Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2020

Peace, peace, peace it is the things that the people wish, demand and prefer in their lives and countries. Intelligence agencies, military forces and other security forces are established in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the country and to protect it from the internal and external threats but still there are many countries in the world that are dangerous and where life has become a joke for the cruel culprits and terrorists. The merciless terrorism, high crime rates, brutal laws, pitiless poverty and corrupted politicians have made these countries hell where there is no guarantee of life and individuals are killed brutally just because of these people ill mannered minds and thoughts. What is the mistake of the innocent residents of the world’s most dangerous countries? They have not done any crime, so why they are targeted and killed pitilessly. Here is the list of top 10 most dangerous countries in 2020, read the facts that why they are in this list and also the merciless effects on the individuals of these countries.


10. Russia

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 -

Russia is included in this list because of the rapid increase in crime rates day by day and is ranked at number nine according to the Global Terrorism Index. There is huge terrorism with several internal ongoing wars have contributed in taking away the life of many people. Bombing, shooting and opposing the security forces is common in Russian cities. It is known as the lands of gangster and despoilers and in this lawless land there are more gangsters as compared to police officers. Foreigners are commonly kidnapped in order to get high ransoms and stealing cell phones, cameras, wallets and cash from tourists is common.


9. South Africa

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 -  South Africa

It is a dangerous country where there is no guarantee of the life of the individuals due to the high rate of crimes, assaults, murders and rape. Each day, almost 50 people are murdered in South Africa and most of the crimes take place in the poorest areas of the country but the peaceful cities are also targeted sometimes. This country holds a high record of car hijacking as compared to other industrialized countries. It is also known as the ‘rape capital of the world’, having one of the highest rates of rape in the world. Farming is the most threatening job in this country as the murder rates for them are about 8 times more than the national average. More than ten million people of this country are infected with HIV.


8. Brazil

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 -  Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with beautiful beaches and is renowned for the sports activities such as the football but this beautiful country is a dangerous one due to the increased crime rates day by day. This country is notorious for its high murder rates as almost over 40,000 people are murdered every year and its murder rate is much higher than that of United States. High number of robberies, rapes and kidnappings are common in this country. People are kidnapped and taken to the nearby ATM in order to pay their own ransom. The visitors who visit this country are more likely to get mugged as they are the main target. The difference in the economic growth between the rich and the poor has made the crime rates to increase.


7. Pakistan

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 - Pakistan

Pakistan is included in the list of dangerous countries because of the massive terrorist and drone attacks it is facing in its cities. In the past Pakistan was far away from this list but just after the NATO army and United States attacks on Afghanistan, the terrorist’s acts get started in Pakistan. Its largest city Karachi is facing massive target killing each and every day, there are targeted operations in Balochistan, Wazirastan in which not only the culprits but also numerous innocent peoples are killed. The drone attacks in FATA and the Shia Sunni conflicts have also taken away the lives of many individuals. The terrorism, corrupted politicians, unfair rules and regulations all have contributed in making this country a dangerous one. But no doubt this is a safe place to be visited as the terrorist activities are confined to limited areas.


6. Venezuela

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 - Venezuela

Venezuela is known as one of the most dangerous countries in 2020 with almost 28,000 murders in 2020 and according to official figures almost over 16,000 people was killed in 2012. The tremendous increase in its murder rate makes it one of the highest murder rates in the world and the destructive crimes are so violent that the residents of this country have to stay at home after dark. There is also the shortage of food, and other things but the excessive crimes are the most depressing thing. Its crime rate is also higher than many other countries. Corruption is also a greater problem in Venezuela and is the main cause of gun crimes. This country is flooded with guns and the people who buy guns are involved in gasoline smuggling, drug smuggling and other kinds of illegal activities and it presents a complete picture of breakdown of law and order as the police force is also corrupted and keeps silent by taking money.


5. Sudan and South Sudan

Most Dangerous Countries In 2020 - Sudan and South Sudan

Among the dangerous countries, the countries that should not be visited in your whole life are Sudan and South Sudan. These are the countries of dead people so does not dare to take risk of endangering your life by visiting them. Sudan is an Islamic country whereas South Sudan is a Christian country, both are situated in the Southern area of Egypt and are notorious for the illegal activities. These countries are facing a number of internal conflicts and the constant efforts of Sudan to take control over South Sudan have raised a number of wars. There are frequent clashes and numerous inter tribal violence cases that occur between the residents of the both countries and mostly the foreigners who stay and visit these two countries start dying because of famines, wars, diseases, illegal and criminal activities.


