Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America 2020

America is a big city with hundreds of cities in it to live. Each and every city has its traits but while choosing a place to live, one should be aware of the city’s crime rate as well. There are plenty of cities in America that are unsafe to live in with a very high crime rate. It is unsafe in a way that it is life threatening with murder, assault and rape being very common. Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in America 2020.


10. Richmond, California

Most Dangerous Cities In America

Richmond has been in the last year’s top list as well but has moved to number 10 due to decrease in the crime rates. Over the past few years’ Richmond has been facing a lot of criminal activities including murder, rape and assault. With a population of only 200,000 the people of Richmond has been facing a lot of trouble. But this year a reduction of 5% in the crime rate has been observed and hopefully this city of America will get out of the top ten lists next year.


9. Kansas City, Missouri

Most Dangerous Cities In America 2020 -

With a record of 99 killings, 377 rapes, 1,662 burglaries and 3,726 muggings Kansas City is not a good place to live. The crime rate rose eventually becoming the most dangerous city of America. . The criminal activities began in Kansas right after the American Civil War. Nevertheless, with beautiful weather and recreational places Kansas is a beautiful city.


8. Newark, New Jersey

Newark is a new addition in the 2020 list. With an increase of 25% last year in burglaries last year Newark’s crime rate increased drastically. Increasing reports of murder, rape and unknown stabbing has scared the residents of Newark, New Jersey. The activities were observed in 2012 and up till now has increased 16%. With a population of 277,140 Newark is the largest city of New Jersey. It has a number of galleries, museums and places of attraction and the government of New Jersey will have to make an action sooner to avoid the crime rate.


7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America 2020

The reason Milwaukee, Wisconsin hasn’t been on the list was because the police department of Wisconsin has been hiding the crime rate to the public. Recently after an exploration by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, the criminal activities came forward and placed Milwaukee in the top ten lists of the dangerous cities. The research showed that the criminal actions started from 2009-2012 and has resulted in a number of murders, assaults and housebreaks. The investigation hasn’t been to any use as Milwaukee has an increased number of crime rates than last year.


6. Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts became an unsafe city of America when the killing rate was doubled this year in 2020. The number recorded last year was 7.1/100,000 and was doubled to 14/100,000 that scared its inhabitants. With a population of 153,586 and strong economy, the atmosphere of Springfield hasn’t been the best over the last few years. This year Springfield has shown no reduction in the crime movement, instead has arisen to number 6.


5. Baltimore, Maryland

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America 2020

With a population of 622,104 the felonious activities of Baltimore is extreme. 233 murders were reported this year in Baltimore with theft recorded 19,502 this city has become a hazard for its citizens. The extreme number of murder reports has left everyone in shock. Even the police department of Baltimore is speechless and is making efforts to overcome this calamity. As compared to last year it has been observed that very few people in Maryland report crimes to the police departments which have raised questions towards the department.


4. Cleveland, Ohio

Most Dangerous Cities In America

The mayor of Cleveland, Ohio was struggling hard to control the crime rate that has ascended in a few years. They even succeeded and the rate was decreased to 55 from 84 in 2020 but the number has taken its pace again taking Cleveland on the top list of the dangerous cities. The overall crime rate has increased by 7% including homicide, rape, mugging and thefts. Many cases of assault and beating came forward that gave a bad scare to all the citizens. One of the leading criminality was felonies. A number of cases came forward and people were robbed badly.


3. New Haven, Connecticut

Most Dangerous Cities In America 2020 - Baltimore, Maryland

New Haven, Connecticut has been ranked in the top three of America’s most dangerous cities. New Haven has been recently known to be a place resident to sex offenders and robbers. This city has experienced murder, theft, car theft, home burglaries, hit and run etc. every year the crime rate has seen an increased. For example the percentage of rape started its pace from 2000 and kept on increasing up till 2020. The murder rate of New Haven has been verified to be 14/100,000 people. The number is terrible. The murder rate hasn’t come any down but the criminal activity of New Haven has started to decrease a bit. Nevertheless, New Haven still remains on the top list.


2. Oakland, California

This is the second time in a year that Oakland has been ranked as number 2 in the top ten lists. The city observed a 10% increase of crime in the year 2020. Its annual crime rate was recorded to be 33,880. The crimes included car theft, housebreaks, murders etc. The people of Oakland were greatly disturbed and raised their voice. As an answer, smaller districts of police were created in California. The police department of California was expanded vastly and there were 2 to 5 subdivisions in each area, each with its head to answer about the security of their area. Subsequently, last year a decrease in these crimes were observed from 2020 and up till now. Nevertheless, after many efforts Oakland has been on the top list for the past ten years.

Most Dangerous Cities In America

1. Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock took up its place to the top list in 2020 when the crime ratio increased rapidly from 1,315/100,000 to 1,407/100,000. Therefore, it is recent that Little Rock is ranking the top charts. Although this place is a wonderful city to live in with the title of the cleanest city as you won’t find any dirt, wastage on the street.

But, the inhabitants of Little Rock are too scared to be live there. According to a recent statistic about 9,500 criminality are committed per 100,000 people, so there is a rare chance you will stay out of that trouble.With every crime swelling, the murder rate of Little Rock has miraculously come down to about 22%.

Most Dangerous Cities In America


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