Top 10 Most Delicious Chicken Recipes

Eid is a festive occasion that is celebrated all over the world by Muslims after observing the fasts in the holy month of Ramadan. Meeting the friends and relatives this Eid could be more joyous by dining on the feast with some of the most amazing and unique items. Here we have prepared a list of top 10 most delicious chicken recipes this Eid. Hoping that you may have a great day with great dishes.


10. Fettuccine Alfredo

Most Delicious Chicken Recipes -

Difficult to speak and hear, but absolutely marvelous and tasty to eat and easy to cook. It’s an Italian chicken recipe really to die for. Take the boneless chicken almost ½ kg and cut it into the smallest pieces possible so that it may appear minced. In the large pot take the water, put some salt in it and boil it. When the water starts boiling put the Fettuccine pasta in it and wait for 10 minutes until it is cooked and soft. Then drain the water and keep the boiled pasta under cold water so it may not be sticky. Now in the large sauce cook the chicken in the small amount of oil and add the onion slices and lettuce in it when the onion is cooked soft but white add the butter in it and turn it into cream. Now add salt, black pepper, Chinese salt and ginger and garlic paste in it and mix it thoroughly. Add the melted cheese in it and stir again. Your sauce is ready. Add the boiled pasta in it and mix. Serve it in the glass dish. The delicious pasta is ready to eat.


9. Buffalo Wings

Most Delicious Chicken Recipes - Buffalo Wings

“Buffalo Wings” surprising? Buffaloes do not have wings it’s a chicken recipe almost similar to the hot chicken wings. Mostly served in all the long chain of restaurants it can be conveniently be made and enjoyed at home. The ingredients are quite simple and will be available at your home. Take a bowl and mix flour, salt, paprika and cayenne pepper in it. Then take chicken wings in another bowl and put the flour mixture in it. Mix it thoroughly until all the wings are evenly coated with it. Cover the dish and place it in the refrigerator for an hour. After an hour heat the oil in the deep fryer and place another pan on the fire and put the butter, garlic and pepper powder and hot sauce in it. Mix it until the butter is melted. Keep the sauce mixture aside. Now your oil must be heated. Put the wings (not all at a time) and deep fry them for 15 minutes until they are cooked and brown. Place them in the glass dish and serve them with the butter sauce. Have them once and you will love to have them again.


8. Pepper Steak

Most Delicious Chicken Recipes -  Pepper Steak

The pepper steak is famous recipe made mostly from meat but if you really don’t like the red meat chicken pepper steak is an amazing item.  Its taste is so yummy that the red meat lovers prefer it over red meat steak. Directions are as follows: heat the oil in a pan (at medium heat). Take the breast pieces of chicken that sliced in medium size and season it with salt and black pepper and onion powder. Place the chicken in the pan of heated oil and cook it for almost 7-10 minutes. Then add garlic, half sliced onion and 4 table spoons soy sauce in it. Cook it until the chicken is no longer fleshy pink.

Fry tomatoes, bell pepper and the remaining half of the onion in small amount of oil and keep it a side. Dissolve the corn starch in a bowl in water and add more soy sauce in it. Pour it in the chicken with continuous stirring. Then add the vegetables you have kept aside. If you feel the gravy is not thick you can add some more corn starch in it. The Pepper steak with its delicious odor and taste is ready to serve.


7. Afritada Manok

Most Delicious Chicken Recipe - Afritada Manok

The most classical Philippine’s recipe is waiting for you. The recipe is made in the tomato sauce. Let’s start the recipe with frying. Take a pan that has almost 1-2 inches of oil. Heat the oil. Put the sliced potatoes in it and deep fry them until they are light brown. Take them out and put it on the tissue paper kept aside. Then add the sliced carrots in the oil and fry them for 5 minutes. Take them out and place them with the potatoes. Now add the bell pepper and fry them for very small time. Now fry the chicken until it is light browned but not cooked completely.

Keep it along with the fried vegetables. Now in a separate pot add 2 spoons of oil. Add ginger, onion and garlic in it stir. When it’s aromatic add fish sauce, tomatoes and salt in it and mash it until the juices are released. Add water and chicken in it leave it to boil for 30 minutes. Add some water if needed in between. After that add the fried vegetables and sweet peas in it and cook it for 10 more minutes. You may add black pepper, vinegar and soy sauce according to your taste. The dish is ready to serve.


6. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian’s most famous recipe. It is commonly known as Indonesian fried rice. It is the most appetizing combination of chicken and eggs (you may add vegetables to it if you like). It is really easy to cook and will not take more than 20 minutes to be prepared completely. Boil the water in a pot. Add rice in it. Boil the rice until they are soft and there is no water left behind. Pour the rice in some flat dish and place it in the refrigerator for two hours. Now take a non-stick pan sprinkle the oil in it and pour the beaten eggs in it. Make a large omelet.

When it is cooked cut it into the half inches strips. Take another pan and add chicken, prawns, salt, pepper, onion and coriander in it and cook it in small amount of oil till the onion is soft. Pour 5 table spoons of soy sauce in the mixture. Now you can mix all the three separately cooked items together. Make sure chicken and prawns are cooked completely. Mix it well (avoid crushing the rice). Serve it fish sauce, white sauce, tomato ketchup or with nothing at all.


