Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France

France is situated in the middle of Western Europe and is the 42nd largest country in the world. It is famous for its growing industries and is considered as an economic center of Western Europe. On the other hand, there are several tourist attractions which appeal people from around the world and they come just to visit these places. Here we will discuss some of the top 10 most beautiful, astonishing and unique tourist places of France. You can not only visit them during the vacations in summer but also enjoy the scenic beauty of France in winters. Let’s have a look at these. Here below we have the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France, visit and enjoy.


10. Musee du Louvre

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France -

The Louvre is famous for the art and sculpture it contains which are more than 2000 years old. The building was built in 12th century and represents architectural brilliance in itself. It contains a lot of old things that you can’t even see all of them in one day! Best place for art and history lovers.


9. Gorge du Verdon

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France - Gorge du Verdon

Also known as Verdon Gorge, it is a 25 kilometer long canyon situated about 800 km from Paris, with a very amazing color of water. It provides number of water sports such as kayaking, rafting, cliff diving and many others. Gorge du Verdon is the actually the largest Europe’s canyon. Endless walls are the real beauty of this place.


8. Mont Saint Michel

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France -  Mont Saint Michel

Located at the doorway of Couesnon River, this naturally fortified island is famous since ancient times. It has strategic fortifications since eighth century. This beautiful town comprises an exquisitely impressive castle on the top of a hill along with church and historic battlements. This castle was once used as a jail to imprison people but now it is famous among tourist from around the world. The open space beneath the hill provides a perfect breeze all day long which is very pleasant and makes it a must go place in France.


7. Saint Tropez

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France - Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a very beautiful summer resort located on French Riviera and is famous worldwide due to its tropical weather and scenic beauty. You can spot a large number of people here in summers including some famous celebrities. Both the weather and ease of access makes it one of the most visited places of France. Previously, it was the main center of French army and there are lot of army used sites which seem very interesting to visit. It is about 880 km away from Paris and it takes almost 8 hours to reach here on car.


6. Chamonix

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France - Chamonix

Chamonix is a famous ski resort in France which is situated in the well-known mountain range of Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc, which is famous for its high altitude and snow covered peaks is a very huge mountain range located on the borders of a few European countries, which further attracts a large number of people. Here in Chamonix, you can find every single type of winter sport due to which it is also called as “the death-sport capital of the world”. The first ever winter Olympics were also held here in 1924. Not only is this there a very famous and fabulous cable car which is 3,842 meters in height. The sports offered here are extreme skiing, ice climbing, canyoning, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding and Wing suit flying.


5. Eiffel Tower

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France -  Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower is the tallest man made structure in whole France which is made up of iron lattice. It was erected in 1889 and was named after Gustave Eiffel who was the architect behind this bravura structure. It is one of the most visited places of France with almost 6.98 million people. Considering its design, it is 324 meters tall which is the same height as an 82 floor building. Due to its unique design, several replicas are made which are installed in different parts of the world. It has gained worldwide fame and people from every corner of the world come to visit it. Moreover, the view from the top of the tower is also very attractive as you can see all of the Paris from there.


4. Palace of Versailles

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France - Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is the royal palace situated in Versailles which is about 20 km from Paris. It was originally built as a hunting lodge in 1624 by Louis XIII. It remained the main residence for the royal families for several years before being converted into a UNESCO world heritage. It is a very large palace covering an area of 67,000 meter squares which is why a lot of visitors can visit it simultaneously. Due to its unique structure and design, which reflects the rich French heritage, it is very famous in all of Europe. Vast green lawns with several types of species also add to the beauty of this palace.


3. Notre Dame de Paris

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France -  Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame de Paris is an old and historic catholic church located in Eastern Paris. It is another finest example of incredible French architecture which makes it stand among the largest ad popular church buildings of the world. It was started in 1163 and completed in 1345. During all these years it suffered destruction many times mostly due to weather and was renovated. It also holds the office of Archbishop of Paris since 1845.


2. Disneyland Paris

Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In France - Disneyland Paris

Also known as Euro Disney Resort, this is the most visited Disney Park in Europe and France. It was made in 1992 with only one theme park but later in 2002 another theme mark was added into this big empire. It consists of two theme parks, entertainment complex, golf course, dining, shopping and several resort hotels. This massive park is very famous among tourist and is a must go place. It covers 4800 acres of area including several entertainment venues.


1. Fontainebleau Forest and Castle

Fontainebleau Forest and Castle

Palace of Fontainebleau is one of the biggest palaces of France situated about 55 kilometers from Paris. It was built in early 16th century and contains several courtyards. It is located around the forest of Fontainebleau which was once used as a royal hunting park. All this natural beauty attracts so much that almost 13 million visitors came to this place in 2020 which is a big number.

It was once used as a royal palace by the emperor Louis VII but now it is UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you go o France than it is a must go place that you should not miss to visit.

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