Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

This world is full of beautiful creatures including animlas, some of them are friendly while some of them are very deadly and dangerous. Man is superior to all these creatures because of their ability to think but the tremendous strength and deadly nature of these dangerous animals make him scary too. This world contains numerous small and big beasts that are capable to kill humans efficiently and promptly without any stimulus to provoke them, some may be not kill humans in that way but still are very dangerous and it is wise to stay away from them. Here we have top 10 most dangerous animals in the world. This list shows the amazing and scary facts that show whether these fascinating creatures fascinate you but don’t forget their cruel and dangerous nature.


10. Komodo Dragon

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals -

It is the largest specie of lizard that is also acknowledged as Komodo monitor and is present in some Indonesian islands. It is a lethal animal because of its dangerous, poisonous bite, the powerful poison present in its bite causes in its victim an increase in flow of blood, thinning of the blood, muscle paralysis and therefore creating a condition of shock and loss of consciousness. Its sharp jagged teeth are used to create a cavernous wound in its victim and making the poison to flow smoothly. It is an uncertain and aggressive animal that in case of danger shows its aggression by opening its mouth, wheezing and swinging its tail. There are incidences of their attacks and killing of human even without any offend. Because of the flexibility of its skull and jaw it is able to swallow huge pieces at a time.


9. Polar Bear

Polar Bears

Polar bear is an animal that looks pretty but is the largest meat eating animal that lives on land, its diet usually comprises of bearded and ringed seals. Its one swipe with his giant paw is enough to cut off any human head. Their cuteness may be admire you but don’t ever dare to think they are innocent and cause nothing harm. They are extremely conscious about their young ones and attack brutally in case of perceived danger. This 1,500 pounds animal is really scary and if hungry then extremely unpredictable, they have no fear from people and can kill and even sometimes eat human. They are localized to Arctic Circle and this is a relaxing thing.


8. Blue Ringed Octopus

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals -  Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus is renowned as one of the venomous animal of marine life in the world. It is a blue ringed tiny animal that looks small, cute and appealing but this tiny animal is very lethal. It is found in the tidal areas from Africa to Japan and is intermittently confronted by the people who paddle or plod in tide pools. It is so much venomous and its venom is enough to kill humans and the most threatening thing is that there is not antidote for it. If it bites some one then within minutes there would be need of Cardiac Pulmonary resuscitation as it will completely paralyze the person and it would be unable to breathe. Its poison is 10,000 times more noxious than cyanide.


7. Hippopotamus

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is the third largest mammal on the land after elephant and rhinoceros. They are commonly present in Africa and are liable for causing more human deaths on the continent as compared to other larger animals. Hippopotamus also termed as river horse is among the most aggressive beasts of the world and therefore ranks in the list of not only the most dangerous animals of Africa but also one of the world. They are ill tempered and possess many reasons for attacking, the male hippos become aggressive in defending their area while females in protecting their young ones. They weigh about 8000 pounds and can dart at 18 miles per hour and kill more than 200 every year, even the crocodiles become target of their aggression and killed or displayed by them.


6. White Shark

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - White Shark

The great White Shark or white death is a silent killer of marine life which gets excited by the blood in water and therefore provoking a craving sensation in it. It is a dangerous animal whose 300 sharp teeth are always ready to bite any thing that is moving due to incredible sensation of electric field generated from moving animals, any individual squashing water would be like a glowing indicator for the shark.

They attack irrespective of the time and circumstances of the water and are liable for the highest number of documented attacks on human. According to 2012 analysis there are 272 recorded unprovoked attacks of sharks on humans making them to got number one slot in holding the most attacks on human. They first check the objects by test bike and this test bite is so forceful and is enough to kill anyone and responsible for several deaths each year. They swim peacefully but are fast and furious in water so there is no need to mess up with this white death.


5. Cape Buffalo

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - Cape Buffalo

The African or Cape buffalo also renowned as “black death” is an extremely unpredictable and aggressive animal. It is a wild animal that has the capability to overwhelm you and lacerate you with the help of its horns. This dangerous animal has weight between 900 to 1800 pounds and kills more than 200 people per year. Cape buffalo is known as a dangerous animal that is very notorious and kills more people in Africa as compared to other African animals. It is very challenging target for hunters, as being wounded it becomes more deadly and can deceive and attack hunters. Even lions are scared of this aggressive animal especially when it is in form of herd so it is better to keep away from this weird animal.

