Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

I don’t think there would be anyone who doesn’t like a beach trip. Isn’t it? Yes definitely and this is why every years millions and billions of tourists from all parts of the world love to spend their summer and winter vacations at the beach points. A lot of countries can be named in this regard to have beautiful and refreshing beaches where the people simply love to spend their holidays.When it comes for us to think of a beach, we start imagining of a place with crystal clear water, green areas and mountains spread all around and a refreshing atmosphere. But certainly there are some beaches in the world which have been designated as the dangerous points. The government and people of those areas have strictly forbid the tourists to make them their destination. So here are those top 10 most dangerous beaches in the world which can be really risky for you if you think of going there.


10. Perth Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World -

Perth is situated in Western Australia and is named as a hotspot of deadly big fishes. Perth is especially the habitat of sharks and big whales so diving into this beach is absolutely wrong.


9. Northern Coast Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - Northern Coast Beach

Northern Coast is a widely spread beach in northern Australia. It is said to be the hub of poisonous snakes and dangerous whales. Even the tiny jellyfishes of this beach are said to be life killing and they bite the divers and tend to intake their blood within a few minutes.


8. Cape Town Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - Cape Town Beach

Cape Town beach is a famous South African beach, known for its natural beauty and spectacular atmosphere. But do you know still the people avoid going there, why? It is just because Cape Town beach is full of tiny and very small fishes and insects which kill the human beings and make their bodies their diet.


7. Horry County

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World -  Horry County

Horry County is a vast beach of Southern Carolina famous for its crystal clear green colored water. Since the day this beach came into being, it is said to have killed more than 500 people. This dangerous beach is the habitat of dangerous sharks and anaconda. Although the anacondas are not present here in extensive number but still whatever their number is, we can not say this beach safe for the visitors at any cost. Who knows an anaconda or shark might arise from the inner of the water and kill someone.


6. Hanakapiai Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - Hanakapiai Beach

It is one of the famous and well known beaches of Hawaii, but due to many reasons the government has not allowed the international tourists to come and spend their time here. One of the reasons is that this beach is absolutely an unsafe place as it is full of insects. The insects of this beach are so drastic and dangerous that they immediately start biting their hunts. They reach their hunt (which is actually their food) via smell. But of course the local people can adopt the required measures so they can visit this beach every now and then.


5. Long Beach Island

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World -  Long Beach Island

From an appearance point of view, this New Jersey beach is awesome and wonderful. Getting inspired with the beauty and greenery spread all around this beach won’t be wrong at all but if you think of diving into the water then don’t. Think thrice before making this decision because the local fishermen of the area don’t recommend it a suitable beach. They say it’s a hub of tiger sharks, which are really dangerous that they can sniff the humans from a distance of 3 kilometers. This is why even the three to four kilometer area around this beach is absolutely unsafe.


4. Marshall Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - Marshall Beach

Marshall beach is a part of Marshall Island, USA. Marshall Islands is place of over 2000 small beaches but Marshall beach is the leading and prior out of them not because it is cool to visit beach but just because some dangerous snakes, leopards and life-killing sharks are present here in great number. For a decade, these deadly creatures have killed and eaten up more than 300 tourists. So the government has taken measures to stop the visiting and trip plans of this beach due to security reasons.


3. New Smyrna Beach

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna beach is a situated in Florida. Planning a trip to this wonderful natural point is what every tourist and local citizen do during weekends. The sun-rays and sparkling beauty of the beach is simply an awesome experience for all of us to go with, but still this beach is a restricted point because of its dangerous water species. The tiger sharks and whales are among the most dangerous species which are said to be the main reason for naming this beach a bad tourist point of Florida.


2. Alter do Chao Beach

Alter do Chao beach

Alter do Chao is a primary tropical area of San Paolo. It is the hub of piranhas, the tiny and sharp-teethed swimming creatures. Due to the tremendously increasing population of piranhas, this beach is not at all safe for the tourists especially for swimmers. So you can visit this beach but don’t you dare to dive into the water or think of shipping because it is not a good idea from a security point of view.


1. Ponce de Leon Inlet

Most Dangerous Beaches In The World - Ponce de Leon Inlet

It is yet another most dangerous beach of Florida and was named as an absolutely restricted to visit place for the people. The sharks of this beach have so far attacked and killed more than 200 people.

It is the barrier of central Florida Island, and distinguishes it from the Northern Florida. The natural beauty and wonderful sunshine of this beach point is really inspirational but what makes us think of dismissing our idea to visit here is its poor coastline and security system.


  1. “dangerous whales”? are you fucking kidding me??? there is no such thing as a dangerous whale
    i can’t take this article seriously, sorry

  2. WHO WROTE THIS?!? This is horribly written, and woefully inaccurate!

  3. Dafaq ?! I live in Paarl (±50km from Cape Town) and its great white sharks and rough seas that make it dangerous not little fish and insects ! Where did you come up with all this shit, there are no anacondas and piranhas in the sea ! When I read this I wonder if who ever wrote this even finished primary school.

  4. Really, this has got to be the best troll ever. #10-3 and #1 are wrong. I will admit that I am not familiar with #2, however with a 90% failure rate, I would not wager on it being correct either.

  5. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. It’s obviously a foreigner who has a terrible understanding of English. I lived near New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet and know what this article states is total rubbish.
    Among other things, I know there aren’t anacondas in “Southern” Carolina.
    This is so retarded it’s funny!

  6. There is no such beach called Perth Beach in Western Australia. Here is a list of Beaches in Perth: Hillarys Boat Harbour Beach, North Beach, Hammersley Beach, Centaur Beach, Mettams Pool Bailey Beach, Trigg Beach North, Scarborough Beach, Brighton Beach, Floreat Beach, City Beach, Army Beach, Swanbourne Beach, Grant Street Dog Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Port Beach, Leighton Beach and Mosman Beaches, Sandtrax Beach. And Northern Coast Beach? There is no such beach either. From the photo you used it looks like the Beach in Port Douglas, Queensland and hte beachis called 4 Mile Beach. And by the way, the Jellyfish do not bite. They sting and inject poison into someone and they definitely do not suck blood. The information is so ridiculous, it’s funny. Get you facts and information before you publish it.

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