Top 10 Most Desirable Women In The World 2020

It is quite interesting to name that 2020 had been a year of women. In every walk of life, the women seemed to be dominating, education sector, internet, professional life and even the world of entertainment seemed to be incomplete without the involvement of ladies. I must say that the competition of becoming most desirable and lovable was high among the women, so naming top ten most desirable women of 2020 is quite difficult. Still according to various websites, blogs especially AskMen’s , there were about 100 women who dominated the world in one way or the other, But here we have Top 10 Most Desirable Women In The World 2020 , we can name the following ladies to be the best.


10. Michelle Jenneke

Top 10 Most Desirable Women -

Michelle Jenneke has been the world athletic lady during 2020. This 20 years beautiful woman has won different junior world athletics so far and I must say there is still a long way of success for Michelle to go at. Due to her gaming talent and beautiful appeal she is at number 10th position in this list.


9. Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare

AskMen has named Jessica Pare to be one of the strongest female television and film actresses. She is doubtlessly dominating both the Hollywood and American television. Jessica Pare has been honored different awards due to her extremely pleasant and beautiful acting in different soaps series of America.


8. Jessica Gomes

Top 10 Most Desirable Women -

Jessica is one of the youngest and charming models of America. She is only 20 years old, but at this younger age Jessica still managed becoming one of the exotic ladies with hot appearance. This olive skin lady is so beautiful and looks really attractive in off white dresses that most of the times we would see her representing white colored dresses at different modeling shows.


7. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is as sweet and cute as her name. I must say Kristen didn’t get recognition only for her sexy pictures in 2020 but she was an extremely talented model and has had been the show stopper in holly wood modeling events. Doubtlessly.


6. Miranda Kerr

Top 10 Most Desirable Women -

Miranda is not only a famous model but also a good and very nice mother. She has managed both her personal and professional lives so amazingly that many of American ladies name Miranda Kerr to be their inspiration. No doubt, Miranda was one of the most desirable ladies  because she equally managed her professional and personal life in a way that she received worldwide recognition and men’s appreciation.


5. Emma Stone

Top 10 Most Desirable Women - Emma Stone

This 25 years old American actress is very cute and lovable. Due to her humble nature and of course attractive personality.. Emma is not only beautiful but also very talented and extremely friendly by nature, and this is what makes Emma a prior choice of producers for the purpose of casting her into their movies and shows.


4. Rihanna

Top 10 Most Desirable Women - Rihanna

Believe it or not but Rihanna, regardless of her seducing pictures and sexy photo shots for different magazines, Rihanna has had been the one of the most desirable women in the world. Her beauty and modeling talent are what make this lady a hot appeal for the men the world over.


3. Kate Upton

Top 10 Most Desirable Women - Kate Upton

Not only in terms of her beauty but also as a hot and talented woman, Kate Upton got lots of appreciation by the world wide people. She was named to be the third most desirable and favorite lady in 2020, not only during last year but also she is expected to be as favorite and desirable as was last year. But we can not say this for sure until or unless 2020 comes to an end because who knows another better to name woman might come to replace Kate Upton from the most desirable list.


2. Mila Kunis

Top 10 Most Desirable Women - Mila Kunis

No doubt, Mila Kunis acquired second position as the sexiest and hottest women in the world. This beautiful and highly appealing lady had been an icon of beauty and desire in different holly wood magazines. Not only this but also Mila received lots of appreciations by different men’s blogs and in various articles in terms of her beauty and talent as a model.


1. Jennifer Lawrence

Top 10 Most Desirable Women - . Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is not only a beautiful and gorgeous woman but also an extremely talented and polite natured lady. Due to her talent and skills, she has had been the most loving and highly appreciated Hunger Games actress of 2020 in United States of America and other countries. Jennifer started her career in 2011. This fair skin lady with an amazing figure is every heart favorite.

I must say all of these ladies are not only beautiful and pretty but also superbly perfect in their relevant fields of life. During 2020, we have to see if the above mentioned ladies still remain the most desirable or some more dominating and better talented ladies take their place. To know all about this, we have to wait for the list of 2020 to go towards its end.

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