Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps 2020

In the past few years, smartphones have literally taken this world by storm. Millions of people purchase these smartphones every year. Android, Microsoft Windows and Apple IOS are a few operating systems which operate these phones but the stats reveal that Android has become one of the most liked operating platform for these phones. Customers are inclined to purchase android phones mainly because of its user friendly functioning and countless interesting applications which facilitate its users on daily basis. Another important factor here is that most of these applications are relatively economical as compared to those offered by windows or apple and some of these apps are also free of cost. However, there are some apps offered by android which are somewhat costly and their main purpose is to target some particular communities of customers. Some of these apps are very handy while some of them are there just for the purpose of showing off. So if you are looking for apps like these, we have made a list of Top 10 Most Expensive Android Apps 2020.Lets have a look at them.


10. Dominate The Bar


The basic purpose behind developing this app was to aid the students studying law in the United States. It covers topics like Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales, Criminal Law etc. It consists of almost 900 flash cards with different questions that help the students in memorizing the topics. This app is available on Play Store in $99.However one major drawback of this app is that it is developed only for the users of United States and it is in correspondence to the United States constitution which means that users in other parts of the world will have a little or no use of this app.


9. Destinator 9 (Western Europe)

Destinator 9 (Western Europe)

This app is basically for the navigation purposes and it is considered one of the best turn-by-turn navigation apps in the Western Europe. It has the provision in displaying the maps in 2D as well as 3D view. Its main features include StickyPOI, TapNGo, integrated weather etc. Another interesting feature in this app is the voice guided navigation. This app is available on Play Store in $99.99. This amount may appear very large but the best thing is, you only have to pay it once and you will never find yourself lost anywhere.


8. $100 Dollar App

$100 Dollar App - most expensive android apps

This app is included in those nonfunctioning apps which have only one purpose i.e. to show off your wealth. By having this app on your mobile, you let others know that you are a rich person in the society and have your own exclusive place. Your name will be added in a list to show everyone, who is rich in the society and who is not. If you purchase this app, you will be provided a small icon which you can place anywhere in your home screen. This app is divided into four ranks ranging from $8 to $100. Just spend $111.05 and show others how wealthy you are.


7. MobileNavigator GPS

This is another app used for the navigation purposes.  The basic difference between mobilenavigator and destinator 9 is that in this app, the user has to download all the maps in his phone. However one small drawback of this app is that it works on the algorithm of postal codes. In short this app will lead you to your required street but it will not tell you the exact location of the house or any other destination. It includes the features of Google Street View, Speed Assistance etc. Its price on the Play Store is $126.58 which again is a onetime investment.


6. PcMapper Db

PcMapper Db is the extension ofpcMapper Lite which is the map editing app of android. It helps the users to capture point, lines and polygons and can also be used to measure distance and directions. By using this app, the user can import and export ESRI shapefiles and dBase tables. For the users, this app can cost $149.


5. Emergency Central

Emergency Central - most expensive android apps

Another interesting and very helpful inclusion in this list is the emergency central. This app is specifically related to the field of health. In this app, diseases, diagnosis and treatment resources are integrated with specific algorithm which allows the user to find the best possible resources immediately based on the symptoms and the conditions and also give them the proper drug guide. In $159.95, this app can prove to be a life saver in extreme conditions.


4. MBE Preparation

This app is again related to all the users practicing law. It enables them to attempt the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and find the solution readily instead of searching them on books which most of the times is very tiresome for them. The exam consists of almost 200 questions which are the same as asked in Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). There are three working modes in this app depending upon the convenience of users. On Play Store, the price of this app is $199.99.


3. Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus - most expensive android apps

This app is also included in the list of those apps which have no usefulness and are nonfunctional. Its basic purpose was the marketing of Fifa world cup which was held in 2010. This $200 app can be used to blow horns and cheer for your favorite team by tilting the phone and then shake it again and the horns stop. Also when you touch and hold your screen, you can hear the announcer scream in excitement. Now, it may appear sort of childish for some of the readers, but believe me when I tell you that football fans can do even worse things to show support for their team. Spending $200 on such useless app might not be a big deal for them.


2. Med School Loan Viewing App

The second most expensive app in our list is related to the education category. This app was developed by a medical student to view the total sum of loans required by the medical students. His basic purpose was also to make the people aware of the exact amount of expanses a medical student has to bear in US. If a person downloads this app, the amount is used to pay the loan of that student. This app also costs $200 for the users and can easily be excessed from the Play Store.


1. Got Cash

Most Expensive Android App In 2020 - Got Cash
Most Expensive Android App In 2020 – Got Cash


The app which tops our list and is the most expensive app on play Store is Got Cash. As the name of this app suggests, it attracts mainly those users who think they have a large amount of cash. Just download this app and show others what a remarkable achievement you just made.

This app is also included in the top 5 weirdest apps on the store which is obviously self-explaining. This app also costs $200 if you want to purchase it, which again does not seem to be a good idea.

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