This animal in spite of its tremendous weight can run with a speed of 40 miles per hour and can attack without any incitement. Their prey is legal in Africa but hunters commonly avoid them because once the shot is missed, you would be responsible for the bad results.


4. Saltwater Crocodile

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals -  Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodiles are gigantic but very fast and tricky animals and are capable to catch and swallow almost any prey of their choice. Saltwater crocodile also named as estuarine is the most aggressive and most dangerous specie of crocodiles that got easily aggravated and fearless towards human. It is not only the largest living reptile but also the world’s largest riparian and terrestrial predator and therefore one of the world’s most dangerous animals. Any prey entering in its area can hardly escape, attacking the prey if getting hungry or defending their territory.

They calmly wait for their victim by lying still in water and within seconds overwhelm, suffocate and cripple their preys before devouring them. They are responsible for more than 2,000 deaths each year, a wide variety animals including alive and dead are included in their diet. This fast and powerful animal applies 3,000 pounds of pressure per sq inch with its jaw and that is enough to crush any thing.


3. African lion

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - African lion

The lion holds the crown of the king of the jungle and are very famous. People frequently use them in their words and phrases in order to illustrate bravery. They are basically big cats that live in groups known as prides. Their sharp teeth and claws like blades are enough to cut and cripple any victim.

These animals are monumental but no doubt very aggressive too so no needs to mess up with them even in game, because in front of their massive body, sharp teeth and astonishing speed of 85 kilometers per hour any one can do nothing to escape. This vulnerable animal is renowned for its strength and courage and can jump almost 4 feet up in the air even with the prey in its mouth. The ambushing and hunting is done by females while the male lions take care of their prides, their sixth sense of hunting makes them distinct. There are incidences of their attacking on farms, zookeepers, handlers in circuses, their masters and also on tourist’s car at African safari, they are responsible for numerous fatalities each year


2. Snake

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - Snake

Snake is a deadly animal having more than 450 species that are venomous and out of these 250 species and are eligible of killing an individual. The most noxious species are found in Africa, North America and Asia. These weird killers kill the people with their bites containing poison. Asian cobra also named as Indian cobra or spectacled copra does not possess the tile of most virulent snake but it is very lethal in fact causing more than 50,000 deaths every year, therefore is responsible for the largest disaster. Every year around two million individuals suffer from snakebite in all over the world and its single sting is enough to take away their life. Asian cobra is a deadliest animal that possess not only aggressive attitude but also fearless attitude towards human. Its poison contains a neurotoxin and cardiotoxin that promptly affects the nervous system, paralyzing the muscles therefore causing cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. Be careful if you going to visit any of the area where they reside.


1. Elephant

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals - 1. Elephant

Elephant is a largest land mammal that lives in Africa and some other countries of Asia. It is one of the most intelligent animals in the world that seems friendly and cute but one the other hand it is extremely dangerous animal that can smell from a mile away and has huge hearing ability because of its big ears. Their gigantic size having weight around 16,000 pounds make them massive enough to compete and destroy everything. They have unpredictable attitude as they attack sometimes without any reason and their tremendous strength make them treader and eligible to trample the trees with their thick trunks and to twist a rhinoceros many feet above their heads into the air.

Their one moment of anger can be very lethal as once they get musth no power can stop them from doing tremendous damage. African Elephant is very threatened specie that attacks even when they are not provoked, enter villages and create a huge disaster by demolishing things and trampling people. These wild elephants are although slight different from that found in zoo but cause death of over 600 people per year and even their handlers and therefore the contact between elephants and spectators has been prohibited in many zoos.

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  2. How is an animal (the snake) that supposedly kills 50,000 people a year less dangerous than an animal(the elephant) that only kills 600 people a year?

  3. How can the tiger be number one when he cant even beat the leopard or wild dogs:

    Lions are not that dangerous towards humans, unless by hunger or provoking, lions kill the least amount of people compared to other big cats. But they are up their as probably the best fighting carnivorian

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