Top 10 Most Expensive Degrees In The World

Education has become a basic necessity to compete in this world which is full of your contenders. Although there are many institutions available known locally or internationally, people still want to get admitted to the best universities of the world. However, the tuition fee has increased dramatically in recent years because of which only limited people are able to get education. here we will discuss Top 10 Most Expensive Degrees In The World offered by different universities of the world.


10. Film Studies, Wesleyan University

Most Expensive Degrees In The World - Film study

Situated in Middletown, Conneticut, Wesleyan University offers a wide range of arts subjects. It’s a very old university found in 1831 by Methodist church. The bachelor’s degree in film studies offered in university is one of the expensive university degrees as it costs $218,000. Yes it’s a pricey degree but if you want to see your films to be on the top of box office, it’s worth it. Some of the well-known alumnis are Miguel Arteta and Joss Whedon of “The Avengers”.


9. Biochemistry, Bucknell University

Founded in 1846 in Pennsylvania, Bucknell University offers 60 minors and fifty major subjects which makes it one of the best private liberal arts college in USA. Its biochemistry program is one of the costly degrees of United States with a very high job rate. If your wallet allows you and you have the ability to complete this degree then there is no better option than this as you could become one of the highest paid professionals. The average expense of getting this degree is almost $219,000.


8. Music/Technology, Connecticut College

It’s a private liberal arts college which was founded in New London, Connecticut in 1911. Its degree for music and technology are among the best and most costly degrees in United States. For the whole course of the degree, it costs $219,950. On the other hand the economic and film and dance programs of university are also very famous. Famous alums include Chris Ford Estelle Parson and many more.


7. Media Studies, Vassar College

The media studies degree offered at Vassar College is on number seventh on our list. Vassar university offers total 50 major subjects out of which media studies is the most expensive with a total cost of $223,525 for the degree. Vassar College was founded in 1861and initially it was just for women but soon male students were also allowed. Moreover, it only accepts 23% of the admission application received every year. Some alumni include Lloyd Braun and Jonathan Littman


6. Music, Bard College

Most Expensive Degrees In The World - Music

Famous due to its amazing and wonderfully constructed buildings, Bard College was founded in 1860 by Episcopalian Church in New York. It not only offers music degree but many other programs are also offered here. Bard College has exceptionally produced some famous music icons, such as Walter Becker and Zeena Parkins, and if you want to see your name among such legends than this is the best option. The music degree costs $271,375. On the other hand, only 35% of the applicants are accepted for this degree.


5. Master of Liberal Arts, St. John’s College

Master of Liberal Arts from St. John’s College is what everybody dreams of and only a few get a chance to be the lucky ones. Situated in Annapolis, Maryland it is a small but one of the oldest colleges built in 1696. It offers a lot of programs but the most famous and expensive is Master of Liberal Arts which costs $308,392.


4. Law and Public Policy, Trinity College

Most Expensive Degrees In The World - law

Trinity College is a famous and one of the oldest colleges situated in Hartford, Connecticut. It was founded in 1823 and remained for more than 100 years for male students only. It offers 26 minors and 36 major subjects and enrolls only 2300 students per year. On the other hand, people interested in Law and Public Policy degree have to pay a high amount of $308,490. But after graduating a bright future waits for you. Famous alumni include Mayor of Hartford and Christine S. Vertefeuille.


3. MBA, Columbia University

This Ivy League university is one of the oldest universities which was founded back in 1774. Being known as an expensive university, many courses here are costly and not everyone is lucky enough to get rolled into it. If money is not a problem, getting master’s in business administration is just in $317,030. Barack Obama and both Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt got their MBA and Law Policy degrees respectively.


2. Law, Vanderbilt University

Built in honor of rail and shipping magnate Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1873 by South Methodist Episcopal Church, Vanderbilt University is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It got fame due to its alums such as Marci Hamilton (law scholar), Fred Thompson (actor and Senator) and Cornelia Clark and which is the reason why its listed among the priciest college of all times. It will cost you $375,650 for the completion of law degree.


1. History and Law, Sarah Lawrence College

Most Expensive Degree - History and Law, Sarah Lawrence College
Most Expensive Degree – History and Law, Sarah Lawrence College

This is the only degree which costs more than $402,000 which is the most expensive degree in our list. Located in Bronxville, New York it was founded in 1926. Every year they receive a large number of applicants but only a few fortunate ones are selected. The university also claims to have the most students on student and financial aid, that is, 65%.

After looking at the list of a few alumni, which includes Amanda Burden, Rahm Emanuel and former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, it has become every bodies dream to get admitted in this prestigious institution.

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