahal - India

It is a beautiful colossal mausoleum made up of white marble and is located in Agra of India. It is an elegant piece of art that was established by Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. The mesmerizing Taj Mahal is the ornament of Muslim creativity in India. It is a symbol of the rich history of India and its beauty is unparalleled that attracts a number of visitors every year. Its architectonic beauty has a cadenced blend of solids and spaces, convex and concave and its glorious domes and arches further enhance its beauty. The elegant color combination of lavish green outlook, reddish alley and blue sky over it exhibits the Taj Mahal in ever changing hues and moods. This monument is an excellent example of remarkable innovation.


6. Gullfoss, Iceland

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020 -

This captivating tourist destination is the most famous of Iceland and has its own charm and elegance that no one can deny. Here you can enjoy the freshness and beauty of nature. Gullfoss is an astounding waterfall that is located in Southwest of Iceland in the Canyon of Hvita River and offers stunning views like some of its portion freezes in winter, melts in spring season and roars away in summer twilight. It is recognized as the Europe’s most powerful waterfall and here you can see the outstanding views of multiple rainbows.


5. Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020 - Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful tourist destination, located in Giligit- Baltistan of Pakistan. It is a lush green valley that is situated on the top of mountain, at an altitude of approximately 10,800 feet above sea level and serves as the best place to admire the flawless beauty of Nanga Parbat; the world’s ninth highest mountain. This place is truly the heart of glamorous North Pakistan and is very impressive in terms of beauty. This exotic place is really like a fantasy or fairy land as it is blessed with cool atmosphere, majestic beauty and spectacular scenery that can make anyone relax. It is also termed as the heaven on earth and there is no doubt in it.


4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria falls explores a beautiful sight of impressive beauty and majesty on the Zambezi River, constituting the boundary between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The thundering water, the smoky scenery, the pleasant environment makes Victoria falls an amazing tourist destination. Victoria Falls is widely recognized as the world’s greatest curtain of falling water. At the height of the rainy season, tourists can visualize the columns of spray from a huge distance. The views of the falls are unparalleled that you cannot resist yourself to stare at the elegance of the Falls from all sides. There are also a number of pleasant activities that visitors can do at this place.


3. Grand Canyon, USA

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020 - Grand Canyon, USA

Grand Canyon is the most distinct landmark of Arizona and is vast, glorious and inarguably appealing. It is a spectacular lofty canyon incised by the Colorado River many million years ago. Its incredible landscape explores the glory of nature and the fascination it can constitute. It is an amazing wonder of nature that extends 277 miles from end to end and attains a depth of more than a mile.

The elegant walls of the canyon show a variety of beautiful colors in the late afternoon, with blends of red, yellow and orange and other colors. Every year almost 5 million tourists visit this destination, most of the tourists view the canyon from the Southern rim, while some view from the Northern rim that offers a different view, but is closed in winter. If you want to have a close look of the Grand Canyon then you should have to hike down or have a helicopter flight through and over the canyon.


2. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

The area of Zhangye Danxia landform is termed as the eye candy of the Zhangye. This beautiful place is located near the Zhangye city in Gansu province of China. It is a spectacular area and is widely renowned for its vibrant rock formations that were formed more than 24 million years ago due to depositions of sandstone and other minerals. The present appearance of the stunning rocks is due to special geographical structure, linked with prolonged desert circumstances, water and wind deterioration, and free-thaw exfoliate.

There are numerous precipitated red cliffs, most of which having height of various hundred meters, and amazing streaked hills of weathered strata, sometimes extending to the skyline. These sandstone formations are vibrant and dramatic. This masterpiece is admired by various artists as it looks like imaginative colorful oil painting. It is not wrong to say these cliffs as Rainbow Mountains, they stand out on the plains and look magnificent and impressive, charismatic and vibrant.


1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In 2020 - Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Whitehaven beach extends up to seven kilometers along Whitsunday Island of Australia and is a marvelous tourist destination. This beach is widely renowned for its white sands and this sand comprises of 98% pure silica that offers it a bright white color. Another exclusive feature of this beach is that its sand does not retain heat and therefore anyone can walk comfortably with barefoot on a hot sunny day.

The crystal clear water and fine silica sand of this beach make it a must see attraction. It is a destination where you can feel nature at its best and experience the greatest sense of luxury and relaxation. In 2008, it was awarded Queensland’s cleanest beach and in 2010, it was titled the world’s top Eco friendly beach by It is the Australia’s most photographed beach and has been titled as the South Pacific’s best beach in 2020.

There is a hill inlet at the northern end of this beach, a charming bay where the tide moves the water and sand to create an amazing blend of colors. As the tides move, the turquoise shades of the inlet and the white silica sand blend beautifully to create a stunning view. Cigarette smoking is not allowed on the beach and dogs are not permitted. So, visit this beautiful place, sink your feet in the white cool sand and walk through the warm waves that gently collide the shore and offer extreme pleasure.

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