Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2020

Who does not like peace in the surrounding? Normal people would answer this question as ‘no one’. But the surroundings have shown that there are a lot of humans, who actually love to cause pain to others. They either have psychological issues or have other issues. And the other issues include poverty, injustice, inequality, religious beliefs, political instability and many more. Some people handle these issues very well with patience and optimism. While others take revenge from innocent people causing anarchy and chaos. And when a group of people gets involved in such revenge taking activities, the anarchy and chaos spreads throughout the city and eventually in the country. If government implies strict laws and order, then these activities can be stopped. Otherwise their magnitude increases and the place become dangerous to live. While moving to a new place or visiting it, one should do some search that whether it is safe or not. So, here is a list of top 10 most dangerous cities in 2020. The countries mentioned in this list were dangerous last year and their attitude will be making them more dangerous in this year.


10. Guatemala City, Guatemala

Poverty is the biggest reason for the unrest in this city. Most of the people living here are under debt and are unable to make their both ends meet. To overcome this poor life, some of them are indulged in negative activities out of which homicide is the biggest one. 67 per 100,000 people experience homicide. No proper law is prevailing, neither anyone is working to enforce it, so the city will remain dangerous for the coming years.


9. Torreon, Mexico

Most Dangerous Cities In 2020 -

This city holds the position of backbone in the industrial and economic sector of Mexico. Murders are prevalent in this city to an extent that out of every 100,000 people, 87 become the victims of intentional homicide. This situation is alarming and if not controlled, can cause disasters eventually.


8. Florida, United States

Most Dangerous Cities In 2020 - Florida, United States

America projects itself as a very peaceful city, but every story has a dark side. Not all the parts of US are safe including some major cities like Washington and New York. Florida has been rendered one of the dangerous cities of the world because of some very serious reasons. Smuggling and terrorism is the core reasons because of which Florida is in this list. ‘Town of terrorists’ is the new name of this state.


7. Acapulco, Mexico

 Most Dangerous Cities In 2020

This city is one of the famous spots for tourists in Mexico. The only and alarming problem in this area is the murder case. A large number of people are murdered here every year. Out of every 100,00 people, 142 people are killed making this city in the list of world’s largest murder rated city. This all scenario is created due to drug violence. Tourists are always suggested to stay at their resorts and avoid going to the surroundings especially at dark. As the surrounding unknown area is the dangerous part of the story.


6. New Delhi, India

Most Dangerous Cities In 2020 - 6. New Delhi, India

New Delhi the capital of India is termed as ‘Rape City’ these days. Women are not at all safe here. Hundreds of women are raped ruthlessly every year. Not only locals, but the foreigners are also not safe here. Recently a Danish woman was subjected to gang rape in Delhi. Some foreign tourists cancelled their trips to India on the account of this brutal act. This gang rape story is vigilant in almost every city of India. Local women are also scared while going out especially at night.


5.  Cape Town, South Africa

Several tourists travel to South Africa every year to see the serene beauty of this area. Cape Town is also on the list of the visitors. But while visiting Cape Town, some precautions must be taken as it is not completely safe. Social unrest and poverty is the reason of increasing crime rates over here. So never visit this place alone and never go out at night no matter what.


4. Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing a war against terrorism for more than a decade now. US troops are being removed as they can also not completely uproot this disease from Kabul. Terrorists’ attacks include bombing and firing mainly. The area is war zone and violence is prevailing up till now. The city is not safe for living and for visiting. As reported in November 2020, about 3188 people have died as a result of terrorism.


3. Caracas, Venezuela

Most Dangerous Cities In 2020 - Caracas, Venezuela

People are not advised to visit this city alone at all. The reason behind this statement is the street fighting, armed robberies, drug cartels and homicide cases, prevailing throughout the year. Out of 100,000 folks, 122 have experienced the crime of homicide in this city. Drug gangs are also seen here harming the people. Street crimes like thefts and mugging are very common making this place a highly dangerous one.


2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Most Dangerous Cities In 2020 - 2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The city of Honduras is one the most dangerous city in the world. The dangerous activities include homicide cases, arm trafficking, illegal firearms and murders. According to a report, 169 of 100,00 people faces the crime of intentional homicide in this city. An average of 3 people is subjected to murder every day. Presence of mafia, extreme poverty and government corruption are the reasons for the instability and rising crime rates. The government is not taking any safety actions for the citizens, so this beautiful place is turning to violent place, not preferred by the tourists.


1. Recife, Brazil

Publicly known as ‘Brazilian Venice’, Recife is the fifth biggest metropolitan city of Brazil. It has got a lot of bridges and canals, that’s why named as Brazilian Venice. But the sad part of the story is that it is one of the violent and most dangerous cities of Brazil and the whole world. The total inhabitants living here are 3,717,640 and out of them, 1,656 people are the victims of homicide.

Illegal weapon possession and mafias are common here. Although Brazil is trying hard to improve its image and make it a tourists attraction by hosting Olympics and Football World cup. But the efforts seem to be in vain. A lot of people are not aware of the darker side of Brazil mainly because of their expertise in football. But in reality a lot of cities including Recife are not safe to live or visit.

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