Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsmen In World Cup 2020

2020 Cricket world cup is no doubt the biggest sensation of 2020. Every eye is looking towards every single match in the pipeline. People are not only enthusiastic, but committed towards their respective countries. From the captivating opening ceremony to the heart throbbing matches, everything is so far awesome. With World cup every four years, come some very interesting happenings. Few players bag the top ten lists due to their performances, while other make fastest centuries. This year, some very interesting events happened. One of those events was the perfect and exceptionally well batting performances by various players. This list focuses upon The Top 10 Most Dangerous Batsmen in World Cup 2020. Let us have an overview of the exalted players bagging the top ten lists.




10. Hashim Amla

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 -

Hashim Amla is a very talented batsman, making a lot of records. He is the fastest batsman reaching eighteen centuries in one day international in the shortest time. He also made his 3000, 4000 and then 5000 runs in the shortest time. After seeing this appreciable record, he is certainly regarded as the dangerous batsman for the opponents. His performance in the world cup has been commendable. Keeping the tradition alive, he made half century against West Indies, hence playing a vital role in the victory.


9. David Warner

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 9. David Warner

David warner showed his fierce full batting against India in a series in January 2020, before showing up in world cup. His performance dazzled the world of cricket, portraying he is all set for the world cup. His game against New Zealand was the proof of this fact. It seems that bat is his best friend. He says that not even a single bowler on this planet ever scare hi.


8. Shahid Afridi

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 8. Shahid Afridi

A Pakistani player- Shahid Afridi- has always been among the dangerous people. His unpredictable batting style and ability to score maximum runs in minimum balls has always been a talent of Shahid Afridi. In World cup 2020, even if he was unable to score, but opponents looked towards him with fear and stress. It would be right if it is suggested that Shahid Afridi is the only unpredictable batsman who-very easily- induces fear due to his unpredictability.


7. Kane Williamson

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 7. Kane Williamson

This young player managed to make 1200+ runs in only 10 matches, leaving everyone in the state of awe. Kane’s mesmerizing six against Australia this world cup was the reason of New Zealand’s victory. Kane bats in such a flow making trouble for all the bowlers. His position in cricket would become stronger after this world cup.


6. Kumar Sangakkara

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 6. Kumar Sangakkara

Match between England and SriLanka clearly shows the terror induced on England players by Kumar Sangakkara- a SriLankan Batsman. He made 117 runs on 86 balls and remained not-out in the match. Not only this, but he also made a partnership of 212 runs with Thirimanne. Sangakkara also bagged the title of man of the match in this legendary innings. Sangakkara is playing his last ODI world cup. He will be missed, surely.


5. Virat Kohli

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli- an Indian batsman- bags the dangerous batsmen list. He is ranked at number 2 among the rankings of ICC. The aggressive batting style of Kohli is evident in the match between Pakistan and India in which he made a total of 107 runs on 126 balls. He was made the man of the match in match between Pakistan and India. He is dangerous and every bowler fears bowling him. He is not only dangerous with his bat but also with his gestures.


4. Glenn Maxwell

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 4. Glenn Maxwell

World cup is all about rankings and records. Glenn Maxwell was at first among the dejected players in 2020 World cup. He was not even originally thought to be selected in the team of 2020 world cup. But, luck has its own mysterious ways. Maxwell was not only selected, but has also been able to add colors to his cap. Yes! He did give a wonderful performance and made the second fastest century in the match between Australia and New Zealand in just 52 balls.


3. Brendon Mccullum

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 3. Brendon Mccullum

This explosive batsman is popular for hitting sixes, whether it is an ODI, T-20 or a Test match. He never fears hitting boundaries and making big scores. This world cup, the advantage of home ground adds to the aggressiveness in Mccullum’s bating. He was the only batsman making half century in the thriller match against Australia in the world cup match. His exceptionally good performance against Sri Lanka before world cup left a mark of terror amongst the bowlers for world cup.


2. Chris Gayle

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 2. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle- A West Indies player- holds the title of making centuries in all the three formats of cricket. His tall and strong physique is enough to spread terror amongst the opponents. By making double century (215) proved him being the 2nd most dangerous batsman this world cup. His perfect hits and fearless batting has always been hazardous for other teams. His aggressive behavior with his bat always turns the tables towards West Indies’ favor. It won’t be an exaggeration calling Chris Gayle as a night horse.


1. AB de Villiers

Most Dangerous Batsmen 2020 - 1. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers – a South African player the most versatile player ever seen, Villiers is definitely the biggest asset of South Africa. He is not only best in cricket, but also perfect in playing tennis, rugby and golf. Whether he is behind the wickets, in the fields or standing on the pitch, he is spreading fear all over the stadium.

He is known to hot any type of ball to any corner, not even expected to be hit. He hit 162 runs against West Indies this world cup, proving his dangerous nature. He is dangerous, uncontrollable, unbeatable and the most dangerous batsman of cricket world cup 2020.



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