5. Baked Garlic Chicken

Baked Garlic Chicken - Delicious Chicken Recipe

It’s easy and fast to cook recipe will be loved by everyone for sure (especially your children). The look is so mouthwatering then think how much unforgettable the taste would be. For this you need to have the breast hammered pieces of chicken. Preheat the oven at 175 degrees C. Take a bowl and add the olive oil and garlic and blend both together (the quantity should be enough so it can cover all of the breast pieces available). Take another bowl and mix the bread crumbs, salt, pepper, basil and parmesan cheese in it. Now dip the chicken pieces one by one first in the oil mixture and then in a bread crumbs mixture. Go on arranging them in a baking dish. Pour the remaining of mixtures (if any) on the pieces and bake them for 30 minutes in the preheated oven. Take them out. Put them the glass dish and decorate it with coriander and onion. You can have them with pasta, any sort of rice and even with any special salad. It could be the most scrumptious dinner this Eid.


4. Doro Wat

Most Delicious Chicken Recipes - Doro Wat

Sounds strange but this dish is an Ethiopian specialty. It is the national dish of Ethiopia and is one of the most famous and loved dishes in many African countries. No worries! You can try this at your home as well following some of the simple steps stated here. So let’s have something really new and fabulous this Eid. You need to have the minced onion at first step. Take a pot heat it up and put some butter in it. When the butter is melted add the onion you have in it and stir it. Add more butter if you find it dry. Cook it for 10 minutes. Meanwhile chop garlic and ginger.Add both to onion with an additional table spoon of butter. Add the salt and powdered red chillies in it and leave it to cook for 15 minutes until the butter starts shinning on the top of the mixture. In those 15 minutes cut the breast pieces of chicken in the small chunks. Add the chicken to the mixture along with 2-3 table spoons of honey.

Leave it to cook for 30 more minutes but on the low heat. Boil some eggs in the pot. When you can see that delicious shimmering sauce is ready for eggs put the half sliced eggs in it and serve it with the chappati. You may garnish it with coriander and fresh tomatoes.


3. Chicken Pot Pie

Most Delicious Chicken Recipes - Chicken Pot Pie

If you really love to cook this item could decorate your dinner table this Eid excitingly. Chicken pie! Appetizing? You can make this at home with in no time provided you have all the ingredients available. Preheat the oven at 220 degrees C. In a pan add chicken, celery, carrots and peas. Boil them in water for 15 minutes. Do not waste the broth, keep it aside, taking the chicken and vegetables out of it. Take a pan. Now on the medium heat melt the butter and add the sliced onions in it. Cook it until the onions are soft. Now stir in salt, pepper, celery seeds and flour in it. Cook in on the low heat for 5 minutes and add the broth in it with the continuous and rapid stirring. Now remove it from the heat. Take a baking dish and spread the chicken vegetable mixture on it. Then pour the prepared mixture on it and put it in the oven. Take it out after 30-40 minutes. Cool the baked pie for just 10 minutes and then serve it. It’s just awesome.


2. Coxinhas

Top 10 Most Delicious Chicken Recipes

The cutest and tasty Brazilian treat can be now enjoyed at your home on this wonderful occasion of Eid. You can eat dozen of them on the go. They are absolutely unique in appearance and as this is a deep fried item its delicious. You will really be enjoying making this unique recipe and it’s economical as well. Take the chicken and boil it in the water. When it is cooked through boiling take it out of the pot and keep the broth aside. Now take the shred the chicken and keep it aside as well. Chop the carrots, cabbage and capsicum and mix them with the chicken. Add salt, black pepper, Chinese salt and small amount of lemon juice in it. Mix it thoroughly.

Heat up the broth you have kept aside. Take the equal amount of flour as broth and mix both. This requires the vigorous stirring. Cook it for 3-4 minutes and then refrigerate the dough for Coxinhas for 2 hours. After that you need to shape them up. Take the small quantity of dough in your hand and make a golf ball. Then hollow it from the center with help of your finger and fill in the chicken mixture. Slightly press the hole so it does not remain hollow. Put it in the egg and them in the bread crumbs and cheese mixture and put them in the preheated deep fryer. When Coxinhas are golden brown take them out and serve it the way you like.


1. Jerk chicken

The Most Delicious Chicken Recipe - Jerk Chicken
The Most Delicious Chicken Recipe – Jerk Chicken

The most spicy and marvelous dish you can make to impress everyone at home is Jerk Chicken. It’s extremely tasty, hot and spicy that you can serve it with white rice and a big glass of cold drink of your choice. So let’s see how it is made. Take a blender. Add vinegar, green onion tops, olive oil, salt, pepper, all spice, thyme, rum, hot peppers, molasses, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon in it and blend them altogether until they are in the form of the most smooth sauce. Now place the chicken in the baking dish and cover it thoroughly with the fresh lemon juice. Pour all the jerk paste over it you just made. Now seal it and refrigerate it for overnight.Now when you are going to cook the chicken don’t waste the jerk sauce in the dish. Pour it in the sauce pan and heat it up. Stir it and keep it aside. Remember you need to preheat the grill (or oven, you can use any method that is convenient for you). Sprinkle the salt and pepper on the chicken pieces.

Keep the skin side down first. Cook it for about an hour with occasionally turning. When you will see that all the juices are clear and chicken is no more pink transfer it to the plate. Serve the spicy and hot jerk chicken with the sauce you just heated up in the sauce pan and enjoy.

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