Top 10 Most Controversial Hollywood Celebrities In 2020

The lives of Hollywood celebrities have always been controversial. Every fan is curious to know about the life of his favorite celebrity whether good or bad.  These celebrities cannot have a normal life as the media needs information and material for their newspaper so they take every aspect of their life and exaggerate it as much as they can to spice up their magazines. Most of the celebrities, in order to make themself popular, do such stunts to get on the front page. Others just can’t help it and always end up as the most controversial celebrities. The world of celeb isn’t as sparkly as it seems to be from the outside. Here are the top ten most controversial Hollywood celebrities in 2020.


10. Paris Hilton

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 -

Paris Hilton has a record of being controversial. She has been a model and an actress and her relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar De La Hoye has earned her to be a famous personality. The leakage of a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend raised a number of contentions and uproar among media and social network and later her drug usage actions made her one of the most controversial actress of Hollywood.


9. Justin Bieber

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Justin Bieber

The famous and most lovable teenage singer Justin Bieber has been caught several times by the cops for underage drinking; he was caught with some un-prescribed pills and drag racing in Florida. He spat on his fans as well which was all over the news. Recently it has been reported that Justin’s manager gave him an ultimatum to hold himself together. It is rightly said that youngsters cannot handle being famous in a wise manner.


8. Miley Cyrus

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Miley Cyrus

One of the all-time most favorites was the Hannah Montanna aka Miley Cyrus with her charming and pleasing looks. But recently her pixie short hair and all black eyes pictures and videos of her songs have left her fans astounded. Her concerts with not so decent dance performances have also added to the sparks. Looks like her decision to earn more ratings resulted in making her the most controversial celebrity of 2020.


7. Rihanna

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Rihanna

Appearance of Rihanna in her see-through dress at the CFDA fashion awards a couple of weeks ago raised a number of controversies against RiRi. She was nearly naked and her dress designer claimed that the dress was merely for a fun night to end in some news. Rihanna’s life is quite controversial this year including her on and off relationship with her boyfriend Chris Brown.


6. Madonna

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 -  Madonna

The picture of Madonna’s son, posted on instagram, with his friends holding a gin bottle created a lot of upheaval. The picture with a caption was criticized terribly and Madonna had to remove it saying that it was merely for fun and no one was actually drinking. Well whatever it was, this news was enough for making controversies in newspapers, magazines and internet.


5. Selena Gomez

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 -  Selena Gomez

The performance of Selena Gomez while wearing a Hindu traditional bindi in her performance created a lot of controversies and the Hindu group demanded an apology from the Spring Breakers Star. Let me mention this fact that Hindus are very sensitive and protective about their religion. They mostly do not tolerate any religious conflicts. According to the Hindu scholar this Bindi holds religious significance and is not to be flaunted in a seductive way or as a fashion.


4. Snoop Dogg

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is the most famous rapper and with popularity comes controversies but recently the picture posted on his twitter of him and his teenage son taking marijuana raised a lot of contentions. Snoop Dogg says who else can teach him better to smoke than his father. Media has considered him to be the most controversial celebrity who is addicted to drugs and makes his son too. Masses are of the view that this habbitt should not be transmitted to his son, which is no doubt a wise act.


 3. Lindsay Lohan

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Lindsay Lohan

From theft to drug usage and ending up in a rehab Lindsay Lohan has been the most controversial celebrities for the past couple of years up till now. Recently in a department store of London, Selfridges, Lindsay Lohan striped herself naked and ran through the department store laughing riotously. The store complained of her saying she came in for shopping and went to the dressing room to change and came out naked. The staff members were trying to cover her up but she created a big scene for the customers of the store and disturbed their atmosphere.


2. Beyoncé

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Beyoncé

While performing the song “Resentment” on a stage with her husband Jay Z, Beyoncé changes the lyrics of her song which every single person noticed as the song was released in 2006 and is one of the famous songs with lyrics. The media asked Beyoncé if the lyrics were an attack on her husband who was rumored to be cheating on her as the changed lyrics were an emphasis on fidelity and love. A couple days after these rumors Beyoncé posted a picture of her family along with her husband on her website checking in an art exhibition together. Apparently the rumors aren’t true. But still no one knows the truth.


1. Lady Gaga

Controversial Hollywood Celebrities 2020 - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most famous singers of America whose music is loved by billions of fans all over the world. Lady Gaga might not be a controversial person but her dressing definitely is. She was seen wearing a red meat dress in an award function, posted pictures of herself without makeup. Recently a picture was posted on twitter with Miley Cyrus and wrote below not to leave your kids with Lady Gaga.

Groups on the internet known as The Smilers who are the fans of Miley Cyrus were gravely offended and even created a hash tag saying #SmilersWantLadyGagaDead. Her picture and tweet which was supposed to be funny created a lot of chaos on the internet among Miley Cyrus’s fans.

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