4. Syria

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2020

Syria has become one of the dangerous countries in the world after 2011 and has been involved in civil war, there are massive movement of revolutions and protests, the residents of this country are divided into two separate groups, one group of the people who are loyal with the president Bashar Al Assad and the Government where as the other group is of the people who are against them. As a consequence of this ongoing civil war, numerous alternative governments were formed. The human rights are worst in this country. In November 2011, more than 3500 people including innocent children were died during the rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad and in July 2012, over 200 people were massacred and approximately 300 people were injured in shelling by the Government forces.

The Government was suspected of using chemical weapons in August 2020 against its own civilians and showed moral indecency against his own people. Since the beginning of rebellion to up till now more than 120,000 people have been killed in violence and none of the individuals are safe whether they belong to some multilateral organizations or are journalists by profession. The president and government have led infinite executions and killings in order to keep silent the ones against them. Recently Syrian forces killed 83 people in barrel bomb attack in Aleppo and the condition of the country becoming more pathetic. Each year there are numerous murdering, kidnapping and attacks cases that take place in the country, it is the most outsource place for terrorism.


3. Iraq

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2020

It was a country with no threats and issues but now the massive attacks by American armed forces have been changed the situation of the country. The uncontrolled suicide bombing attacks has taken away the life of numerous people and no ones life is safe in this country any more. According to Global Terrorism Index it is ranked at number one position, the outside forces of terrorists are still entering in this country. The infinite rebels, endless conflicts and merciless terrorism have made Iraq one of the dangerous counties in 2020.

The death of its Dictator Saddam Hussain gave a chance to the American forces to start ruling in this country and this made the condition more critical. In Iraq the human rights abuse is so common, especially the women have to face physical violence. The security of this country is unpredictable, terrorist attacks and bombings against both civilian targets and military are common. Major threats include multinational forces, killing by armed forces, Iraqi private military and security forces, imprisonment without charge and kidnappings. It is also a dangerous place for journalists and media workers as many professionals have died there due to the aggressive acts. Most of the individuals in Iraq are unable to drink clean water and living a low standard life. There is lack of basic services and the people have to suffer from threatening diseases and malnutrition.


2. Somalia

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2020

One of the world’s dangerous countries in 2020 is Somalia, where the people are insecure, the country is suffering from tough challenges and the crime rates are increasing day by day. It is the country that is at the top of global corruption table, where robbery is at peak, where 29,000 children below the age of five lost their lives in 2011, due to famine. Since 1990’s civil war this country has been facing a number of conflicts that contributed in loosing their popularity.

In the past its government was purely supervised and controlled by the warlords, militias, and even pirates. There is corruption and misrule, internal rivalries and the involvement of Al- Qaida made this country a zone of discomfort and agony. There is illegal fishing, robbery, gun fights, drug trafficking, kidnapping, freelance gunmen on the road, bomb making, and the youth is aggressive with no education. There is no green zone if you are captured in any trouble you have to get out of it on your own and even the local hospitals have hardly enough resources to treat all the injuries. In this country you can get shot or kidnapped within seconds. The endless war, poverty, corruption, lack of education and most importantly the involvement of terrorist’s groups have made this country a complete life threatening place.


1. Afghanistan

Worlds's Most Dangerous Country In 2020 - Afghanistan

The most dangerous country in 2020 is Afghanistan where any one should think hundreds times before going. It is a country where there is a massive threat to the life of the individuals, it is a place where Afghan army and Taliban are fighting and even the NATO think before to travel. The three decades of war, the involvement of terrorist groups such as the Al Qaeda, Hezbi Islami and Haqqani Network have made Afghanistan as one of the most dangerous countries where the people are facing uncountable assassinations and suicide attacks. Suicide Bombing is the very critical issue that the NATO forces and US Army is facing, there are thousands of individuals that have lost their lives in such brutal attacks. The mortar fires, suicide bombers along with the assassinations and murders of tremendous people are causing uncontrollable violence in this country.

Afghanistan is facing numerous challenges, including being the largest source of refugee in the world and is the most corrupt country in the world along with the world’s most dangerous country. According to Global Terrorism Index it is ranked at number three position and with the passage of time the numbers of threats are increasing in it. In Afghanistan the terrorists attacks frequently targets the private citizens heavily and the Kandahar and Kabul are the cities where mostly terrorist incidents occur.

