Top 10 Most Expensive Addictions In The World

Whenever we get some extra time in our everyday routine, we tend to enjoy it in the best possible way. Those couple of hours we take out from our busy schedule somehow turn out to change our mood in a real positive sense. Some things amuse us so much that we become addicted of doing these things. For example children love to play video games, men want to spend their spare time in watching movies, and teen agers put their focus on hanging out while women find their comfort in shopping. We repeat these things so frequently that most of the times we unknowingly get addicted to them. This addiction is good only when limited to a certain value. But when it increases to a certain level, it makes our life as miserable as one can imagine. Here we have developed a list of the top 10 most expensive addictions in the world which are both positive as well as negative. Let us have a look:


10. Drinking Beverages

Most Expensive Addictions -

Drinking cold drinks and other beverages have now become so much popular that people seem to get addicted of these things. Everyday an average person drinks about 3-4 cold drinks or even more than that. On the other hand the number of people influenced with tea and coffee is also very large. This can be realized from the fact that more than $11 billion were spent only in America on coffee in the past year.


9. Purchasing Pets

Most Expensive Addictions -  Purchasing Pets

Every year, millions of pets are purchased all over the world and this amount is increasing regularly. The main reason behind it is the depressed behavior of people. Whenever someone feels sad or lonely, purchasing a pet appears the best solution to get out of this misery and this is the reason purchasing different pets has now become common addiction. More than $61 billion were spent on purchasing these pets in the year 2020.


8. Watching Movies

Top 10 Most Expensive Addictions

Movies are a sort of entertainment for the people and whenever they get the chance, they try to spend their time in watching movies with their friends and family. But sometimes, people are so involved in it that they try to watch every single movie which exhibits their addiction. During the year 2012, more than $62 billion were spent on these movies which clearly shows how much people are involved in it.


7. Purchasing Lottery Tickets

Most Expensive Addictions - Purchasing Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets have emerged as a surprising candidate in our list but the fact is about $65.5 billion were spent on purchasing lottery tickets worldwide in 2012. Millions of people purchase these tickets hoping that someday they would be lucky enough to win this lottery but all the hopes fade most of the time they see the result. Increasing amount of inflation has resulted in a huge popularity of these tickets and people have become addicted to purchasing these tickets regularly.


6. Playing Video Games

Most Expensive Addictions - Playing Video Games

Video games are played and enjoyed all over the world and people especially children get addicted to these games very easily. They spend several hours daily in playing those games and waste their time as well as money. Hundreds of games are released by different companies every year and billions of dollars are spent on purchasing them. More than $25 billion were spent only in America to purchase these games which easily explains how addictive these games can be. It is interesting to note that not only children but elder people also get addicted to these games sometimes.


5. Gambling

Most Expensive Addictions - Gambling

People who are addicted to gambling take it very serious and never hesitate to spend their money on it. Thousands of dollars are spent by an average gambler in different games and their amount of betting continues to increase regularly during the game. Although the risk of losing money is very much but when you are addicted to it, you never think about it even for once. You just want to spend and spend big hoping to get an even bigger prize.


4. Overeating

Most Expensive Addictions - Overeating

Although eating does not seem to be an addiction because it is a basic necessity of our body but some people eat so much that even eating becomes an addiction for them. They spend their whole day eating different things continuously which is actually dangerous for their own health. Food lovers spend thousands of dollars every year in visiting different restaurants and eating from different places. They are always curious to find out about different newly opened restaurants to taste their food.


3. Drugs


Drug addiction is one of the most dangerous addictions present in this world and thousands of people get addicted to different types of drugs monthly. This addiction is so severe that they do not hesitate to give away their money in order to purchase these drugs. More than $300 billion are spent on drugs annually which is an enormous amount. If these addicts are not provided with a proper medical attention and care, they may result in destroying their life.


2. Alcohol

Most Expensive Addictions - DrugsAlcohol

Alcohol addiction is also one of the most popular addictions that exist around us. These addicts spend thousands of dollars to find the best alcohol they can get. Billions of dollars are wasted every year in purchasing these bottles and the addicts even do not hesitate to travel to different countries searching for their favorite alcohol. Also drinking too much alcohol can lead to serious health issues which are extremely dangerous for them but they do not care for it.


1. Smoking

Most Expensive Addictions - Smoking

The most expensive addiction which exist among us is of smoking. The number of smoking addicts have a huge number all over the world and the money spent by them is also very large. The main reason behind so many addicts is because cigarettes are comparatively cheaper than other things included in our list and also because they are easily available everywhere. Although many steps are taken regularly to stop people from smoking but their number is continuously increasing.

Billions of dollars are wasted every year in this useless addiction which could be used for some other useful purposes.

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  1. This list is simply wrong. Gambling is by far #1. There’s no limit to the daily cost whereas alcohol, tobacco, and any other drugs there’s a limit to how much one can consume in one day.

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