Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers

If you are afraid of robberies, street crime and other fights then you would probably die of horror when you read the list of eccentric people involved in serial killings. Most of the people in our list of Top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers are psychotic and are suffering from severe mental illnesses that force them to convert into animals and even worse – cannibals.You can’t argue with these people, you can’t talk logic with them. You can’t even ask why you. They do what they do and don’t feel shame in it. In fact many of them keep the remains of their victims as trophies to celebrate their success.Mostly they kidnap people, rape them, then strangle or stab them to death. And then they dismember their bodies, cook them and eat them. There is no limit to their insanity. I felt quite safe after finding out that almost all of them are dead by now.

10. Joachim Kroll


Joachim Kroll was a beast. He was a serial killer and a cannibal. He used to cook and eat his victims to save his grocery bills. He was sentenced with nine lifetimes but died of a heart attack in 1991.


9. Javed Iqbal


Javed Iqbal killed hundred people within eighteen months. He drugged, raped and strangled his victims to death. He then cut the bodies and put them in acid filled drums. He was sentenced to be hanged till death but he was found dead in the prison. He said he hated this world and was not ashamed of his act.


8. Jeffrey Dahmer


Jeffery Dahmer was a cannibal who was engaged in necrophilia. His poor victims suffered strangling, dismemberment and forced sodomy. He committed his first murder at the tender age of 18. Initially there was no evidence against him. His neighbors reported strange smell from his apartment. Later when one of his victims led police to his apartment, it was found that the smell was coming from corpses. He stored various corpses in acid filled jars and also kept skulls in his closet. He was sentenced to 15 life terms which count to 937 years in prison.


7. Albert Fish


A very well-known and notorious name in the list of serial killer – Albert Fish, was nicknamed as Ware wolf of Wysteria. He has killed almost 100 children but the police only have record of 5 murders. This man was insanely brutal and he might have forgotten that he too was a human being. The tale of his vicious murders and brutality came out from his own mouth when his victim’s mother came to him in jail. He described that he stabbed her son with belt until he started bleeding then he cut his ears, nose and gouged his eyes, drank his blood, and made a stew out of him. This horrible description if given in detail can make a normal person go insane.


6. Andrei Chikatilo


This man killed 53 women and children within two decades. His first victim was a little girl who he lured into his house. He then attempted to rape her but when she tried to escape from him he stabbed her to death. He found pleasure in this and from then onward he killed and stabbed women to death for sexual pleasure. His victims included women who were prostitutes who were easily lured and children from both sex.


5. Richard Tenton Chase


We should be thankful to God that this mentally ill serial killer is no more in this world. This man probably came out of some ones most horrifying night mare. This man killed six people in just a month. He was known as ‘The Vampire’. He used to first kill his victim then rape the corpse and at the end bathe in their blood. This man who was engaged in necrophilia also drank the blood of his victim. He used to think that this will prevent Nazis from converting his blood into powder.


4. Ted Bundy


You will find this name in every list of serial killers. But his position in the list might differ. However we have put him on number four because of his notoriety in the world. This brutal killer kidnapped his victims, raped them and then killed them by different ways. He either used bludgeoning or strangulation to kill his prey. He used to approach his victims by either posing as an injured person or sometimes dressed as a policeman or any other authoritative person. He used to kidnap people in public places and in broad day light. He accepted 30 murders however it is thought that actual number is quite greater than this. He was given the punishment of ‘death by electric shocks’.


3. Thug Behram


This prolific murderer has killed more humans than any other man alive. He has reportedly murdered nine hundred and thirty one people. One wonders how someone can live with such debt of sin. He used his special cloth for every murder. He was the part of Indian Thuggee Cult. He was hanged till death in 1940 and the world got rid of a psychotic serial killer.


2. Elizabeth Bathory


Elizabeth is the most evil woman who ever lived. We know alright that women love to feel young and look beautiful but this eccentric lady (not worthy of being called a lady) went too far with this. She might have watched the movie Snow White way too many times and she decided to realize it. She murdered some 600 young virgin girls and then bathed in their blood to become younger and improve her complexion. She was caught and bricked into her own house till death.


1. Gilles De Rais

This man is probably the first serial killer to be recorded in history. In French History he is considered a noble captain but in reality he is known as the first serial killers who ever lived and that is also the reason for putting him on number one in the list of top 10 Most Evil Serial Killers. He has killed hundreds of young people. He murdered almost six hundred young boys after he raped and tortured them. This evil murderer lured young boys who had fair complexion and blue eyes like him and then raped them. After which he killed them and then asked his servants to compare the boys to see which one was the fairest. He is the most evil Serial killer in the world.


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  1. I wrote my thesis from this at Uni. Erzsebet Bathory was not serial killer. It had a lot of money and too many possessions. Imprisoned on the basis of false statements by witnesses. At that time it was the plague, by firing wounds have healed. Therefore, many people died, but not because of murder.

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