It is the world’s most dangerous country for women where women are treated like animals and terrorist attacks especially on the girl’s schools. In this country the Taliban is engaged in war against civil society and resist people to attain education, as well as attacks on road construction teams and polling or election stations. In fact the Taliban and NATO attacks etc with their brutal activities making the survival in this country extremely difficult. There are a number of ethnic and tribal groups that are threatening the peace and security of the country and inter- tribal and inter ethnic violence is increasing rapidly making this dangerous country more unstable.

22 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In 2020

  1. I agree with this report but the order is wrong and mexico should be here. I’m south african and I live in paarl which is a town very close to cape town and I can promos you that south africa as a hole doesn’t belong in the top ten. It is a sterotype, we do have one of the most dangerous cities in the world (Johannesberg) but rest of RSA is really not bad. There are a lot of other counties that could ot rather should be in the this list. Admin please check your facts, your common sterotypes in your reports can be offensive.

    1. South Africa clearly shouldn’t be on here and your head isn’t totally up your ass, unlike the comment you made about Johannesburg on the other list.

      Johannesburg is not even close to being one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and in fact is safer than a bunch of South African cities. You appear to be applying this ‘most dangerous South African city’ moniker to just the CBD/touristy-type zone and adjacent areas whilst excluding suburban areas. As a tourist or businessman, you’re far more likely to see the bad parts of Jo’burg than in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or East London because of the very different geographic layout of good and bad areas between the cities. The suburbs of those three cities are far worse than the suburbs of Johannesburg, but they’re out of the way.

      Paarl’s really part of Cape Town isn’t it? I know a guy who’s a geographic expert and he puts it in with Cape Town, even tho it’s just outside the official metro area.

  2. Man your speaking about Syria are wrong
    Syrian army didn’t kill civillans, and those that are in prison are Islamist terrorists, and for the dying of children by army, can you give me a source??
    Syrian army don’t attack any region until all civillians evacuate, and there’s no revolution of Syrian people against Assad, since almost all rebels are foreign, and in recent elections about 80% of Syrian people vote for Assad
    Those who kill are rebels, they kill any non-Sunni people, they destroy churches and houses and by their bombardings and cut heads, I have 2 friends that die by rebels bombardments
    Please speak truth like it is and don’t speak more lies about our president Bashar Assad!!

    1. You must be kidding – Thousand of children s are killed with brutality and you are saying they killed only Islamic terrorist . Must search before a comment like that .

  3. I live in Pakistan in Sahiwal .Where its not dangerous.The reason Pakistan is in is becasuse of the danger in Karachi and Also Peshawar Abit.

  4. ahaha omg
    thats so stupid post. You have never left your sweet home more than 10 miles? In Africa a lot of dangerous countries. And Russia in the list… you know really nothing.

  5. Syria only 4th?!?! Come the fuck on!

    Nigeria should be on here, it’s crazy the crap that goes on there. Swap it with South Africa.

  6. why the hell USA and ISRAEL is not in this list…….. ?? they top this killing list.. their greed for oil and resources and power is the main reason for all this disturbance of PEACE throughout the globe !!! hate for them

    1. They are dangerous for world but they are safest for there citizens, that is the reason they are not in this list .

  7. South Africa gets unfairly penalized.

    It has easily the most accurate crime and murder statistics of all the countries listed – and states that are truly dangerous don’t bother with ‘assaults’.

    Other countries excluded that are obviously more dangerous than South Africa include Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica and Honduras (not to mention the countries that are failed states). If murders were counted 100% accurately everywhere, Mexico and Colombia would have higher murder rates than South Africa every year and the other countries I mentioned (which already have higher official rates) would widen the gap.

    I’m not even sure about Venezuela, what about Libya? Certainly more dangerous than Venezuela is, and Venezuela is no joke to be sure. It’s a dangerous, crime-ridden hellhole. Not sure it’s quite in Libya’s class however.

    Congo DRC is another hell.


  8. It’s fair enough that Pakistan is there on the list. It should have been the most dangerous country among the top 10 countries.

  9. Where is india,palestine,egypt in that this attacks and terroist rad handed U.S.A and israil.

  10. Sudan is quite peaceful compared to South sudan, that’s why they separated. If you don’t know anything please stop putting up rubbish

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