Top 10 Most Charitable Celebrities

Success is something that is very appealing and everyone wish to get it. Numerous steps are taken in order to get success and then the individual reach at top, during his journey he faces a lot of hurdles that he has to cross. Hard work is the key to success but being consistent in achieving one’s goal is an extremely important factor. The first step might be very small but taking initiative is the most difficult work as there are a lot of celebrities who initiated their career from small work and then achieved a superstar status and gained so much fame. Even the popular Hollywood celebrity Tom Cruise was not as famous as he is now days, he stared his career by performing minor and supporting roles. The stunning Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence initiated her career by appearing in small shots for television shows and then she got hit in “The Hunger Games”, “Silver Lining’s Playbook”, and “Winter’s Bone”. There are various other personalities who worked in minor jobs just to wait for their big chance.

Therefore it is very encouraging to know that these celebrities give back to the societies once they become hit and financially strong. It is very refreshing to see the superstars doing noble work and sharing their blessings with others, there are many celebrities who share their blessings and helps the needy people. Here is the list of top 10 most charitable celebrities in the world, their kind intensions to help others are really inspiring.


10. Marcy Carsey – $1,870,000

Marcy Carsey  - most charitable celebrities

Marcy Carsey is an American producer, she is the co -owner of Carsey-Werner Productions company with Tom Werner. This company has produced extremely hit shows like “The Cosby Show”, “That ‘70s Show”, and “Roseanne”. Marcy Carsey and her husband established a foundation known as the Carsey Family Foundation and she has donated $1.87 million to it, which give donations to Media Matters for America, to the Institute for America’s Future and for the Progressive Talent Initiative.


9. Meryl Streep – $2,100,000

Meryl Streep - most charitable celebrities

Meryl Streep is an American actress, she is the winner of three Academy Awards, eight Golden Globe Awards and has received numerous nominations more than any other actor in the history of any award. She is considered as one of the best Hollywood actresses of all the time. She helped in the establishment of the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts with a donation of more than $2 million. This foundation has donated amount to numerous institutes like Oxfam America and Partners in Health and Vassar College.


8. Lance Berkman – $2,410,000

Lance Berkman - most charitable celebrities

Lance Berkman is ranked at number eight in the list of top ten most charitable celebrities in the world. He is an American baseball professional and outfielder for Taxes Ranger. Lance Berkman and his wife donated almost $2.4 million to establish a foundation known as The Lord’s Fund, it is a foundation that aids the children and youth of Eastern Europe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Vietnam and the Philippines.


7. Ndamukong Suh – $2,600,000

Ndamukong Suh - most charitable celebrities

Ndamukong Suh is an American football defensive tackle of the National Football League. He also played for the University of Nebraska and gained All-American honors. He received various awards that include the Associated Press College Football Player of the Year Award, Chuck Bednarik Award, Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Lombardi Award and Outland Trophy and was renowned as a universal All American. He donated $2.6 million to the University of Nebraska, $2 million for the athletic department while the remaining $6000,000 for the UNL College of Engineering from where he graduated.


6. Nora Roberts – $3,000,000

Nora Roberts - most charitable celebrities

Nora Roberts is an American author who has written more than 209 romance novels. She is known to be the first author who was enlisted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. She is an author who has been sold almost more than 280 million copies of her romance novels. She has been frequently included in the annual list of Giving Back Fund of the most charitable celebrities with the tremendous donations she donating to Nora Roberts Foundation. She has denoted almost $3 million to this foundation that supports to different organizations financially which encourage literacy and the arts, help children and involve in charitable efforts.


5. Taylor Alison Swift – $4,000,000

Taylor Alison Swift  - most charitable celebrities

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer and song writer who was born on 13th of December, 1989 and became the youngest song writer that was ever hired by the Sony/ATV Music. She has honored with numerous awards that include seven Grammy Awards, six Academy Awards of Country Music and many others. According to Forbes estimation her worth is more than $220 million. Her humanitarian efforts have been perceived by the Do Something Awards, the Tennessee Disaster Service and the Giving Back Fund. In 2012, she donated a $4 million colossal donation for the building of a new education center.


4. George Lucas – $4,025,000

Top 10 Most Charitable Celebrities, George Lucas

George Lucas is an American entrepreneur, film producer, director and screen writer. He was the founder of famous Lucas film Limited and the Chief executive and chairman of it before selling it to The Walt Disney Company in 2012. He is one of the most financially successful filmmakers of the American film industry. “Star Wars” and the “Indiana Jones” series are two most popular franchises in movie history created by him. He is currently the second biggest share holder of the company Disney. He founded The George Lucas Educational Foundation in 1991, which encourages the education of youth and teaches them how to become benevolent leaders and responsible citizens. He has been donated $4.25 million to the George Lucas Educational Foundation.


3. Mel Gibson – $6,085,000

Mel Gibson - 3rd most charitable celebrity

One of the most charitable Hollywood celebrities is Mel Gibson. He is an American actor, producer, director and screen writer who has directed, produced and carpeted in several Academy Awards winning film “Braveheart. He has donated considerable money to various charities including $6.85 million to the A.P. Reilly Foundation for supporting the Holy Family Church. He also gave millions of money to arrange medical treatment for poor children and save their life.


2. Herb Alpert – $9,000,0000

Herb Alpert  - 2nd most charitable celebrity

Herb Alpert is an American musician mostly associated with the Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass group. He is the only documented artist to hit the rank 1st as both a vocalist and an instrumentalist on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop chart. He established The Herb Alpert Foundation and the Alpert Awards in the Arts with The California Institute of the Arts. This foundation helps in supporting youth and arts education and also emphasizes on environmental issues, he has donated $9 million to the Herb Alpert Foundation


1. Jami Gertz – $10.6 million

Jami Gertz worlds most charitable celebrity

The celebrity that is on the top of the list of top 10 most charitable celebrities in the world is Jami Gertz, she is a renowned American actress who is very popular for her early roles in the films like Sixteen Candles, Less Than Zero, Crossroads, and The Lost Boys.In 2011, she and her husband Anthony Ressler was the number one donor to charity of any celebrity of 2010 in the Giving Back Fund.

She with her husband established the Ressler Getz Foundation and gave a tremendous donation of $10.6 million. They also have established the Getz-Ressler High Academy. Few benefits of the foundation include the Cedar Sinai Medical Center and the LA County Museum of Art.

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