Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020

Weapons of mass destruction have been the most controversial topic over the past few decades. The one reason for this is the collateral damage caused by any use of such weapon. Over the years there have been many theories justifying the use of such weapons while on the other hand there are people who call their use the lowest level to which humanity can fall. One thing that has remained over those years is the continuous research being done constantly to improve the old weapons to be more efficient and to make newer, more deadly weapons. We here have prepared of a list of such Top 10 most deadly weapons of mass destruction In 2020 that are the most deadly weapons to exist till this year of 2020. There might be some old horses in the list, but being old does not take away their deadly nature.

Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020

10. Boosted Fission Weapon

Boosted Fission Weapon

Fusion reactions are harder and more then complex to control and execute. In order to enhance the performance of a fission bomb, a fusion reaction is used to further intensify the heat produced by the weapon. It can be called an improved and more destructive version of a fission bomb. It basically uses the neutrons generated by the fusion proves in its fission reaction which increases the efficient of the bomb.


9. Pure Fusion Bombs

Pure Fusion Bombs

Earlier in the list we told you about the fusion bombs and the fact that they use a fission reaction for its detonation. Contrary to that in a pure fusion bomb there is no much fission reaction and used a pure fusion reaction to in its detonation process. This means that there is less destruction because in the absence of any fission reaction there is no reaction fall out that might affect the area over a long period of time.


8. Radiological Weapons

Radiological Weapons

WE all have heard that the real destruction of a atomic bomb is not the destruction of its blast radius but the long term fall out of its radioactive material over the targeted location. Well scientists decided to put to test a new kind of weapons that does not involve mass destruction but only utilized the radioactive material part of an atomic bomb. Radiological weapons work in a way in which some kind of small scale explosive material is used to intentionally spread radioactive material over a location that makes living there impossible.


7. Toxicological Weapons

Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020, Toxicological Weapons

Toxicological weapons have a very limited range of impact but they are the most efficient as fatality of the target is concerned. If the target is hit, then there is no possible way of its surviving and this has been proven after its use in military combat over the years. They are used basically for short target operations, so that no major destruction is caused and the collateral damage caused may be minimized. These weapons used different types of toxic poisons that pollute the selected environment making any living organism to die a painful and swift death.


6. Napalm Bomb

Napalm Bomb

Used in the Vietnam War by USA, Napalm bombs use petroleum jelly that burns everything that’s comes into contact with it. Some modifications were made to it , for example , the addition of magnesium to it meant that even if the bomb feel in water , it would even make the water burn due to the reaction between magnesium and water. The weapons were deadly back then and they are still considered one of the most deadly weapons but over the years more advanced weapons have been developed which puts them in the 6th spot.


5. Neutron Bomb

Neutron Bomb

Not all bombs cause destruction as far as the structures like buildings and houses are concerned. Some bombs are even more deadly than that. Take the neutron bombs which use an explosion based on pure neutron energy. What this does is not destroy everything but it contaminates everything of its targeted area. The radioactive contamination affects everything from buildings to crops and anything that comes in contact with any contaminated material suffers a painful death. This results in massive amounts of causalities with minimal structural damage.


4. Fission Bomb

Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020, Fission Bomb

We all have seen the destruction that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Yes, fission bomb is another name for an atomic bomb. It is called so because it uses a fission reaction that uses enriched uranium or plutonium to produce a chain reaction that increases exponentially and in turn generates enough heat to cause destruction on a massive scale. The initial blast radius wipes out everything from living to non living but the real problem arises when the ash cloud is carried too far off places due to air and it has resulted in the past in various mutations in new burns and can cause diseases to the affected population.


3. Hydrogen Bomb

Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020, Hydrogen Bomb

Thermonuclear bombs also known as Hydrogen bombs were developed in 1951 by both USA and Russia during the cold war. It relies on a fusion reaction between different isotopes of hydrogen to produce a deadly explosion. The bomb uses both a fission and fusion reaction in its working. First there is a fission reaction that is basically to provide sufficient heat for the fusion reaction to begin which produces enough heat to wipe out a whole city. Although its working uses the same principles as in a fission bomb but it is a more complex technology which is only possessed by a few developed countries.


2. Biological Weapons

Top 10 Most Deadly Weapons Of Mass Destruction In 2020, Biological Weapons

Biological Warfare is considered to be the most deadly weapon of the 21’st century. Some might call it ‘germ warfare’ because it involves the use of deadly viruses or toxic organic material that can affect large populations in the form of disease or infection. It is the most dangerous because it is the most difficult weapon to identify because the first thing that comes to mind is a natural cause. Such weapons are uncontrollable and once set free they can cause millions of deaths of the affected population and even spread far more than initially intended.


1. Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons are considered to be the cheapest and easiest weapons to produce. They involve the use of deadly chemicals that can be injected into the atmosphere of a chosen place and the destruction is different for different chemicals. They can be in the form of methane gas, or even phosphorus bombs. Some bombs can be used to suck the oxygen out of a particular area that will prove fatal for any aerobic organism in the area. The weapons are considered the most deadly and currently heavy restrictions are in place to stop any use of such weapons.

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