Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles In 2020

Cycling is a fun that is also good for health and is very efficient, effective and affordable exercise too. It is also a mode of transport that not only keeps you away from the troubling high prices of fuel and pollution generation that damaging ozone layer but also keeps you healthy and energetic. Some people run bicycles just for fun but some for their passion for being cycling professionals. It is an innovative idea to use the bicycles and save yourself and your environment. Some people demand high quality in everything and do no compromise with it same is with cycling professionals or lovers who demand high quality bicycles that in stead of being luxurious should be very efficient and aid in improving their performance. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive bicycles in 2020 that worth so much high but their extraordinary features make them to be in this list.




10. Litespeed Blade bike -$40,788

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles -

This innovative bicycle is promoted with so many characteristics that are really remarkable. Before the invention of this bike the titanium was considered as an exotic material from which the bike frames could not be formed but in the late 1980’s it were Merlin and Litespeed that changed the anticipation of people towards titanium by designing the first advanced titanium frames. This luxurious bike has unmatched ride quality and its stoutness is comprised of mainly carbon fiber and titanium alloy. Its amazing cycling experience give you an unforgettable cycling courage, its massive tube, well shaped head tubes and strong knife edged backbone aid in increasing performance. This futuristic and high quality bicycle goes very fast and worth almost $40,788.


9. Electric Assist bicycle by eRockit -$44,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Electric Assist bicycle by eRockit – $44,000

It is an expensive bike that is entrenched with Nano-phosphate lithium battery and worth about $44,000. The lifetime of this battery is up to 10 years or 50,000 kilometers distance that is really astonishing. It is an outstanding, beautiful and modern bicycle that is perfect for rich bikers who do not love pedaling all the time, with fully charged battery the bike can run for 60 to 80 kilometers and in case of empty battery it is recharged by using pedals while the bike is running. It is called as human hybrid machine by invertors and make just ten electric bikes of this sort every year.


8. Montante Luxury Gold Collection -$46,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Montante Luxury Gold Collection -$46,000

Montante Luxury Gold Collection is a real image of beauty and sensuality that gives you an immense pleasure of riding and ensures riding with highest comfort and elegance. It is an Italian bike for women manufactured by bike maker Montante and is embellished with 24-carat gold leaf, 11,000 Swarovski stones and python leather finish. The road brakes, traditional dynamo and leather saddle of impressive design are specific features of this elegant bike that worth $46,000.


7. Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bicycle – $50,000-70,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bicycle – $50,000-70,000

It is a luxurious and most classy bicycle that was manufactured in 1890 and worth about $50,000-70,000.It is a rare expensive bicycle as only few such beautiful and luxurious bicycles were made and one of them belonged to one of the most renowned singers and actresses Lillian Russell of the late 19th century, who was popular for her elegance and beauty and also for her voice and stage performance. This spectacular bike is embedded with Tiffany fixed gear systems, carved ivory handles and Brook’s leather saddle.


6. Chrome Hearts x Cervelo -$60,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Chrome Hearts x Cervelo -$60,000

This gorgeous bicycle was manufactured in 2010 by Chrome Hearts in collaboration with renowned bike manufacturer Cervelo. It has unique body shape that is adorned with leathers, custom graphics, valued metals and rhinestones making it a wonderful addition to any sturdy guy’s collection. It is an attractive piece of art that worth about $60,000 and no doubt is an appreciable, luxurious and charming transport.


5. Trek Madone 7- Diamond -$75,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Trek Madone 7- Diamond -$75,000

Trek Madone 7- Diamond is an expensive bicycle having worth of $75,000 which is embellished with seven one carat gold diamonds and 100 white diamonds. This impressive bicycle was formed by the collaboration of Nike, Trek Bikes, jeweler Alan Friedman and artist Lenny Futura and was sold at the Lance Armstrong Foundation annual Gala in 2005 at New York. It is a gold plated luxurious bike that fulfills all the requirements of rider and also makes them to feel proud even in front of world class motorbikes.


4. Aurumania crystal Edition Gold Bike -$114,400

Aurumania crystal Edition Gold Bike -$114,400

This crystal Edition Gold Bike is manufactured by Aurumania that builds the products with unmistakable signatures. It is a limited version bicycle having only ten pieces available in all over the world and its gold plated body of 24 carat gold leaf is exclusively embellished with more than 600 radiant Swarovski crystals whereas its chair is made up of finest leather. Its creative style and traditional design with exclusive embellishment make it so appealing in just one glance. The price of this simple, elegant and expensive bicycle goes so high and that is $114,400.


3. Kaws – Trek Madone -$160,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Kaws – Trek Madone -$160,000

The Kaws – Trek Madone is an awesome bicycle that is acknowledged as being run by the great cancer survivor and Multiple Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong during Vuelta Leon y Castilla Race and is priced very high at about $160,000. This bicycle has characteristics KAWS’ signature; having chomper teeth design on its rims and frame, it is artistically painted in yellow and black color by the Graffiti artist Brian Donnelley and has outstanding accessories and splendid aerodynamics.


2- Trek Yoshitomo Nara – $200,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Trek Yoshitomo Nara- $200,000

The Trek Yoshitomo Nara is an exclusive work of art by Yoshitomo Nara, a Speed Concept bike by Trek that is adorned with his signature, cartoon figures and Livestrong logo. It is an amazing bicycle perfect for racing with its frame made of carbon fiber responsible for fast speed and for light weight. It is a custom time trial bike to honor the renewal of Armstrong cycling career in 2009. The worth of this expensive bike is $1,125,000 and it was presented at an event that was organized by Lance Armstrong and Nike having a motive of enhancing cancer awareness.


1-Trek butterfly Madone -$500,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles - Trek butterfly Madone -$500,000

This most expensive bicycle having extremely high price of $500,000 and was also adorned to give salute to Armstrong’s return to cycling career. It is also a sort of custom bike that was made with the help of modern technologies and coated with hundreds of beautiful butterflies that make its looks graceful, glamorous and glorious.

The designer of this bicycle is Damien Hirst who adorned the frame with real butterflies and gave it a splendid look from handles to rim while it was anticipated that the PETA was extremely against this modern piece of art .The famous racing cyclist Lance Armstrong rode this bike in 2009 at Tour de France, its beauty is seen by all but only a cyclist can know its value and worth best than all.



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